November 13-17

Monday 11/13– Students will participate in the Spelling Bee. Once they have finished, they will receive new prefix vocabulary. They have a TEST ON WEDNESDAY. Students should develop a set of flashcards for the words

Homework: Finish Vocab Worksheet

Vocabulary Quizlet

Vocabulary Games


Tuesday 11/14– Students will begin introduction paragraphs. They will work on hooks and claims.

Wednesday 11/15– Students will take the vocabulary test. When finished, they will begin work on conclusion paragraphs.

Thursday 11/16– Students will begin writing their body aragraphs for their compare and contrast essay.

Friday 11/17– Students will finish their compare and contrast essays.

November 6-10

Monday 11/6–  Monday Warm-Up. Students will begin to look at change. We will read 2 articles dealing with school changes (public schools with uniforms and adjusting the school day). Students will respond to the article prompts using the R.A.C.E.S. strategy.


Tuesday 11/7– no school

Wednesday 11/8– Wednesday Warm-Up. Students will discuss their R.A.C.E.S., and they will compare it to the exemplars around the room. Students will then begin looking at transition words.


Homework:  Identify the transition words in the sentences.


Thursday 11/9– Thursday Warm-Up. Students will grade their transition homework. Once finished, students will write ‘How to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich’ informational paragraph and identify the transition words.

Friday 11/10–  Friday Warm-Up. Students will practice their transition word usage either in the transition-walk activity or in the fan-and-pick transition activity.

October 30- November 3

Monday 10/30- Warm-Up. Students will continue working on their double entry journals. These are HOMEWORK if they are unfinished at the end of class.

Tuesday 10/31

Warm-Up. Students will review Brushstrokes, and they will develop 2 sentence horror stories. Students are encouraged to bring $1 for Relay for Life and dress up in their costumes! Please no masks and no weapons!

Wednesday 11/1– Students will begin developing their map of General Zarrof’s Island. They will use textual evidence to create the island, mark Rainsford’s path, and respond to a R.A.C.E.S. prompt on the back.


Thursday 11/2– Students will continue to work on their maps. These are due tomorrow.

Friday 11/3- Students will finish their maps and R.A.C.E.S., and will write in their journals when they have finished.

October 23-27

Monday 10/23– Warm-Up. Students will identify unknown vocabulary in an anticipation guide. They will use this as we begin to read “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell.

Most Dangerous Game – Full Text-q9xdmq

Tuesday 10/24- Warm-Up. Students will finish reading  “The Most Dangerous Game”. They will read the story for the 2nd time and annotate for the narrative techniques figurative language and conflict. They will also identify the vocabulary within the story.

Wednesday 10/25– Warm-Up. Students will continue to read the story for the 2nd time and annotate for the narrative techniques and vocabulary within the story. They will use these annotations to develop a double-entry journal.


Thursday 10/26- Warm-Up. Students will continue to work on the double-entry journal.

Friday 10/27– Students will finish the double-entry journal. They will then create a plot diagram from the story.

Brushstroke Learning Check

Dear parents,

I have finished grading the brushstroke learning check, and I want to give an opportunity to re-take the assignment for up to a 75. This is offered to students who made a 74 or below on the assignment. In order to take advantage of this, your student will bring home their quiz to be signed by you. They must have this to come re-take the quiz on MONDAY or TUESDAY morning (10/23 & 10/24). If they do not have their ‘ticket’ in hand, they will not be allowed to come make it up.

Thank you for being involved with your students!

Ms. Wilcox

October 16 – 20

Monday 10/16– Monday DGP for the warm-up. Students will take notes on the S.A.D. method for introductions. Using this, students will re-write their short story exposition using one of the 3 (S, A, or D). This is homework if they did not finish in class.

Tuesday 10/17– Tuesday DGP for warm-up. Students will finish writing their short stories. They will look at the rubric and make adjustments towards their stories. They will also develop a plot diagram that goes along with the story they have written. Theses will need to come to class FINISHED tomorrow.

Wednesday 10/18– Wednesday DGP for warm-up. Brushstrokes quick check!

Students will peer edit their stories.

This is the rubric: SpringBoard Unit 1 Embedded Assessment 2-pgwy5b

Thursday 10/19- Thursday DGP for warm-up. Students will begin to write their final draft of their short story.

Friday 10/20– Students will finish their final draft and present.

October 9- 13

Monday 10/9– Monday DGP for the warm-up. Students will be in one of 3 groups (Group 1, Group A, or the Star Group). Each group will be reading 2 stories from the SpringBoard Text, annotating for figurative language, and sensory details. They will answer questions and develop a plot diagram for each of the two stories.

Tuesday 10/10– Tuesday DGP for the warm-up. Students will continue to work in their groups (Group 1, Group A, or the Star Group). Each group will be reading 2 stories from the SpringBoard Text, annotating for figurative language, and sensory details. They will answer questions and develop a plot diagram for each of the two stories.

Wednesday 10/11- Wednesday DGP for the warm-up. Students will work on developing sentences with variations in syntax. We will complete guided notes on Brushstrokes, and use that to demonstrate their new skill.

Thursday 10/12

Thursday DGP for the warm-up. This is an early release day with the COLOR BATTLE!

We will begin drafting our Short Stories.

Friday 10/13– Students will finish their rough draft of their short stories, and they will peer edit it using the rubric.

October 2-6

Monday 10/2– Monday DGP for warm-up. Students will look over vocabulary to help compare and contrast personal narratives and short stories. They will then read Thank You Ma’am in the SpringBoard Textbook.

Tuesday 10/3-Tuesday DGP for warm-up. Students will annotate for Setting the Purpose for Reading in the story Thank You Ma’am. After the 2nd read, students will respond to question 3 and the chart from question 6 on page 57 of the SpringBoard text.

Wednesday 10/4– Wednesday DGP for warm-up. Students will analyze plot elements using fairy tales. When finished, students will read “Daedalus and Icarus.” As students read, they will annotate for figurative language.

Cinderella Grimm Brothers-1s6acg9

Thursday 10/5– Thursday DGP for warm-up. Students will conduct a second read of “Daedalus and Icarus” and answer questions 1 and 5 on page 65 of the SpringBoard Textbook.

Friday 10/6– Students will respond to the narrative prompt on page 67 in their journals incorporating figurative language and varied sentence length and patterns.

September 18-22

Monday 9/18– Students review dialogue, both inner and external. They will be given their prompt for their writing assignment that is DUE AT THE END OF CLASS WEDNESDAY.

Prompt: Using a moment where you made or experienced profound change in your life, develop an inner dialogue.

Tuesday 9/19- Students will finish their draft of the inner dialogue and work through an editing checklist. Once finished, they may begin to write the final draft that is due at the end of class on Wednesday.

Wednesday 9/20– Students will finish their inner dialogue and turn it in for a test grade.

Thursday 9/21– Students will share their inner dialogue to work on speaking and listening skills in front of peers.

Friday 9/22- Students will continue to share inner dialogues until all have shared. Journaling activity when finished.

September 11-15

If students made a 76 or below on their dialogue test, they may come in at 8:15-8:30 on FRIDAY to re-take the test for a score of up to an 80.

Monday 9/11 and Tuesday 9/12-


Wednesday 9/13- Monday DGP for Warm-Up.

Here is the PowerPoint giving the notes for RACES: RACES-2lpwcep

Students will develop an organizer over the R.A.C.E.S. writing strategy. We will look at texts and answer constructed response questions using the R.A.C.E.S. strategy.

Thursday 9/14– Tuesday DGP for Warm-Up.

Students will practice the R.A.C.E.S. strategy using articles to develop their positions.


Friday 9/15-if students made a 76 or below on their dialogue test, they may come in at 8:15-8:30 to re-take the test for a score of up to an 80.

Wednesday AND Thursday DGP for Warm-Up.

We will take a short quiz over R.A.C.E.S.!Using our Springboard, students will address questions from the story My Superpowers with R.A.C.E.S.