January 16, 2019

Today students finished taking the Math Inventory.  Then we did a sorting activity to review Linear/Non-Linear Functions before taking the Functions Quiz.

Homework: Continue to work on the Unit 4 Study Guide

Unit 4 Functions Test is Friday

Weekly Skills 20/Math Minutes due Tuesday Jan 22nd 

January 15, 2019

Today was assessment day!

After going over the homework and turning in Weekly Skills/Math Minutes- we spent some time reviewing.

Then students worked on the following 3 assessments:  1) Finished the Almost There Test for Unit 4    2) Math Inventory Test    3) Functions Quiz

Homework: Continue working on the Unit 4 study guide (Pg 37)

Unit 4 Test is Friday

Week 20/Math Minutes Due Tuesday Jan 22

January 14, 2019

Today students completed a review of concepts involving Linear and non-Linear functions (pg 30).

They were then able to pair up with a partner and use their notes to take the Almost There assessment for Unit 4 as a way to review and prepare for tomorrow’s Functions Quiz.

Homework: Begin the Unit 4 Study Guide on pg 35 of the Unit 4 Packet

Remember: Quiz tomorrow and Math Minutes/Week 19 due tomorrow

Functions Test is Friday!

Jaanuary 10, 2019

Today we checked the homework on page 16.

Then we learned about Linear Functions and Constant Rate of Change:

-The rate of change between any two points remains the same, or constant.
Linear relations have a constant rate of change.

Homework: page 25

Tues Jan 15 : Weekly Skills 19/Math Minutes Due and Functions Quiz

Fri Jan 18: Functions Test


January 9, 2019

Today students checked their homework (pg 15 & 17)

Next we took notes on how to tell if a table, ordered pair, graph, or mapping diagram is a function or not. Then students did a sorting activity and a skills check.

Homework: Complete pg 16 of the Unit 4 Packet

Tuesday Jan 15- Functions Quiz and Weekly Skills 19/Math Minutes due

Friday Jan 18- Functions Test

January 8, 2019

Today students were given Weekly Skills 19/Math Minutes: beginning this week these assignments will be due on Tuesdays instead of Fridays

Next we checked homework (pg 7 & 9)

Then we took notes on Functions

Homework: finish page 15 & 17 

Tuesday Jan 15: Week 19/Math Minutes due, Functions Quiz

Friday Jan 18: Functions Test

January 7, 2019

Welcome to the new year, the new grading term, and the new unit!

Today students received their new unit 4 packets and we took notes on Relations.

Homework: finish page 7

Quiz Tuesday Jan 15

Test Friday Jan 18th