May 7, 2019

Today we had a fire drill during 6th block, so that used some of the class time.  The remainder of class students used to finish their Unit 7 test and begin Weekly Skills 35 (due May 14th).

Homework: Continue working on Weekly Skills/Math Minutes 85-89 which will be due Tuesday May 14th 

May 6, 2019

Today we reviewed the main concepts of Unit 7 and then students began the Unit 7 Test.  Students who did not finish in class today will be given additional time tomorrow to complete the test.

Homework: Review your Unit 7 notes if needed.  Any students who still need to complete USA Test Prep domain tests can still work on those assignments to replace any zeros in the gradebook.

April 30, 2019

Today students took the Almost There 5 question test for Unit 7 and then we went over the correct answers in class. We’re almost ready for the Unit 7 test which will be next week!

HW: Keep working on that study guide if you don’t have it finished yet! unit 7 ans study guide answers_

I will be out of town the rest of the week attending my daughter’s college graduation ceremony in Utah.  Students will have equations practice assignments to work on the rest of the week and I will review with them before the test is administered next week (probably Tuesday/Wednesday).

April 29, 2019

8th grade students took the Social Studies Milestones Test sections 1 & 2 today.  As a result our Math class did not meet due to the adjusted testing schedule.

Students should continue to work on their Unit 7 Study Guide.  We will finish the Unit 7 Quiz in class tomorrow.

April 24, 2019

Today students turned in their USA Test Prep assignment.

Next students worked with partners on a Placemat activity with Systems of Equations problems to prepare for Friday’s quiz.

Homework: Start working on the Unit 7 Study Guide (last 5 pages of the orange Unit 7 packet)

April 23, 2019

Milestones testing continues.  The math portion finished today.

In class, students continued working on the USA Test Prep assignment, which is due tomorrow.

Here is the link to the assignment: USA Testprep     

We will be having a Quiz over Systems of Equations on Friday and preparing/reviewing for it the remainder of the week.

April 10, 2019

Today students checked their work and answers to problem number 7 from pg 42-43 to begin class.

Next we continued to work on solving Systems of Equations Word Problems, discussing how to translate the sentences into equations.  Here’s an example from class:

Homework: Students are to pick one additional problem from the worksheet that was not done in class to complete start to finish on their own.

Tomorrow we will be taking the Math Inventory- can you raise your score from last time?

April 9, 2019

Today Weekly Skills 30/Math Minutes 81-84 were due.  (No new Weekly Skills or Math Minutes will be given out for next week- we will be reviewing for Milestones)

Next we checked the homework problem from yesterday: problem C on page 39

Then we talked about the steps for solving word problems using systems of equations and did some examples in class:

  Homework: Finish problem 7 on page 42-43 of the Unit 7 packet (see hint below)