March 29, 2018

8th Grade Students will take the Milestones assessments from Tuesday, April 10 to Tuesday, April 17.  Students and parents interested in looking on the practice EOG website can use the following link:

Warm Up: Progress check on Weekly Skills 29, due tomorrow

Lesson: Today we reviewed test taking skills and strategies as we worked through the problems in the Milestones Practice Questions Review Packet.

Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Slash the Trash! 

Stuck? Plug in the answer choices to see which one works.

Use your Calculator!

Even though you’re on the computer for testing, you should still show work! 

Don’t forget to finish up the 2018 USA test prep review for EOG  This assignment is due April 10th (the Tuesday after Spring Break).  No additional class time will be given for this assignment.

Homework: Finish Thursday’s problems on Weekly Skills 29 and problems 31-40 on the Review Packet

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