September 7, 2018

Today students turned in weekly skills 5 and then took the test on Unit 1 Part 2.

Students who did not finish can finish on Monday.

Homework: Begin Weekly Skills 6 which will be due next Friday


September 6, 2018

Today we went through the study guide by palying Bingo to prepare for tomorrow’s test.

Students were given copies of the answer key to the study guide with the problems worked out for the questions they did not finish or get to in the game during class so that they can check their work and study tonight.

The answer key is also posted here: unit 1 part 2 study guide answers


Homework: finish weekly skills 5 and study for tomorrow’s test

September 5, 2018

Today students took a partner test to see how prepared and ready they are for the Chapter 2 test on Friday.  Then we went over the answers and analyzed any errors that were made.

Next students began to make a BINGO card that will be used for a review game with the answers to their study guide questions in class on Thursday.

Homework: finish the study guide (pgs 27-33 of the packet) and making the BINGO card for the test review tomorrow

FRIDAY- Weekly Skills 5 is due and we take the Chapter 2 Test

September 4, 2018

Today we reviewed how to find the Perimeter and Area of Figures.

Next we talked how you can use scale factor to find the perimeter and area of similar figures and completed practice problems.

See the source image  See the source image

Homework: Finish the study guide on pages 29-33 of the Unit packet to get ready for the Bingo game we’ll play in class tomorrow

Test on Chapter 2 Friday

Weekly Skills 5 due Friday

August 30, 2018

Students checked their indirect measurement homework problems and then took a skills check over similarity and proportions.

Next we played a review game with scale factor.

Homework: Finish Weekly Skills 4 (due tomorrow) and begin the Study Guide pg 20 (1-4) 

QUIZ tomorrow, TEST next Thursday! 

August 29, 2018

Today students checked their similar/not similar shapes homework worksheet and turned it in for a grade.

Next we learned how to use proportions to find missing side lengths for similar figures and indirect measurement using proportions.

Homework: complete 1-4 on page 20 of the Unit 1 Part 2 Packet

Remember Friday we have a Quiz and Weekly Skills 4 is due!

August 28, 2018

Today we reviewed how to write statements with corresponding parts of similar and congruent figures and took notes on similarity.  We also learned how to use proportions to determine if 2 figures are similar or not.

See the source imagefrom


Homeowork: Complete the last 6 problems on the Similar/Not Similar worksheet

Rememeber Friday we have a Quiz and Weekly Skills 4 is due! 

August 27, 2018

Today we reviewed the affect scale factor has on dilations and how to set up scale factor proportions.  Then we did a skills check on Dilations.

Homework: Finish 1-4 on pg 14 of the Unit 1 Part 2 packet

QUIZ Friday

Weekly Skills 4 Due Friday

August 23, 2018

Today we checked the Congruency homework (pg 5-6 )in the packet and did some practice problems on pages 7 and 8.

Remember Congruent Figures can be mapped onto each other with Transformations (rotations, reflections, or translations) and have the same size, shape and angles.

What shapes below are congruent to each other?

See the source image

Homework: Finish Weekly Skills 3