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Teach American History Grant

In addition to simply teaching United States history, I am also a participant (1 of 4 from Sprayberry) in the Cobb County School District’s Teach American History (TAH) Grant Program.  Through my participation in this 3 year program, I anticipate expanding my knowledge of US history so as to better prepare my students for the content relevant to the course per the state of Georgia (the standards).  I intend to utilize the vast array of resources to enrich and increase the rigor of the course and the content students learn.
Thus far in this journey, my fellow TAH grant members and I have traveled to Savannah, Georgia to explore some of the early aspects of American history and the Georgia connection, in particular the contributions of James Oglethorpe (founder of the Georgia Colony).  In the next week, I will embark on a ‘field trip’ to Philadelphia to explore all the history and intrigue surrounding the drafting of the Constitution and other decisions that took place which helped to shape the United States (in particular the founding of the nation – and the struggles to create the democracy we live in today). 


Over the course of the next few years, I hope to share with my students the knowledge I have gained as a result of this (in my opinion) ULTIMATE experience that any person, especially a teacher of history, can participate in.  Upon my return from Philadelphia, I will share my thoughts and experiences as well as photos of the city and how Philadelphia influenced the beginnings of our great nation. 

Savannah Pictures:

                                                                          Musket Size vs. Mrs. Dorrough Comparison                   
Comparison of a musket and Mrs. Dorrough….I know, I’m short 😛       
Mrs. Dorrough and Ms. Thielen have FUN!!!

Mrs. Dorrough and Ms. Thielen have FUN!!!

Red Church Door Red Church Door

Red Doors symbolized ‘ownership’; this is the door the First African Church in Savannah

First African Church in Savannah

First African Church in Savannah

  Pew script is written in Hebrew – hence secrecy

Oh No!!!  They got Mr. Moran!!!

Oh No!!! They got Mr. Moran!!!

Practicing on my aim :P

Practicing on my aim 😛

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