September 19, 2018

Today students went over selected problems from the study guide in preparation for tomorrow’s test.  Students took turns rolling dice to determine which problems we would review.

Homework: Complete the rest of the study guide check on pages 38-40 of the Unit Packet.  Refer to the answer key provided in class to check your work

Chapter 4 Study Guide Answers

Test Tomorrow!

Weekly Skills 7 Due Friday

September 17, 2018

Students began class by reviewing the 3 types of solutions for equations and the procedure for solving word problems using equations to reach solutions.

Next the class took the Equations quiz.  Students who need additional time will be allowed to finish during homeroom tomorrow or during class if needed.

Homework: Continue to work on the Study Guide problems in the packet- pgs 37-40.  (due Wednesday)

TEST Thursday

Weekly Skills 7 due Friday

September 14, 2018

Today students should have turned in Weekly Skills 6.

We also continued to work on solving multi step equations with a Versatiles Activity in preparation for Monday’s Quiz.

Upcoming Important Dates:

Test Recovery for Unit 1 Part 2 : Monday/Tuesday Wednesday

Quiz: Monday

Test: Thursday

Weekly Skills 7: Due Friday

September 13, 2018

We began class by checking the word problem homework on pg 14.

Next we took notes on solving multi step equations and the 3 possible types of solutions to equations.

Types of Solutions

1 Solution: x=2

No Solution:  4=7 (not true)

Infinite Solutions: 3=3 (identical on both sides)

Homework: Finish page 23 of the Unit 2 part 1 packet an work on Weekly Skills 6 (due Friday)

Quiz Monday, Test Thursday!

September 12, 2018

Today we checked our 2 step equations homework.

Next we worked on setting up equations from word problems.  Remember to follow these 5 steps:

  1. Underline the question.
  2. Write the sentence for your answer, leave a blank where your answer will go.
  3. Reread the question and mark any key words.
  4. Write an equation from your key words.
  5. Solve the equation.  Then put your answer back into your sentence.

Homework: Finish 1-8 on page 14 of the Unit 2 part 1 packet.  Also work on Weekly Skills 6 (Due Friday)

Quiz Monday, Test next Thursday!

September 11, 2018

Today we reviewed how to solve 2 step equations with notes and example problems.

See the source imagefrom

Homework: finish pages 6 and 10 of the new Unit Packet

Remember Weekly Skills 6 is due Friday


September 10, 2018

Today we did a review of fundamental skills: PEMDAS, Combining Like Terms, and Words to Math Symbols.

See the source imagefrom

See the source imagefrom

See the source imagefrom

Students who needed time to finish their tests from Friday were also given time to complete them.

Homework: Finish the Fundamental Skills Worksheet from Class and Work on Weekly Skills 6 (due Friday)



September 7, 2018

Today students turned in weekly skills 5 and then took the test on Unit 1 Part 2.

Students who did not finish can finish on Monday.

Homework: Begin Weekly Skills 6 which will be due next Friday