August 30, 2019

Today students were given time to complete the Unit 1 Test bonus questions.  Next, any students who did not score 80% or higher on the Unit 1 Test were given time in class to work on test corrections in preparation for the Unit 1 Test recovery which will be offered Wed/Thur September 4th and 5th.

Students filed their Unit 1 packets.  We will begin Unit 2 on Tuesday.

Any remaining class time was provided for students to work on DeltaMath assignment 4, due Wednesday Sept 4th.

Homework: enjoy the long weekend!  :0) 

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August 29, 2019

Today students completed part one of the Unit 1 Test.

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Homework: Finish DeltaMath assignment 3* if needed and work on assignment 4

*The DeltaMath Website was having issues last evening preventing some students from finishing assignment 3 on time.  Because of this, the deadline for DeltaMath assignment 3 will be extended to Friday (this week only).

August 28, 2019

Today we had early release schedule so classes were short! We passed back the Transformation Quiz* then used the rest of the time for a Unit 1 Scavenger Hunt.

*Students who scored below 74% on the can turn in corrections with a parent signature on Friday  for Quiz Recovery

Homework: Prepare for tomorrow’s test!  Here are some Quizizz games to help.  Pick the area you struggle with most and practice! 

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Go to

Enter one of the following 6 digit game codes to take a practice quiz: (skip entering an email if it asks)

Naming Angles: 498721

Transversals: 110657

Transformations: 573813

Similarity: 347021

Triangle Angle Sums: 563336

August 27, 2019

Today we began class by going over the homework from pg 24 and taking any questions from the study guide.

Next we took the Transformations Quiz.

Homework: Finish Delta Math Assignment 3- due tomorrow! 

Remember: Unit 1 Test Thursday / Picture Day Friday

*Tomorrow is early release day! :0)

August 23, 2019

Today we checked we did a warm-up review of translations with an aMAZE-ing extra practice maze on the back of angle pairs.  (This will help you get ready for the quiz and test next week if you complete it, but it is optional)

Next we checked the Dilation homework from page 18 and then completed a skills check (graded).

Click here for today’s notes: Notes for Friday 8_23_19

Homework: finish any remaining questions on the study guide (pgs 25-31) for Monday

Remember: Quiz Tues 8/27, DeltaMath assignment 3 due Wed 8/28, Test Thur 8/29

Picture Day Fri 8/30 

August 22, 2019

Today we completed test prep warm up problems, checked the homework and did more practice with dilations.

Don’t forget: Scale factor = k = NEW/OLD

See the notes here: Notes for Thursday 8_22_19

Homework: pg 18 (1-4) 

Remember: Quiz Tues 8/27    Test Thurs 8/29

Delta Math due on Wednesdays! 

August 21, 2019

Today we reviewed the homework problems from yesterday.  Next we completed a treasure hunt activity to introduce Sequences of Transformations (doing more than one transformation to the same shape) and also learned about Dilations.

Image result for sequence of transformations

Can you tell which transformation happened first, second, and third?  How do you know?  What transformations occurred? (Image courtesy of CK 12 Foundation)

Image result for dilation

This is an example of an ENLARGEMENT (

Image result for dilation

This is an example of a reduction (

See today’s notes here: Notes Wednesday 8_21_19

Homework: pg 12 (1,2) pg 15 (2, 3)

Remember: Delta Math #2 due tonight by 11:59 pm!  Quiz Tues 8/27   Test Thurs 8/29  

The next DeltaMath assignment is already online waiting for you!  

August 20, 2019

Today students who needed to were given time to finish the Math Inventory.

The rest of class we reviewed the steps for Rotating figures on the Coordinate Plane (counterclockwise and clockwise).




Homework: Pg 9 (2 and 4)

Remember: Delta Math Assignment 2 is due tomorrow! 

Quiz: Tuesday Aug 27   Test: Thursday Aug 29th

Morning help during homeroom in Mrs. Carnes classroom (across from Mrs. Hartramph- get a pass from your HR teacher)

August 19, 2019

Today students took the Math Inventory assessment.  Students who did not complete the test in class today will be given additional time tomorrow.

We will resume learning about Rotations Tuesday.

Homework: Begin the Unit 1 Study Guide.  Pick 13 questions from pg 25-31 of the packet to complete.

Remember Delta Math Assignment 2 is due Wednesday! 

Quiz: Tues Aug 27 

Test: Thurs Aug 29