November 14, 2018

Today students were given time to finish their quiz from yesterday if needed.

Next we got on the computers and learned how to access the class notebook and find resources.

To get to Class Notebook: get on the web page and click on the “Parents” tab
Go to school’s Office 365                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Use your first.last & your school login at home
On splash page, choose OneNote
Select: Shared with Me
Select: Walsh Math 8

Check out the Content Library- can you find the tab with the weekly skills and the tabs for each unit?

We also created accounts on the Delta Math website and did some practice problems on Scientific Notation.

Homework: Finish the Delta Math Assignment and Weekly Skills 14/Math Minutes 25-28 (due Friday)

November 13, 2018

Today students took the Scientific Notation Quiz.  If they did not finish, class time will be provided tomorrow.

Homework: Continue working on Weekly Skills 14/Math Minutes 25-29 (due Friday)

November 12, 2018

Today students finished their “Almost There” assessment and entered their answers on I-respond.

Next we did some review and practice problems to prepare for tomorrow’s quiz.

Homework: finish problems 1, 2, 4 and 7 on page 19 of the Unit 2 D packet.  See hints below.  Don’t forget all answers need to be in Scientific notation.

Also- Weekly Skills 14 is due Friday/ Math Minutes 25-28

November 9, 2018

Today students turned in Weekly Skills 13 (Math Minutes 21-24).

Next we went over the rest of the Scientific Notation Word Problems on page 15 of the Unit 2D packet.

Finally students began work on the “Almost There” questions for Scientific Notation to see how prepared they are for next Tuesday’s quiz.  They were allowed to work with a partner, use their notes, and a calculator.  We will finish this activity on Monday.

Homework: Begin Weekly Skills 14/ Math Minutes 25-28 (due next Friday)

Scientific Notation Quiz Tuesday! 

November 8, 2018

Today we checked the homework from page 11 (evens) on Multiplying and Dividing with Scientific Notation.

Then we did a Skills Check reviewing all the concepts and skills we’ve learned so far about Scientific Notation (graded).

Next we practiced using Scientific Notation with word problems.

Homework: complete page 14 of the Unit 2D Packet.   Here are hints for problems 3 and 4

Remember Weekly Skills 13 is due tomorrow!  Quiz next Tuesday! 

November 7, 2018

Today we reviewed adding and subtracting with Scientific notation and learned how to Multiply and Divide with Scientific Notation:


Homework: Evens on Page 11 of the Unit 2 D packet 

Don’t forget Weekly Skills 13 due Friday, Quiz next Tuesday! 

November 5, 2018

Today we reviewed converting numbers from standard form to scientific notation.


Next we learned how to add and subtract numbers in scientific notation:

  1. put both numbers in standard form
  2. perform the addition or subtraction
  3. rewrite the answer in scientific notation

Homework: Unit 2D packet (evens)  and the Monday Problems of Weekly Skills 13

November 1, 2018

Today was Test Day!

Students completed the Unit 2 Part B and C test over Real Numbers and Exponents.  If students finished early, they used the remaining time to complete their Weekly Skills 12 assignment (due tomorrow).

Homework: Finish Weekly Skills 12 (due tomorrow)

October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween!

Tomorrow is the test over Real Numbers and Exponents.  To prepare today, students entered their answers to the Almost There test in class, we went over the answers and then completed going over the study guide.  Refer to the file below to help you study if you missed any of the problems today in class.

unit 2 b and c study guide answer key      (Please note the correct answer to number 1 should be 17)

Homework: Study for the test and keep working on Weekly Skills 12 (due Friday)