January 12

Today’s Help – 1/12/18

SOCIAL STUDIES – Crull and Leonard


  • Complete the Australia Climate/Location/Natural Resources worksheet.  Go to Ms. Crull’s blog to access the Australia powerpoint to complete your notes.  Password is the same as Study Stack password.
  • Study Vocabulary List #8-Australia.   Study Stack List #8 – Australia.   OR   Quizlet List #8 – Australia
  • NOTE:  Please make sure you have included the word Arable on your vocabulary list, it was left off of one of the study guides.       Arable—suitable for farming.
  • Study Australia Maps.  Formative assessment was today. If you did not score a 100%, continue studying so you will ace the summative.  Australia Map Study Guide-2j7wsi6

Vocabulary lists should be written in your Notebooks (Crull pg. 45)  (Leonard in Vocab section of notebook).  SHOW YOUR TEACHERS you have completed them so you start off with a good grade.  Complete for reduced grade.  NO ZEROES in 2018!

Need extra review?  Get on USA Test Prep: mccluremsga…lunch #….lunch #.  Go to Social Studies and select a topic you need to review.


  • Study Unit 3 Vocabulary. Unit 3 Vocabulary
  • Continue working on Membean.  30 minute a week. 10 minutes per sitting.
  • Spend some time this weekend reflecting on the message of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Make Monday a day on, not a day off!    MLK I have a dream speech-s56ugh

Bonus:  What physical feature in Australia is pictured above?  See Mrs. Carter for Maverick $$ or candy!


HAVE A GREAT 3 DAY WEEKEND!  See you Tuesday!

January 5

Today’s Help – 1/5/18

SOCIAL STUDIES – Crull and Leonard



HW:    Membean – Complete 10 minutes of Membean by Sunday night.



BONUS Question: See Mrs. Carter for treat or Maverick Money.  

What city is pictured above?  Hint: in the territory of New South Wales, and place of the 2000 Olympic games.  


January 5

Today’s Help – 1/4/18

Happy New Year!!  It is 2018!!  

A new year, new beginnings, new hope and you can make a new reality! Take time to look back at your first semester, honestly evaluate your efforts and dedication to your school work.  Were you pleased?  Awesome… Did you think of areas you can improve?  Even more awesome.  New years bring on new opportunities!  Invest in yourself, your education and make 2018 great! 


HW: Complete Vocabulary List #8-Australia in your Notebooks on pg. 45.  Also begin studying with Study Stack List #8 – Australia.   OR   Quizlet List #8 – Australia

Oceania the lands of the central and south Pacific Ocean, including Australia and New Zealand
Great Barrier Reef the world’s largest group of coral reefs located in the Coral Sea, off Australia’s northeast coast
Coral Sea a part of the Pacific Ocean that is located northeast of Australia and is home to the Great Barrier Reef
Ayers Rock a large rock formation found in the interior of Australia, in the southern part of the Northern Territory
Great Victoria Desert a desert located in Western Australia and South Australia, it is the largest desert in Australia
Outback term for the sparsely populated interior of the Australian continent
Aborigines the original inhabitants of Australia
Nomadic traveling from place to place in search of food, water, etc.
Indigenous native to a region
Natural Resources useful material found in the environment
Arable suitable for farming
Drought long period of extremely dry weather
Climate the average annual weather conditions in a given location
Literacy Rate the percentage of a population’s’ adults that can read and write
Standard of living level of comfort enjoyed by a person or society


HW:  Study your Australia maps.  Test will be next week.  Here’s a study guide:  Australia Map Study Guide-2j7v5zx


HW:  Complete your Mid-Year reflectionYou have just finished the first half of your 6th grade year. How was it? Tell me about what you did well, and explain how you know you did it well. Then, tell me about what didn’t go so well, and what you will do to improve in that area. 

December 18

Today’s Help – 12/18/17


6th grade is asking for donations of (1) snack-sized plain M&Ms (NO PEANUTS) or (2) snack-sized Skittles for the Holiday Party on December 20.  Students are asked to bring their own canned drink on that day.  Please send in donations Monday-Wednesday next week.  Thank you!


Help with your Australia cover page – on page # 42 of your notebook.



Kangaroo                              Koala

Fish of Great Barrier Reef                                 Great Barrier Reef



Great Victoria Desert – Scorpion

Tasmanian Devil                                                 Uluru – Ayers Rock

Australia Zoo

Australia, New South Wales, Sydney, Australia Day Tall Ships race in Sydney Harbour.


Sydney Opera House built in 1973, designed by Jorn Utzon, at Circular Quay, viewed at sunset, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Pacific

TODAY’S Bonus Question:  What hemisphere is Australia in?  and what season are they going in to as we enter Winter? See Mrs. Carter for a treat or Maverick $$.  


Complete both the political and physical maps of Australia.  (See Friday’s blog for help or your online text book.)

Physical Features you must know:

  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Great Dividing Range
  • Great Victoria Desert
  • Coral Sea
  • Uluru (Ayers Rock)
  • Indian Ocean
  • Pacific Ocean.


Today we were working on typing and submitting our essays in the Media Center.  Essay should have been completed today. Must complete and submit tomorrow if you did not today.


December 15

Today’s Help – 12/15/17

You made it through the last full week of school for 2017!


You completed your Economics Test!!  Now moving on to Australia.

Ayers Rock is in southernmost parts of Northern Territory of Australia.


Explore USA Test Prep:  USA Test Prep.  Try to complete a game or quiz in Economics, Europe History, or Geography.

How to Log in:   mccluremsga….lunch #….lunch #


Complete your draft of your Walk Two Moons essay.  You have chosen your topic, have it ready to revise on Monday.

December 14

Today’s Help – 12/15/17

SOCIAL STUDIES – Crull and Leonard

Economics Test tomorrow.  STUDY!!  This is your last Summative grade for the Semester.

Study Tools:


Study: Walk Two Moons Test tomorrow:  

Study Guide: Walk Two Moons Study Guide-28ccw1g

Study Guide Answers: Walk Two Moons Study Guide answers-1a0osjh

Work on your Essay Draft. You have chosen a topic: complete a planning sheet or web organizer.

December 13

Today’s Help – 12/13/17

All 6th Graders:

All Lost and Found items are now located in the room next to the Attendance Office.  Items not claimed will be donated after Thursday morning.  Please drop by the room to claim your missing items.



Help with Warm Up –  Here are blank copies if you need to print another copy:

Help with Warm Up Part 2 –




Today we finished Walk Two Moons – It’s time to write.  You were given the writing topics last week:

  • Explain how internal or external forces cause one character from the novel to grow or change. (Remember: internal are feelings and emotions occuring inside a character’s mind/external are things happening outside of the character’s=happening to the character)
  • Identify one subplot from the novel and explain how it relates to the main plot of the novel.  (Remember: a subplot is a secondary strand of the plot that is a supporting side story for any story or the main plot.)

Walk Two Moons Test in Friday 12/15/17:  Walk Two Moons Study Guide-28ccw1g


Have a great night!  Finish strong!


December 12

Today’s Help – 12/12/17


Today’s activities – we dove deeper in to Trade barriers, their effects and purposes.


  • Study Vocabulary List #7 – Parts 1 and 2.  Test moved to Friday 12/12/17
  • Answer the EQ from today: How are trade barriers used by countries to help protect their own economies?



  • Complete your flashcards for Vocab 7 Part 2.
  • Study – Vocab List #7 is moved to Friday 12/15/17.


We’ve almost completed “Walk Two Moons”.  It’s time to complete the Double Entry Journals – DUE TOMORROW.

Have a great night!!

December 7

Today’s Help – 12/5/17

SPELLING BEE:     The annual McClure Spelling Bee will be held on Friday, January 12th at 9:45.  All interested students should sign up no later than December 30th.

Click here to sign up!

School Study List– Words Only

School Study List—Words and Vocabulary




SOCIAL STUDIES – Crull and Leonard

Be prepared for a quiz tomorrow over Economics Vocab Part 1.  Review the worksheet and your definitions, specifically the synonyms of the definitions.  ex. Traditional – Economic decisions are based on traditions, passed down through generations, the way it’s always been done, based on customs/habits. etc.

Study Stack List #7 Economics Part 1 and Quizlet List #7 – Economics Part 1.


Test for Walk Two Moons is Friday.  Look over this Study Guide and answer these questions.

Walk Two Moons Study Guide-28ccw1g

December 5

Today’s Help – 12/4/17

All 6th Graders:

SPELLING BEE:     The annual McClure Spelling Bee will be held on Friday, January 12th at 9:45.  All interested students should sign up no later than December 30th.

Click here to sign up!

School Study List– Words Only

School Study List—Words and Vocabulary



Help with Economics Warm Up sheet -Part 1 – please fill in any answers you are missing.  This will be taken up for a grade on 12/12 – EASY 100%!!  (sorry for delay…could not get image to save)



  • Finish today’s worksheet “Comparing Economic Systems”.
  • Part 2 Vocabulary due Thursday.  See Study Stack for list.  Also posted here.

Vocabulary List #7

Economics Part 2

Term Definition
import good or service sold within a country that is produced in another country; good or service made in another country and brought into the country where they are sold
export good or service produced within a country and sold outside of the country’s borders; good or service made in one country and sent out to another country for sale
trade barrier government policies which place restrictions on international trade. Ex. tariffs, quotas, embargoes
tariff tax on imports
quota limits on the number of traded goods
embargo prohibition of trade with a certain country. For example, the U.S. will not allow trade with North Korea.
free trade removal of trade barriers
Currency Exchange rate the value of one country’s currency (or money) in relation to another currency
European Union (EU)-created in 1992 as an economic and political partnership among 27 European countries.


Help with Economic Warm Up sheet -Part 1 – please fill in any answers you are missing.  This will be taken up for a grade on 12/12 – EASY 100%!!   SEE ABOVE.


  • Part 2 Vocabulary due Thursday.  See Study Stack for list.  Also posted ABOVE.


Continue working on your Double Entry Journals.

Membean 30 minutes a week.  10 min x 3 times a week = 30 min.