Taming of the Shrew

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We have begun WAVE 1 of Taming of the Shrew. If you need a review, you can read through WAVE 1 below.


WAVE 2 starts us reading the side-by-side translations of the play.


WAVE 3 we will read specific scenes in our Springboard textbook and watch film clips of what we have read.

This will all lead up to our final project. Students will work in groups of 2 or 3 to develop a body bio on one of the characters. You can find the directions below. Students will work on these in class and will present 5/18-5/20.

Body Biography Instructions-2nj01g7

Body Biography Rubric-yd15nq

April 30- May 4

Monday 4/30– Students will read The Southpaw in the Springboard text on page 285. They will answer questions 1-5 after annotating for phrases that show emotion and places that show attitude changes. They will then work in partners through the Literacy Center Reading in the text.

Tuesday 5/1– Students will have a vocabulary quiz over the 2nd set of vocabulary. After the quiz, in the Springboard text, on pages 296-310, students will read “A Book of Nonsense” and “Oranges”. Students will answer questions 1 & 2 on page 297 and questions 1-4 on page 310.

Wednesday 5/2– Students will read Jabberweocky and Fireflies in Springboard on page 311-314. Students will work in pairs to work though Choral Reading on page 314. Students will then watch the Pixar short “Night and Day” and compare and contrast the poem to the short.

Thursday 5/3– Students will look at the article ‘Reading Shakespeare’s Language’ and look at wordplay, word choice, and syntax in the Springboard on page 272-273.

Friday 5/4– Taming of the Shrew Full Vocabulary Test. After the test, students will develop their own words and give the definition. Students need to determine the part of speech and use it in a sentence.

April 23-27

Monday 4/23– Students continued to look at articles from Friday discussing Shakespeare’s life and time period. They created 2 Column Notes (question on one side/answer on the other) that they will use to study for a learning check on FRIDAY 4/27.

Tuesday 2/24– Students will take their vocabulary quiz. They will also finish developing the 2 column notes.

Wednesday 2/25– Students will get the Shakespeare Vocabulary part 2 anticipation guide. They will develop flash cards with the word, definition, an image, and a sentence using the word.

Taming of the Shrew Vocab

Quizzez Code: 906850

Thursday 2/26– Students will create similes using the vocabulary words. They will also write in their journals.

Friday 2/27- Students will have the Shakespeare Life and Times learning check.

April 16-20

Monday 4/16– Students will be introduced to Shakespeare Vocabulary with an anticipation guide. They will begin working on the flashcards that are due on Wednesday. The flashcards must have the WORD, the DEFINITION, a VISUAL, and A SENTENCE USING THE WORD.

Taming of the Shrew Vocab Anticipation Guide I-2lyjsq3

Quizzes Code: 419481

Quizlet: https://quizlet.com/_4qrj80

Flashcards are due 4/18

Quiz is Friday 4/20

Tuesday 4/17– Students began working on their Approximate Analogy sheets, and they continued working on their flashcards.

Approximate Analogies-1q2jwwf

Wednesday 4/18– Students continue working on their Approximate Analogy sheets, and they continued working on their flashcards.

Thursday 4/18– Students read articles on Shakespeare’s life and worked with a partner to answer questions as well as develop a timeline.

Friday 4/19– Due to a fantastic two weeks of testing throughout the school, I will be postponing my Vocabulary Quiz until Tuesday 4/24! We will look more into the life and times of William Shakespeare.

Field Day



May 7th–6th Grade

May 9th–7th Grade

May 11–8th Grade

T-shirt sales began Monday, March 19 and will end on Wednesday, April 11.  New this year, all sales will be online via www.MyPaymentsPlus.com  If you do not already have an account set up, you will need to create one.  (If you pay for lunch online, then you already have an account!)  Find more information and directions on how to create an account on the PE blog http://www.cobblearning.net/dickersonpe/

March 26-30

Monday 3/26– Students will begin analyzing elements of poetry. They will find relevant information to support their claim in a RACES paragraph.

Our vocabulary test is tomorrow!

Tuesday 3/27– Students will take their vocabulary test. They will finish taking their notes on the poetry and write in their journals.

Wednesday 3/28- DMS Challenge Day! Students will get to practice test taking strategies for taking the Milestones on-line test.


Thursday 3/29– Students will take a practice Milestone assessment to get exposed to the process. They will be fully prepared for the test when we return from spring break.

Friday 3/30– Students will look at poetry types and create their own based on the types provided.

March 19-23

Monday 3/19– Students will be given new vocabulary words that relate to tone. We will be looking at poetry and will need tone words when describing poems. They will make a flashcard with the word and a picture on the front and the definition on the back.

Vocabulary Words: Tone Vocabulary Words-22ndjks

Flashcard Example:       Front:   


Quizlet:  https://quizlet.com/_4ltzic

Quiz is Friday 3.19

Test is Tuesday 3.27

Tuesday 3/20– Students will learn about poetry in order to analyze the poem and story tomorrow and Thursday.


Wednesday 3/21– Students will listen to Icarus and Daedalus in the Springboard text. They will then will read and annotate a poem version of Icarus and Daedalus for the prompt: The ending of the story and the poem are different.  In the poem, King Minos tells the scribes, writers, to write a different ending to the story of Daedalus and Icarus. 

We will write a RACES paragraph explaining how the endings of the two texts are different.

Thursday 3/22– Students will continue writing their RACES paragraph from the pervious day. Students that finish will respond in their journals to the following question: Why would the king change the ending to the story? Defend your answer with evidence from the stories.

Friday 3/23– Students will take the Tone Words Vocabulary quiz. The test is on Tuesday 3/27. Student will write in their journals when finished with the test.


March 12-16




This week, all of 6th grade will be divided into two groups for language arts.

Group A: Those who did not do as well as we would like on the explanatory essay earlier in the year will be reviewing the process for writing a multi-paragraph explanatory essay.  This will involve individual work, teacher modeling, conferencing, etc.  There may be small homework assignments some days; if homework is needed, it will be posted below.


Group B: Those who did well on their explanatory essays will be in media center working on a lesson that has them analyze various primary resources about the Civil Rights Movement.  Many of these resources come from the Library of Congress.  By the end of the week, students will complete a writing task that they select from a menu of choices.