September 14, 2017

Anyone wanting to help with Hurricane Relief  by donatig toiletries and/or bottled water may bring donations to the front office.  Thanks! 

Tomorrow is the Chapter 2 Test on Congruence and Similarity!  Be ready! 

Warm up: Fluency Drill and progress check on Weekly Skills 7 (due Friday)

Lesson: Trasketball with study guide questions

Homework: Finish Weekly Skills #7, study for test tomorrow (use study guide and lessons in the math section)

Chapter 2 Study Guide

Chapter 2 Study Guide Answers


September 8, 2017

Weekly Skills #6 was due today.

Warm up: Fluency Drill

Lesson: We went over correct responses to the Ticket out the Door yesterday and discussed Angle/Angle Similarity between shapes.  Then we began the quiz on Congruence and Similarity.  We will finish it Monday.

Homework: Begin the Chapter 2 Study Guide (Test is Wednesday Sept 13th)

September 6, 2017

Color Battle is tomorrow- if  you raised at least $30, bring a change of clothes and have fun!

FroYo Friday- $3 Menchies Friday before school

This Friday is a Fun Friday- do you have enough PBIS Points to go?

Warm-Up: Fluency Drill, check on Weekly Skills 6 progress (M/T should be done!)

Lesson: We reviewed proving similarity using proportional sides and updated notebooks with practice problems using indirect measurement.

  example courtesy of :

Homework: Indirect Measure Worksheet (5,6,8,9) Wednesday’s Weekly Skill Problems

September 5, 2017

Color Battle this  Thursday- Sept 7th- Bring a change of clothes if needed

FroYo Friday- bring $3 to get Menchies Frozen Yogurt for breakfast on Friday

Fun Friday is this Friday, Sept 8th!  How many PBIS points do you have?

Warm-up: Fluency Drill and progress check on Weekly Skills #6

Lesson: Check Similar/Not Similar sorting homework, Review the difference between similar and congruent figures, complete practice problems

Homework: pg 134 (1-5)  and finish problems on Weekly Skills #6 Mon/Tues if needed

September 1, 2017

Labor Day Weekend is here!  No school on Monday! 

Warm- up: Turn in Weekly Skills 5, complete Fluency Drill

Lesson: We checked the Congruent Figures worksheet and did additional practice problems.  Then we updated our notebooks with information on Similar Figures. (See Examples)

Homework: Complete the Similar Figures sorting worksheet. Begin Weekly Skills #6 ( due next Friday)

August 31, 2017

Due to concerns about the weather, the Color Battle has been postponed.  Tonight is the last night to get donations.

Warm Up: fluency drill and Weekly Skills Check

Lesson: Congruence- how to mark corresponding sides and angles as well as write congruence statements.  See the example below:

Homework: Finish 1-8 on the Kuta Congruence Worksheet.  Finish Weekly Skills 5- due tomorrow! 

August 25, 2017

Color Battle takes place Friday, Sept 1st- how many color packets can you earn?

School Picture Day Tuesday, August 29th

Warm Up:  fact fluency drill, turn in  Weekly Skills #4

Lesson: Test Prep day!  Students worked together on their study guides independently, compared answers with a partner, and analyzed errors in conferences with the teacher.

Homework: Finish the study guide, complete practice lessons on for bonus

Test is Tuesday August 29th over Angles, Triangles, Transformations

August 24, 2017

Continue raising funds for the Color Battle September 1st!  Play Halftime Trivia at lunch with the remind app.

School  Picture Day August 29th

Warm up: Fact fluency drill on MobyMax, progress check on Weekly Skills #4 (due tomorrow)

Lesson: Today we are reviewing for the Chapter 1 test by completing a skills check for dilations, working on the study guide, and completing touchstone questions

Homework: Continue to work on study guide and finish weekly skills 4

Chapter 1 Test next Tuesday, August 29th!

August 23, 2017

The Color Battle Fundraiser continues- each student must get a donation of $30 to participate in the fun and games on September 1st.

School Picture Day is Tuesday August 29th.

Warm up: Fluency drill on MobyMax and Weekly Skills 4 check

Lesson: We reviewed Dilations, checked the homework and did practice problems

Homework: Chapter 1 Study Guide (5,7,11,13,14,19,25) Dilations problems

***Chapter 1 Test with be next Tuesday August 29th***

August 22, 2017

Don’t forget to share your color battle info with friends and family for our school fundraiser, going on now through Sept 1st! 

Warm Up: fluency drill on MobyMax, update agenda, check progress on Weekly Skills 4

Lesson: Notes on Dilations, example problems

Image result for dilations


Homework: Dilations Worksheet (1-3), Weekly Skills 4 Tuesday problems