5.2 SAT Vocab Unit 7/Comedy Sketch Project

Good morning,

This week we reviewed SAT Unit 7–your assignment is due and your quiz is Thursday 5/17. Here is a link to a quizlet to help you study: https://quizlet.com/4350590/sat-quack-vocab-vol-7-flash-cards/

We also started your comedy sketch project which we will work on in class throughout the next couple weeks. Here are a couple important due dates:

Proposal is due tomorrow 5.3

Script is due Thursday 5.10

Video Recording is due Wednesday 5.16


Today, you will get your personal independent comedy book list.

We will take a trip down to the media center to check out the book you have selected from your list.

We will take the rest of class to begin reading.

You should be finished with your book by May 16th.

4/16 & 4/17

Yesterday we started our unit on comedy which is going to be a great end to a productive year.

We will explore what makes us laugh and learn about what makes other people laugh.

Today we will create skits to portray high and low comedy.

Please do not forget that your SAT notecards are due next Monday, and your SAT vocab quiz is next Monday as well. 

4.11 SAT Vocab.

Today in class we reviewed the SAT vocab. for unit 6.


Notecard Assignment & Quiz Monday April 23rd

□   All 20 notecards have the vocabulary word on the front

□   All 20 notecards have the part of speech (n., v., adj., etc.) on the front

□   All 20 notecards have the definition on the back of the card

□   5 of the notecards have sentences using the vocab. word in a passive voice sentence

□   5 of the notecards have sentences using the vocab. word in an active voice sentence

SAT Unit/Volume 6 – Word List

foible – weakness; flaw

lacerate – to rip, maul, tear, mutilate or mangle

harangue – mean, nasty, angry speech

exact – strictly correct &  to demand of/from

abash – to embarrass

tact – skill in dealing with people in difficult situations

uncouth – rude; unrefined; awkward

fetish:  an abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment; a fixation

phobia –  an illogical fear

masticate – to chew

laconic – not saying much; brief or concise

malevolent – wishing evil on others; malicious

meander – to wander around aimlessly

apex –  tip; peak; summit; highest point

nadir – absolute bottom; lowest point

disseminate – to dispense objects; to distribute

emaciated – to be thin or weak

puissant – powerful, mighty

citadel –  a fortress overlooking a city; a stronghold

atrophy – to wither away

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Good morning! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Monday: We will be completing a persuasive essay in response to 2 short texts on whether society should require food labels to be included on foods.

Tuesday: We will have a warm up over inappropriate shifts in writing. After, we will begin to analyze and revise our persuasive essay.

Wednesday: We will have a warm up over direct objects, indirect objects, predicate nominatives, and predicate adjectives. Then we will revise out introductory paragraph focusing on the hook, introduction, and thesis statement.

Thursday: We will go over faulty reasoning in a persuasive essay and analyze our persuasive essays looking specifically at the small claims.

Friday: We will scrutinize our closing paragraph. Which method did you use to close your paper? We will also go over how to mark a prompt and see if we can decipher what type of writing a prompt is asking us to produce.


3.19- Today we will finish our compare and contrast assignment by adding our thesis statement.

3.20- Tuesday we will take a break from writing, and we will begin reviewing verb moods and possibly begin looking at passive and active voice verbs.

3.21- Wednesday we will complete a writing prompt on author’s tone and continue looking at our grammar standards.

3.22- Thursday we will begin studying how to write a persuasive essay.

3.23- We will continue studying how to appeal to an audience when writing a persuasive essay


This week, we will be working on learning how to write a compare and contrast essay.

Yesterday, we read the short story “Harrison Bergeron” and compared and contrasted the societies of The Giver and “Harrison Bergeron.”

Today, we will complete a taste test to compare and contrast various snack foods. You will also be given two articles based on your interests which you will be asked to compare and contrast over the next couple of days.

Tomorrow, we will discuss the block method and the point by point method of comparing and contrasting.

On Thursday, we will complete a graphic organizer over each of our topics, and we will conference during class.

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