February 6, 2017

Today students received Weekly Skills 23- due Friday.  Complete problems highlighted in class tonight to help study for the Unit 5 Test tomorrow.

During class we went over all the answers to the study guide for Unit 5.  Then students  played a review Bingo Game.

Homework: Study for the test tomorrow by review the study guide (answers posted below), complete the highlighted  problems on Weekly Skills 23, and/or do Mobymax.com lessons for practice.

January 31, 2017

Today students had the opportunity to get completed problems from Weekly Skills 22 checked at the beginning of class.  Keep working on it- due Friday!

We continued discussing different representations of linear functions by checking selected problems from last night’s homework questions (pg 539-542)

Today’s lesson continued to show how functions in different forms can be compared.

Homework: Complete the rest of the Comparing Functions worksheet.  Don’t forget to find the slope (m) and Y intercept (b- beginning point) for each one!

January 30, 2017

Students began Weekly Skills 22- Due Friday, work on this in any spare time you have this week.  Come for help in Homeroom Tutoring on Tuesday/Thursday mornings

We took notes and discussed Section 7-9 Linear Functions in textbook (pg 534-538)

Classwork practice: pg 538 (1-4)

Homework: pg 539-540 (1-4, 6-10, 17-19)


January 23, 2017

Students were given Weekly Skills 21 today.  It is  due on Friday.  Come get help during homeroom tutoring in the 21st century classroom if needed.

Today we reviewed and made a note sheet over  all the concepts  we’ve learned so far about Slope: the types, formula, finding slope on a graph, and the slope intercept formula.  (See the Unit 5 page at the top of the blog for graphics, tips, videos)  We then learned how to graph linear equations.

Homework: Complete the  Riddle Worksheet  (pizzaz 155)


January 18, 2017

Reminder: The Allatoona High School field trip is tomorrow during blocks 1-3.  Harrison High School students  will attend a presentation in the theater.

Weekly Skills 19 is due on Friday- Don’t forget! Come get it checked in Homeroom Tutoring tomorrow in the  21st century  classroom.

Today we learned how to find the slope from an equation.  y =  mx (The m is the slope)

Slope is known my many names: direct variation, unit rate, constant rate of change, proportionality.  We practiced finding slope from word problems, tables, graphs and equations as we worked examples on pages 506-508 in the book.

Homework: pg 511 (1-10) … and don’t forget Weekly Skills 19 due  Friday.

January 12, 2017

Today we reviewed and practice for  our slope quiz tomorrow.

Students need to know:

  • the 4 types of slope
  • how to find slope from a graph 


  • how  to find the slope from 2 points 

Homework:  On the last page of the packet- complete 3 more graphs of the points finding the slope from the graph and using the formula.