EOC Preparation


As you are aware our End of Course test for Economics will be next Tuesday-Wednesday (March 19th-20th). Per the syllabus, the EOC represents 20% of your final grade. It is IMPERATIVE that you take time and study for it this weekend. To aid you in studying I have attached a number of resources to help you prepare:

  1. Mock EOC-tky6zx
  2. GA DOE Econ EOC Review Test-1oxab9h
  3. GA DOE Econ EOC Review Test Key Explanations-1wefehs
  4. EOCT PRACTICE TEST 2008 1-1mkldoa
  5. Mock EOC-tky77q
  6. Mock EOC 12.4.18 Key-1cj6ik2
  7. EOCT PRACTICE TEST 2008 2-13bmrlf
  8. EOCT Practice Test 2008 2 Answers-2835ouc
  9. EOC Practice Quiz Key (done in class Friday)
    1. b
    2. d
    3. c
    4. d
    5. a
    6. a
    7. a
    8. d
    9. a
    10. c
    11. a
    12. c
    13. b
    14. d
    15. c
    16. c
    17. b
    18. a
    19. d
    20. b
    21. a
    22. c
    23. d
    24. d
    25. b

I will be posting more resources throughout the weekend so please stay up to date!

Good Luck,

Mr. C

Personal Finance

All Classes,

Welcome back from Winter Break, over the next several days we will be working on the EVERFI Financial Literacy Course on laptops in class. For those of you who miss class or who have the desire to access this at home please use the following link: www.clever.com/in/cobb

Then use the same credentials you would use at school to log in at home

We will be working on EVERFI in class from Tuesday-Thursday. Students should complete 5 of the 9 available modules. The modules to be complete are: Savings, Banking, Credit Scores, Insurance & Taxes and Investing. Students should take notes while completing these modules. Modules should be completed by Sunday night with a score of “80” for on level classes and “90” for honors, in order to receive credit.

Our Key Dates for Personal Finance are as follows:

  • Vocab Quiz- 3/1 (end of class)
  • EVERFI Modules Due- 3/3
  • EVERFI Notes Due- 3/4
  • Unit Quiz- 3/4
  • Review Day- 3/5
  • Personal Finance Test- 3/6

If you have any questions please reach out via email or Remind101.

-Mr. C


Winter Break / Personal Finance

All Classes,

As we approach Winter Break there are several announcements. First of all we DO have homework over the break, I typically do not like assigning work over a designed break however given our time constraints with the EOC approaching we must get some work done. Your homework is on USA Test Prep and is 10 modules plus a Domain Test. The 10 modules will be graded as homework always is however the Domain Test will be graded as a separate classwork assignment. You will only get 2 attempts on this test as opposed to the unlimited attempts received on homework. 

Additionally, I have opened up ALL of the previous homework assignments from both Study Island AND USA Test Prep, for students who did not complete assignments when they were due they may be completed over break for HALF credit. To receive credit students must receive 85% or higher on ALL modules missed. This make-up offer expires on February 24th at midnight (the Sunday prior to returning to school) 

To re-iterate, the Personal Finance Homework and Domain Test titled USA Test Prep #4 is due for ALL students on Sunday the 24th. All other previous assignments may be completed for HALF credit and are also due on the 24th. Students who have already received credit for these assignments need not re-do them.

Below are several Personal Finance resources for any students wishing to get ahead over break:

  1. Credit Card and Insurance Notes-2etcs9u
  2. Taxes PP-1uh0rh6
  3. Types of Taxes Wkst BLANK-1dp9gyz
  4. Georgia Personal Finance Standards Explained-24t0nit
  5. https://quizlet.com/277158324/econ-personal-finance-flash-cards/

-Mr. Ciarletta

2/11- Macroeconomics

Al Classes,

Because of our time constraints we are going to have to FLY through Macroeconomics. Below are all of the slides and notes for the unit. If you missed class please be sure to go through these as we do not have the luxury of time to slow down and re-teach!

Macroeconomics Fiscal and Monetary Quiz Key:

  1. B
  2. A
  3. B
  4. A
  5. A
  6. A
  7. B
  8. B
  9. B
  10. B
  11. C
  12. D
  13. D
  14. B
  15. A
  16. A
  17. A
  18. A
  19. A
  20. A

2/4/19- Microeconmics Study Aides

All Classes,

Our Unit 2 Test has been pushed to Wednesday February 4th. Below are several sample tests and other study aides to help you prepare for this unit test! Also remember Tutoring is available Tuesday morning from 7:30 am- 8:05 am and Tuesday afternoon from 3:45 pm- 4:15 pm

  1. Supply Demand Practice Test-qnkr2l
  2. Micro Quiz No.7-17kz0d9
  3. Micro Quiz No.1-1vhowcv
  4. Micro Quiz No.4-28m3ryg
  5. Circular Flow Reading-258ews7
  6. Determinants Practice-1de8tr9
  7. Supply and Demand Infographic-17t383f
  8. Graphing Supply and Demand 101-2ccw1i6

Answer keys are attached to files 1-3. Use these to study and come Tuesday with questions!

Mr. Ciarletta

1/24/19- Microeconomics

All Classes,

We are beginning our second unit: Microeconomics. This is generally considered the most difficult unit in our class, as such I would like to stress the importance of being present in class. Missing days in this unit is VERY difficult to come back from as the material builds upon itself. That being said, I will as usual be in my room for tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our unit schedule is as follows:

  • Study Island Due: 1/27
  • Vocab Quiz: 1/28
  • USA Test Prep Due 1/30
  • Unit Quiz: 2/1
  • Unit 2 Test: 2/6

Below are the slides for each lesson.

  1. Types of Business Organizations Slides-wy6988
  2. Types of Market Structures Slides-2bemlw8
  3. Understanding Demand Slides-tvrcs4
  4. Understanding Supply Slides-1klp4wt
  5. Combining Supply and Demand Slides-1plv61p
  6. Circular Flow Reading-2580r21

Quizlet Link:


1/22/19- Unit 1 Recap

All Classes,

Below I have attached several study resources for the test tomorrow. If you have any questions you would like me to answer I’ll try to respond to Remind 101 until 8pm. Additionally, I will be in my room at 7:15 tomorrow morning for those students who want tutoring.

Practice Test: