November 17, 2017

No school next week- Enjoy the Thanksgiving Break!

Warm up: Moby Max fluency drill, turn in Weekly Skills 15

Lesson: Today we were learning to use the formula for the Volume of a Cylinder.



Homework: Enjoy the break, but you can start weekly skills 16 if you really want to  :0)

November 16, 2017

Students were given progress reports today if they had a D or F.  Please have them signed by a parent and returned to school tomorrow.

Chapter 4 Equations Test Corrections and Quizizz is due tomorrow along with Weekly Skills 15 also.

Warm up: Fluency Drill on Moby Max

Lesson: Finding the distance using Pythagorean Theorem

  1. Plot points
  2. Connect the points (this will be side c)
  3. Draw in 2 more sides to form a right triangle
  4. Determine the length of the legs of the triangle ( these will be sides a and b)
  5. Use the Pythagorean Theorem to solve for the missing side length (side c)

Homework: lessons on Pythagorean Theorem or textbook problems from page 365

November 16, 2017

Today was Breakfast of Champions!  Congrats to all those students who were honored for their excellent character and example.

Don’t forget to dress like a twin tomorrow with one of your BFF’s- donate $1 to Relay For Life

Warm up: Progress check on weekly skills 15 and fluency drill

Lesson: Calculating distance on the coordinate grid using Pythagorean theorem

Homework: Moby Max Pythagorean theorem lesson or worksheet

Chapter 4 Equations Test Recovery Quizizz is now live.  Complete this by Friday to earn bonus points added back to failing test grades.

November 15, 2017

Friday is Relay for Life Twin Day- donate $1, dress like a twin with a friend

Warm up: Progress check on Weekly Skills 15- due Friday, Mobymax fluency drill

Lesson: Today we’re continuing to use the Pythagorean Theorem to determine if a triangle is a right triangle, and also to solve real world problems involving right triangles.  Don’t forget to use LWPC!

Homework: Pythagorean Theorem MobyMax lesson or worksheet

Chapter 4 Equations Tests were returned today- grades are in Synergy.  Students who scored below 70 have a chance for test recovery by completing test corrections and completing the Quizzizz below.  This is due Friday, Nov. 17th.

November 14, 2017

Relay for Life Twin Day is Friday- donate $1 and dress up like a twin with a friend

Warm up: MobyMax fluency drill and progress check on Weekly Skills 15- due Friday

Lesson: We are starting Unit 3 today and learning about the Pythagorean Theorem.

When using formulas follow these 4 steps every time-

 Image result for pythagorean theorem

Homework: MobyMax Lesson on Pythagorean Theorem, or Pythagorean Theorem homework practice worksheet.  Get the Unit 4 parent letter signed for bonus points on the next test.

**Check Synergy for updated grades and Ch 4 Equations  test scores.  Test recovery coming soon for those that scored below a 70%.

December 5, 2016

Students were given Weekly Skills 17 today and told to do selected problems to help study for tomorrow’s test.

Class time was spend reviewing each problem from the study guide in detail, including error analysis and test taking strategies.

Homework: Study for the Unit 3 test on Pythagorean Theorem and Volume.  Review notes and study guide.  See links below  for study guide answers



Formulas and calculators will be provided.

***Get your Unit 4 Parent letter signed (in your OMG) for  5 bonus points.

December 2, 2016

Today students handed in Weekly Skills #16

Students were shown their graded quizzes, followed by an error analysis discussion.

Next students worked on the Touchstones questions for Volume.

Homework: Complete the Study Guide for  Unit 3.  Click  on the links below to check your answers.


study-guide-on-triangles-and-pythag-answers-pg-1-2 study-guide-on-volume-answers-pg-3-4


November 29, 2016

Today students checked the homework from page 403, reviewing the formulas for finding  the  volume of Spheres and Hemispheres.

We referred to selected problems on the Weekly Skills that used the same formulas.

Next we discussed how changing dimensions affects the volume of figures.  (Notes were added to the OMG)

-Change  1 dimension: multiply by the scale factor

-Change 2 dimensions: multiply by the scale factor squared

-Change 3 dimensions: multiply by the scale factor cubed (creates a similar figure)

Homework: 3rd block complete pg 410

6th block complete the back of the note sheet

QUIZ THURSDAY over Pythagorean Theorem and Volume


November 28, 2016

How to find the volume of a sphere Welcome back!

Today students reviewed Pythagorean Theorem, and finding the volume  of Cylinders and Cones by completing selected problems of Weekly Skills 16.  This is due Friday.

Next students  completed the Pythagorean Theorem Unit 3 Touchstones questions if they were not able to finish  them from the Friday before the break.

Then  we learned  how to find the Volume of Spheres.

sphere  lwpc

Watch  these videos if you need  help:  How to find the volume of a sphere

Homework: pg  403 (1-8)

November 17, 2016


Today we  checked the Wednesday problems for Weekly Skills 15- finish it tonight, it’s  due  tomorrow!

Next we checked the homework using the  Volume for Cylinders.

Then we did a  little science  experiment- did  you know you can fit the volume of 3 cones into a cylinder?  We proved that  today and saw how the  formula  for finding the  volume of a cone is derived.


Homework: pg 395 (1-8, 14)