1.16 Reminders

With a second day off, it’s a great time to wash jackets, backpacks, hats, gloves, shoes, etc. You can also wipe down lunch boxes, binders, etc. w/ cleaning wipes. Help us fight illnesses at schools such as colds & the flu! ❄️ 😷

Also, please be sure that your first 15 vocabulary flashcards are ready to turn in on Friday. The assignment is attached. If you didn’t bring your book home, you may create an original sentence.



Good morning,

Today we will delve deeper into archetypes to make sure we have a grasp on what an archetype is and how to find and annotate them.

We will also discuss Chapter 1 of The Giver.

If you have a revision for your definition essay, that will be due Wednesday 1/24.

Your first 15 notecards for your vocabulary assignment for The Giver are due 1/19- next Friday. 



Dear Parents of 8th Graders:  Tomorrow, Friday, January 12th, we will send home the results of the PSAT 8/9.  There will also be a cover letter from  Dr. Brink to help guide you through the purpose and possible actions you may take as you review this test.   I have attached her letter for your reference.


Thanks!  8th Grade Teachers

psat 8_9-13elzwj

1.5 Friday

Good afternoon!

Today we worked to define and give examples of dystopia/the dystopian genre.

We finished class by creating a visual representation of the dystopian genre.

You all did a fantastic job giving examples today!

Monday 12.18

Monday, Monday! We have lots to finish before Wednesday!

Today, we will work on our definition essays.

You will be typing up a rough draft, and then we will revise using the M.E.S.S. strategy.

Please come ready to write! 🙂

12.8 Negation/Introduction

Good morning!

Did you do your snow dance last night? 🙂

Today, we will be working to finish our negation paragraphs.

After we finish, we will learn about what it takes to write an effective hook, bridge, and thesis.

At the end of class, we will evaluate our hook and thesis statements.

Happy Friday! I hope you all have a warm, safe weekend.

12.5- revisions/negation

Good morning!

Today, we will begin class by revising our example paragraphs. Each of you will have your own personal errors to revise for.

After revising, we will start looking at the negation strategy to define heroism.

We will read a short passage that models this strategy, and brainstorm what nouns, adjectives, and verbs will help us with this strategy. Then you will update your chart with your own personal examples of what heroism is not.


HW: Make sure you have a copy of The Giver

Notecards due & Quiz on Volume 5 SAT Vocab Mon. 12/11


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