February 9, 2018

Today was the student vs. Teacher volleyball game.  Totally fun!

Warm-up: Mobymax Fluency drill

Lesson: Finished Unit 5 Test

Many students have been absent due to illness recently.  Students are expected to make up assignments and assessments in a timely manner and are responsible for information covered in their absence.  Students should attend before school tutoring on Thursdays at 8:15 am and homeroom tutoring to get caught up on work and concepts missed.  

Homework: Begin weekly skills 23

February 8, 2018

Today is Test day!

Warm up: Review major concepts of slope and linear equations by checking the last few homework problems from the study guide.

Lesson: Students will take the multiple choice section of the Unit 5 Test today (tomorrow is the constructed response)

Homework: Continue to study for the test.  (No Weekly Skills this week!)  You can complete the bonus Stained Glass activity if you’d like.

Here are the answers to the Study Guide- if you want to check your work: unit 5 study guide answer key-27

February 7, 2018

Progress reports go out next Friday.  Make sure you don’t have any missing work or zeros! 

Warm Up: MobyMax fluency drill

Lesson: Students had their study guides checked and then continued to work on their slope stations.

Homework: Finish questions 21-26 on the Study Guide.  (See the Unit 5 tab at the top of the blog if you need help)

The Unit 5 Test will be Tomorrow! 

February 7, 2018

Rising 9th grade night at Harrison High School –  7 PM TONIGHT, Tuesday, February 6th.  Doors open at 6:30 PM for student activities information.   

8th Grade Parents – Don’t let your student miss “Reality U” – this Thursday, February 8, 2018.  Be sure your student turns in the permission slip by Wednesday!  Reality U is an incredible activity for 8th graders to learn financial literacy and the correlation between fiscal well-being and academic achievement while having fun.  We partner with Communities and Schools to create this wonderful opportunity.     

Picture Day – Spring pictures will be taken TOMORROW, Wednesday, February 7th.  Students must bring their completed prepaid envelopes to have their pictures taken.

Warm Up: MobyMax fluency drill

Lesson: Students had their study guides checked and then continued to work on their slope stations.

Homework: Finish questions 11-20 on the Study Guide.  (See the Unit 5 tab at the top of the blog if you need help)

The Unit 5 Test will be Thursday! 

February 1, 2018

Allatoona Parent Night for 8th grade parents is this evening at 6:30 pm!  Don’t miss it! 

Warm up: Fluency drill on MobyMax, progress check on weekly skills 22 (due tomorrow)

Lesson: We discussed how to tell if graphs, equations, tables, ordered pairs, and mapping diagrams are linear or not and whether or not they are functions.


Homework: Finish the example problems left on the note sheet

Unit 5 Test next Tuesday! Study Guide comes home tomorrow! 

January 31, 2018

Retention letters were sent home this week for students who are in danger of failing 8th grade.  Parents must sign those letters and return them to school by the end of the week to their student’s homeroom teacher.

Several students are out sick with the flu or other illnesses.  While we want students to avoid missing school, please do not come to school if you are running a fever or ill.

Warm Up: MobyMax Fluency Drill and progress check on Weekly Skills

Lesson: Today we discussed how to compare functions when they are given in different forms.  (equations, graphs, words, tables, and ordered pairs).  Students are expected to know how to find the slope and y-intercept from each of these representations.

Homework: Finish the Linear Functions matching worksheet.

Unit 5 Test Tuesday Feb 8th

January 29, 2018

Durham Leadership Program is sponsoring the Talent Show tomorrow night at 6:30 pm.  Come attend, $1 donation requested for admission.

Warm Up: MobyMax fluency drill, progress check on Weekly Skills 22- due Friday

Lesson: We did some word problems modeling how to use y = mx + b equations to reach solutions.  Then we discussed how similar triangles have the same slope.

See the source image

Similar triangles have the same slope!  

Homework: page 528 (1-3)

January 23, 2018

No Weekly Skills this week!

Quiz Friday on Slope Intercept Form: y = mx + b 
Know how to graph a line from an equation, and write the equation from a graph.

Warm Up: Mobymax fluency drill, finish MI

See the source image

Lesson: We checked the homework worksheet and began the next assignment (writing equations from graphed lines)

Homework: finish problems 6,7,8, 10 on the Pizzaz riddle worksheet

January 22, 2018

Welcome back!

Warm-Up: Turn in Weekly Skills 20, Mobymax fluency drill

Lesson: Today students took the Math Inventory.  (Students who did not finish can finish tomorrow)  The goal was to improve from their Fall score.  Then we reviewed how to graph a line from an equation.

See the source image

Homework: Finish the Pizzaz Riddle Worksheet (problems 1-9)

January 17-18, 2018

SNOW DAYS- no school!  

While you’re enjoying your time off, why not get ahead and finish your Weekly Skills #20.  It will be due Friday when we return to school.

There will be a quiz over graphing equations next week- probably Thursday Jan 25th