August 17, 2018

Today students turned in Weekly Skills #2

Transformation Quizzes were handed back.

Next students worked in pairs to complete a partner test to determine their level of readiness for the test next Tuesday.  Great news!  Everyone earned passing scores!

Homework: Complete the last pages of the Unit Packet (pages 31-33) for Monday.  This is the study guide for the test.  We will go over it in class.  Students were given a “Top Secret” answer ke to refer to after they attempted the problems on their own.

Chapter 1 Test is Tuesday August 21, 2018!  Weekly Skills 3 is due Friday.

August 16, 2018

Tonight is Parent Open House 7 pm

Today we checked the homework and student progress on Weekly Skills 2 (due tomorrow- don’t get Zapped!)

Next we reviewed the 3 types of Transformations: Translations, Rotations and Reflections before taking the Quiz.

Homework: Finish up Weekly Skills 2 and begin the Study Guide pages of the Unit packet (page 31)

Chapter 1 Test Next Tuesday 8/21/18 over Angles, Triangles and Transformations

August 14, 2018

Today we began class by checking the rotations homework.

Next we reviewed the 3 types of Transformations:

See the source image

Then students began working on the Transformations Skills Check (we will finish it tomorrow)

Homework: Work on Weekly Skills 2- due Friday!

Don’t Forget the Quiz and Parent Open House on Thursday!

August 13, 2018

Important Graded Assignments this week:

-Skills Check Tomorrow

-Quiz Thursday

-Weekly Skills 2 Due Friday


Today in class we reviewed reflections and checked Friday’s homework.

Then we took notes on Rotations (Turns clockwise or counterclockwise about the origin).

See the source image  See the source image

Steps for Rotations:

  1. Graph Pre-image
  2. Label endpoints
  3. Turn paper so that desired rotation point is at the top
  4. Re-graph original ordered pairs
  5. Turn paper right side up
  6. List new ordered pairs

Homework: Finish problems 1-3 on page 25

August 10, 2018

Today students turned in Weeky Skills 1 and received Weekly Skills 2.  This will be due next Friday.

Next we checked the Translations homework.

Notes were completed on Reflections (flips over the x and y axis).

See the source image

Reflection over Y axis:

See the source image

Homework: complete pg 23 of the Unit packet (evens) 

Transformations Quiz next Thursday

Weekly Skills 2 due Friday

August 8, 2018

Today students checked homework, reviewed, and then took the Angles and Properties of Triangles Quiz.

Students also received their text book.  This is an at home resource that should be taken home and will not be needed at school.

Homework: Complete page 18 of the Unit packet- can you remember how to plot points on the coordinate plane?  (Here’s a hint if you forgot:)See the source image

Don’t forget Weekly Skills 1 is due Friday!

August 6, 2018

Today students reviewed properties of angles in triangles and took a skills check for a grade.

Next we took notes on properties of angle pairs created by parallel lines crossed by transversals.

Image result for types of congruent angles from parallel lines

Check out this fun video:

Homework: Work on Weekly Skills 1- due Friday (complete at least 3 problems per column)  You must show your work to get credit.

Quiz Wednesday

Weekly Skills 1 due Friday

August 3, 2018

Today students received their first Weekly Skills Assignment.  These will be given on Fridays and due the following Friday.  Week 1 will be due next Friday- August 10th.

Today’s Lesson: All interior angles of triangles add up to 180 degrees.   The sum of the remote interior angles is equal to the exterior angle.

Image result for add angles of a triangleImage result for remote interior angles of a triangle


Homework: Pick 8 problems to complete from page 9 of the Chapter 1 packet.

Skills Check Monday.   Quiz Wednesday.