October 12, 2018

Today students turned in Weekly Skills 9.  Then we did some practice and review before taking the Rational and Irrational Numbers Quiz.

Remember next week is Parent Conferences and early release each day.

Enjoy the weekend!

October 9-10, 2018

Students finished up the Almost There test and entered their answers on I-respond for a classwork grade.  We went over the correct answers to review and prepare for the Quiz Friday.

Then we worked on 4 different station rotations which are review for Friday’s Quiz over Rational and Irrational Numbers.

Homework: Get your calculator and pencils ready for the PSAT on Thursday.  Work on Weekly Skills 9 (due Friday!)

October 8, 2018

Students checked their homework from Friday and then began the Unit 2 Part B Almost There Assessment.  (We will finish it tomorrow)

Refer to the example problem to assist with tonight’s homework:

Homework: Unit 2 Part B packet page 23 (evens) 

Thursday: PSAT- bring a calculator and pencils for testing

Friday: Weekly Skills 9 due, Quiz over Rational and Irrational Numbers

October 5, 2018

Today students turned in Weekly Skills 8 and took a Skills Check on I-respond over Rational and Irrational Numbers

Then we practiced comparing and ordering Rational and Irrational Numbers.

Homework: pg 23 (odds)

October 4, 2018

Today we checked homework, then learned how to solve cube root equations and estimate roots and cube roots. Check out these examples below:


Homework: Page 17 (1-10) Also- don’t forget Weekly Skills 8 is due tomorrow!

October 3, 2018

Today we checked homework and students completed their fluency drills on moby max.

Next we learned about square roots.  Watch a short video clip here: https://safeshare.tv/x/ss5bb4aeaa6c12d#

We also learned how to solve equations with square roots.

Homework: complete problems 1-15 on page 11 of the Unit 2 Part 2 packet (skip problems 3 and 4) *use a calculator, but show your work

Weekly Skills 8 is due Friday

October 2, 2018

We reviewed what we discussed yesterday by watching this Colin Dodd’s video: https://safeshare.tv/x/ss5bb20b6a6b2f6#

Then we checked the homework.

Today’s lesson was converting fractions to decimals.  Remember to take the numerator and divide it by the denominator!  We also learned how to convert repeating decimals to fractions to decimals using the trick- see a line, use a nine!

Check out these examples:

See the source image  

Homework: pg 7 of the Unit 2 Part 2 Packet (evens)

Weekly Skills 8 Due Friday

October 1, 2018

Welcome back!  Hope everyone had an enjoyable Fall Break!

Today students began working on the 2nd part of Unit 2: Rational and Irrational Numbers.  We took notes on Rational/Irrational Numbers, Squares and Cubes.

Homework: Complete the Semantics Sorting Chart

Weekly Skills 8 is due Friday

September 19, 2018

Today students went over selected problems from the study guide in preparation for tomorrow’s test.  Students took turns rolling dice to determine which problems we would review.

Homework: Complete the rest of the study guide check on pages 38-40 of the Unit Packet.  Refer to the answer key provided in class to check your work

Chapter 4 Study Guide Answers

Test Tomorrow!

Weekly Skills 7 Due Friday