April 9-17, 2018

Welcome back from Spring Break!  Hope you all enjoyed your week off.

Milestones testing begins Tuesday April 10th and ends Tuesday April 17th.  Students will have adjusted schedules during testing.  

The Math Milestones End of Grade Test will be Thursday and Friday April 12-13, 2018.  Calculators will not be provided to students during testing, unless they are testing online.  Students should bring their own calculator with the memory cleared.

Classwork: Students will complete a Review by Unit  in class prior to testing.

Graded assignment due: USA Test Prep assignment was given in March.  Students were informed it is due Tuesday April 10.  This assignment counts for 5 classwork grades (1 for each domain) and a quiz grade (average of the classwork grades).  2018 USA test prep review for EOG assignment

No Weekly Skills this week.  No other homework will be assigned.

We will resume preparing for the Unit 7 test after Milestones testing is concluded.