11.13 Embedded Assessment #2

Good afternoon,

Today we marked our prompt for embedded assessment #2: the definition essay.

We looked at strategies that we will use to write this essay and brainstormed words that might help to expand the vocabulary of the essay.

A couple of you have revisions to complete by this coming Friday 11.17

Please don’t forget to have a copy of The Giver by the end of the week! 🙂

11.9 SAT Unit 4 Quiz/Tone

Good morning!

Today, you will turn in your SAT unit 4 notecards and complete your quiz.

When you finish your quiz, you will log onto a desktop and practice identifying an author’s tone using this link>>http://www.slideshare.net/linaizzie/mood-and-tone-practice

Then, depending on how your practice goes, we will complete a tone learning check at the end of class.

HW: Don’t forget to have a copy of The Giver by Thanksgiving Break.

November 6th

Good afternoon!

Today we went deeper into tone and mood. We read a poem and discussed the shift in tone in the poem. Then you each received a song to analyze the writer’s tone. You all did an awesome job with this assignment!

HW: SAT Unit 4 Vocab. Notecards DUE and Quiz on Thursday! Study Study

Quizlet: https://quizlet.com/153231447/quack-4-sat-vocabulary-flash-cards/
These are quizlets that have pictures for each word, but they do not have the part of speech. If you use the following quizlets, make sure to study both of them (they have 10 words a piece).




Happy Halloween! I can’t wait to see your awesome costumes today!

We will be starting class with a spooky story quick write. Then we will analyze the verb moods in your quick write.

After, we will continue our verb mood stations.

Have an awesome and SAFE Halloween!

No HW outside of acquiring a copy of The Giver before Thanksgiving break :).


Good morning!

Yesterday, we started to write the rough draft for our hero narrative. You all did a wonderful job!

Today, we will continue revising our rough draft to add dimension to our writing using a variety of sentence starters.

Tomorrow, we will be working together to collaboratively revise each other’s rough drafts.

HW: Please have a copy of The Giver by Lois Lowry by Thanksgiving Break!


Good morning,

Today we will be taking our SAT unit 3 vocab. quiz and turning in our flashcards. I hope you did some good studying :).

There is no homework tonight.


7th Grade SS with Rothschild

Here are some links to articles for the 3rd current event.






October 16th

Happy Monday!

Today, we are taking our Hero’s Journey Test.

Tomorrow is the PSAT and Wednesday Walton is coming to speak with you, so we will pick up Thursday with taking our SAT Unit 3 quiz and creating our own heroes.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Here is a QUIZLET TO HELP YOU STUDY: https://quizlet.com/2989400/quack-volume-3-sat-words-flash-cards/

October 13th

Happy Friday!

Today we discussed mood within “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh.”

You showed me your completed Hero’s Journey study guide, so as I promised, here is the key: Study guide answer key <<<<<This is for Monday’s test 🙂


Hero’s Journey Test on MONDAY 10/16!

SAT Unit 3 Notecards due and SAT Unit 3 QUIZ Thursday 10/19

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