December 19, 2018

Today students were given time to finish the Volume Test if needed, then work on Holiday Graphs.

Homework: Come dressed in your favorite Holiday outfit for tomorrow

The Durham Media Center is hosting a Season’s Readings Challenge encouraging students (and teachers, of course) to read at least 20 minutes each day of the holiday break. Will you take the challenge?



December 7, 2018

Today students turned in Weekly Skills 17 / Math Minutes 33-36.

Next we learned to calculate the volume of spheres.

See the source image

Don’t forget when you find the volume of a hemisphere to divide by 2!

Homework: finish page 27 of the Unit 3 packet


November 16, 2018

Today we turned in Weekly Skills 14.  Then we checked the homework problems from page 8 of the new packet on the Pythagorean Theorem.

We worked several problems and learned how to prove if a triangle is a right triangle with the Pythagorean Theorem.

See the source image

Homework:  Enjoy Thanksgiving Break!  Be Thankful you don’t have homework over the break

November 14, 2018

Today students were given time to finish their quiz from yesterday if needed.

Next we got on the computers and learned how to access the class notebook and find resources.

To get to Class Notebook: get on the web page and click on the “Parents” tab
Go to school’s Office 365                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Use your first.last & your school login at home
On splash page, choose OneNote
Select: Shared with Me
Select: Walsh Math 8

Check out the Content Library- can you find the tab with the weekly skills and the tabs for each unit?

We also created accounts on the Delta Math website and did some practice problems on Scientific Notation.

Homework: Finish the Delta Math Assignment and Weekly Skills 14/Math Minutes 25-28 (due Friday)

November 5, 2018

Today we reviewed converting numbers from standard form to scientific notation.


Next we learned how to add and subtract numbers in scientific notation:

  1. put both numbers in standard form
  2. perform the addition or subtraction
  3. rewrite the answer in scientific notation

Homework: Unit 2D packet (evens)  and the Monday Problems of Weekly Skills 13

October 30, 2018

Today students worked with partners to complete the Study Guide problems correctly in order to earn bonus points for their test on Thursday.

Homework: Finish the Almost There Unit 2 C Questions (1-10) and/or pg 22 of the packet which is the second part of the Study Guide

Test is Thursday!

October 15-16, 2018

Reminder: This is parent conference week, so students are on early release schedule and dismissed at 1:30 pm each day.

Today in class students were given time to finish the quiz from Friday if needed.

Next we began the new part of Unit 2: Exponents.  We discussed how to write and evaluate expressions with exponents.

See the source image

Homework: complete the evens on pg 3 of the new Unit 2 Part C Packet 

Weekly Skills 10 due Friday! 

October 11, 2018

Today 8th grade students took the PSAT 8/9.  It was also an early release day.

Regular schedule and classes will resume tomorrow.

Remember: Quiz tomorrow over Rational and Irrational Numbers and Weekly Skills 9 is due!