February 12-16

Monday 2/12– We will begin writing our Embedded Assessment on argumentative writing. We will read the story ‘High School Football: Would a Pop Warner Ban Limit Concussions?’ on page 186 and annotate for the prompt below. Students will have a graphic organizer to facilitate their writing. The organizer AND finished essay is due at the end of class on Friday 2/16.

Prompt: Write a multi-paragraph essay that answers the question below. Cite evidence from at least 2 sources. Should youth be prevented from participating in sports with high rates of injury?

White Organizer: Argument paragraph organizer 2018-2ai22dn

Yellow Organizer: Essay Organizer-1u10vih (front) & BODY PARAGRAPH 2nd CLAIM-2gttcny  (back)

Tuesday 2/13– Students continued to write on their introductions and Body Paragraph 1 organizers. Once they have finished the first two paragraphs of the organizer, they will read ‘Most Dangerous “Sport” of All May Be Cheerleading’ on page 181 of the SpringBoard text. They will annotate for the prompt. They will also read an annotate ‘Should Dodge Ball Be Banned in Schools?’ on page 178 of the Springboard text.

They will use evidence from these texts to write in their organizer on the 2nd Body Paragraph.

  • Wednesday 2/14– 

Students will continue working on their essays. They need to begin writing their counterargument/rebuttal portion of the organizer. Once finished, they will need to fill in the conclusion section, including the Call to Action.

Students will look over the checklist below to be sure they have all the elements. You can also access the rubric below.

Argument Writing Checklist-11j6myl

Rubric: 2018_scoring_guide_Embedded_Assessment[1]-21l429a

Thursday 2/15– When students finish their organizers, they can move on to writing their full essay.

Article 1:     

Article 2:      



Friday 2/16

As students finish their essays, they will turn in the organizer as well as the essay. Students will develop a comic strip depicting what they will do over the winter break. They must use at least 3 compound sentences in their dialogue.

Comic Paper: comicstrip1-sw5eub

February 5th-9th

Monday 2/5– Students identify the 5 parts of a letter to prepare them for writing an argumentative letter. We will read “I Wanna Iguana” by Karen Kaufman Orloff and write our own argument letter asking for a baby llama.

4 Paragraph Persuasive Essay Graphic Organizer-22sivh8

Tuesday 2/6– Students will continue working on their I Wanna Llama letters. What they do not finish in class is HOMEWORK!

Wednesday 2/7– DMS CHALLENGE DAY! Students will work on writing compound and complex sentences.

Combining Sentences to Form Compound Sentences Practice-2jqtptl

Thursday 2/8– ARGUMENT POST TEST! When students are finished, they will continue to work on sentence structures.

compound sentences-2ky1uuq

Friday 2/9– Students will take a pronoun pre-test. Once finished, students will finish the story on the board and use 5 compound and 5 complex sentences.

January 29 – February 2

Monday 1/29- Students will go over the elements of an argumentative essay. They will identify ethos, logos, and pathos as well as the claim, counterargument, rebuttal, and call to action in the essays.

Homework: Students will finish identifying the elements of argument in the ‘Cheating in America’ essay.

Tuesday 1/30– Students will review the ‘Cheating in America’ elements and work on developing counterclaims with rebuttals. We will look at a Snoopy comic and write an argument in relation to how dogs are better than cats.

Homework: Students will finish answering the Snoopy questions and develop an argument with a claim, 2 reasons, a counterargument, and a call to action.

Wednesday 1/31– Students will work together to answer a series of guiding questions where they analyze and evaluate sample student paragraphs based on a Sesame Street Video.

Thursday 2/1-  Students are going to practice writing their own argument paragraph/elements. We will watch a clip of Grover’s Italian Restaurant, and students will write their argument paragraph and will finish the rough draft for homework.

Friday 2/2– Students will read “Raise Your Hand for Helping Hands” which is a sample essay.  They will answer the questions provided to assess their ability to recognize required elements.  When they finish, we will read the books I Wanna Iguana and I Wanna New Room. They will then respond to the prompt in their journals.

January 22-26

Monday 1/22– After the warm-up, students will review the rhetorical appeals of ethos, logos, and pathos. They will look at advertisements within magazines and identify the appeals used within the ad.

Tuesday 1/23– Warm-up to start  class.  Students will look at commercials and write a RACES paragraph

Write a RACES response that explains whether the advertisement focuses most on ethos, pathos, and logos.  Students musy cite evidence from the advertisement in their response. (This is an explanatory prompt where you are explaining something.)  Restate-Answer-Cite-Explain-Summary Statement

Wednesday 1/24– Students use the R.A.C.E.S. rubric, along with their notes, to finish their response to the prompt from yesterday. They will also grade their response based on the rubric to identify strengths and workable areas.



RACES Rubric-26dk5z7

Thursday 1/25– Logos, ethos, pathos quick-check today! Students will see model argumentative essays identifying the required argument elements in sample argument essays.

Friday 1/26– As a class, students will analyze a comic of Snoopy claiming that dogs are better than cats. As a class, with the teacher modeling on the Elmo, students will identify the claim, provide support, develop counter-arguments, rebuttals and call to actions


Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Dear Dickerson Parents,

Due to inclement weather, CCSD is cancelling ALL after school and evening activities except for ASP for today, Tuesday, January 16, 2018.  However, although ASP will remain open, parents are strongly encouraged to pick up their children as soon as possible.  In addition, the district and superintendents office will be monitoring the weather situation and they hope to make a decision regarding tomorrow by 10 pm this evening.  Please stay tuned.


Dr. Carole Brink

Principal, Dickerson Middle School

Ethos Logos Pathos Practice

Use the following links to strengthen your understanding of ethos, logos, and pathos AND to fill out your organizer! You will not use every ad on the organizer.





Headphones needed:




January 8-12

Current report cards are online via PVUE.  See the progress report grades on PVUE Feb. 9

Monday 1/8– 

Tuesday 1/9– After the warm-up, students will take notes on the origins or persuasion.

Homework: Watch the following videos and identify if they are using ethos, logos, or pathos on the chart provided. Don’t forget there can be elements of more than one. Explain why it shows what it does.

ChartE-L-P flipped classroom notes-1ic4i1h

Video 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfAxUpeVhCg&list=PLUt_PBZQzj_D7wPfnSX-m9Ho1pfcq_CgG

Video 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eXfvRcllV8&index=6&list=PLUt_PBZQzj_D7wPfnSX-m9Ho1pfcq_CgG

Video 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ULR68LTmbw&list=PLUt_PBZQzj_D7wPfnSX-m9Ho1pfcq_CgG&index=7

Video 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Du3lnMncltA

Wednesday 1/10– Students will take notes over Ethos, Logos, and Pathos, and they will identify each in speeches.

Thursday 1/11– Vocabulary Test. Students will use their understanding of persuasion to write an add for a product.

Friday 1/12– Students will retake their pretest and identify mistakes in order to focus on elements they need to study more.

January 4th & 5th


Welcome back!

1/4- Students will write a letter to their future selves (in May) about where they want to be the next time they read their letter. They will be given a new set of vocabulary words. The test will be next Thursday.


Arcade games: http://www.classtools.net/arcade/201801_SdXJV5

1/5- Students will take a PRE-test over argumentative writing. When they finish, they can continue working on their vocabulary.


December 18-20

Monday 12/18– Students will begin to write their Summative Explanatory Essays. These will be due on Wednesday.

Tuesday 12/19– Students will continue their essays. Those that finish will write in their journal.

Wednesday 12/20– Students will use vivid description to paint a winter image, and they will trade with a partner to see if the partner can draw what the student wrote. Students who are not finished with their essays will finish today.


December 11-15

Monday 12/11-

Tuesday 12/12– Monday DGP for warm-up. Students will finish their PoP quizzes from Friday and write in their journals.

Wednesday 12/13– Tuesday DGP for warm-up. Students will begin filling in their organizer for our essay “How Animals Enhance Our Lives.” We will write our introduction paragraph. If it is not finihsed in class, it is homework.

Thursday 12/14– Wednesday DGP for warm-up. Students will begin writing their body paragraphs. The first will be modeled, the second will be done cooperatively, and the third will be independent.

Friday 12/15– Thursday DGP for warm-up. Students will finish writing their body paragraphs. The first will be modeled, the second will be done cooperatively, and the third will be independent. The full essay will be due Monday if it is not finished in class.