December 19, 2016

No Weekly Skills this week- Merry Christmas!   :0)

Today students did a fact master drill on

Then we completed an interactive kahoot review over Unit 4 and discussed the types of questions that would be on the test students will take tomorrow.

Homework: Go over the “Have you got it?” Unit 4 study guide to prepare for tomorrow’s test.   Answers  posted here: have-you-got-it-unit-4-study-guide-key

December 16, 2016

Today students handed in Weekly Skills 18 and had  a few minutes  to work on their  Mobymax lessons.

Next we checked the homework (Different Representations of Functions) and began  preparing for the Unit 4 Test over Relations and Functions.

We learned how to tell if an equation  is linear or not by checking for exponents, variables being multiplied, or variables in the denominator.


We sorted maps, tables, diagrams, definitions, and ordered pairs into categories of Function vs. Not a Function and Linear vs.  Non-Linear.

Homework: Complete the Study Guide “Have you got it?” worksheet.  We will go through this on Monday and then start the test.

Unit 4 Study Guide -Have you got it?

December 14, 2016

Students had their Tuesday problems from Weekly Skills 18 checked and then completed the 5 question quiz at the end of the Intro to Functions Gizmo for a classowork grade.

Next students  reviewed what has been covered in Unit 4 so far and completed pg 486- Mid-Chapter Check (classwork grade).

Then we talked about the difference  between relations and functions, as well as linear and non-linear functions.  Refer to this powerpoint:  is-the-relation-a-function-review

Homework: Pg 491 (1-6) Identify each as a function or not and linear or  non linear.


December 13, 2016

Students began class with a Math Minute timed drill.  Then students spent a few minutes on Moby Max with their math lessons and fluency drills. There is a contest for fact master this week- are you on the leader board.

Students who needed to finish their Math Inventory test were given time to finish before we started the Gizmo “Intro to Functions.”  (The Gizmo is a hands on learning  discovery website)

Homework: Students should complete Tuesday’s problems on Weekly Skills 18 as well as finish their  Gizmo worksheets.

Gizmo website:

Students should have their user name and password written at the top of their  worksheet.

Watch this  video if you need help:

December 12, 2016

Today students received Weekly Skills 18-  this  is due Friday

We will be taking the Math Inventory Test for the 2nd time in the computer lab today and tomorrow.  This test measures  a student’s  math IQ with a Quantile score.  By the end of 8th grade, students should have a score around 1010.

Homework: Watch this video on Relations and Functions

Relations vs Functions




December 8, 2016

Students began class with a Math Minute timed drill.  Selected problems off  the weekly skills were reviewed as well.

We began our new unit  today by learning about Relations, Domain, Range, Input and Output values.  We discussed how relations can be represented as  ordered pairs, tables, graphed, or equations.


Homework: page 458

**Remember Weekly Skills 17 is due tomorrow! **