May 8-12, 2017


-8th Grade dance is this Friday at 7 pm.  Have you turned in your RSVP yet (it’s free, just need a headcount for food)

– Bring in 2 stamps or stamped envelope to get report card mailed home

-Get donations now through May 19th for Durham’s Color Battle.  Each $30 of donations earns prizes, snacks, and raffle tickets for prize drawings


Monday: Unit 7 Touchstones Selected Response test questions, begin Weekly Skills 35

Tuesday: Unit 7 Touchstones Constructed Response test questions

Wednesday: Finalize Unit 7 Touchstones answers, enter them in I-respond

Thursday: Begin Bunny Foo Foo Equations

Friday: Turn in Weekly Skills 35, Color by Number Bunny Foo Foo picture using anwers to equations from Thursday.  See you at the dance!

March 28, 2017

Today students had their progress checked on Weekly Skills 29.  Continue to work the problems, especially the ones on systems of equations.  This is due Friday.

Next we checked the homework assignment- pg 24 of the Unit 7 packet.  We continued to review and practice the steps for solving systems of equations with the Elimination Method (SMASH)

We also talked about special circumstances when there is infinite solutions and no solutions.

Homework: Make corrections and continue working problems from page 24-25 from the Unit 7 packet.  Identify when you would use substitution or elimination on the worksheet.

QUIZ THURSDAY:  We will review in class tomorrow with a group placemat activity.

March 27, 2017

Today students were given Weekly Skills 29. This is due Friday.  Come to homeroom tutoring Tuesday or Thursday for help if needed.

We checked the homework from Friday- pg 22 of the Unit 7 Packet where students had to use the  Elimination Method (SMASH) to create an opposite variable to cancel out by multiplying one equation by negative one.

Today, students were presented with the option of making their own opposite terms to cancel out when using the Elimination Method (SMASH) where both equations may need to be multiplied.   

Homework: problems A, B, C, D from page 24 of the Unit 7 packet.


March 24, 2017

Students handed in Weekly Skills 28 today.

Next we checked the homework problems using Elimination (SMASH) from page 21 of the Unit 7 packet.

We took notes and did example problems multiplying by -1 to create an opposite to solve equations  using the Elimination Method.

Homework: Complete 1-6 on page 22 of the Unit 7 packet

March 23, 2017

Today we took some class time to answer questions on Weekly Skills 28- it’s due tomorrow!

Next we checked the Substitution Homework from pg 17 of the Unit 7 packet. Students were allowed to correct their errors.

The new concept for  today is Solving Systems using the Elimination Method (SMASH)  Here are the steps and an example:

Homework: Page 21 of the packet.  Complete problems 1-5

March 22, 2017

Today students had a few minutes to ask for help on Weekly Skills 28.  Remember it’s due Friday.

Next we checked the homework problems from pg 15 of the packet.  Students were able to ask for help or clarification on problems missed.

We continued using the Substitution Method today (ISS Steps) and completed problems from page 17.   Use the example below to help with the homework if you get stuck.

Homework:  finish the odd numbered problems from page 17 of the  Unit 7 packet

March 21, 2017

Today students had their progress checked on Weekly Skills 28  It’s due Friday.  Come to Homeroom Tutoring Thursday morning if you need help.

We passed back yesterday’s quiz so students could see their scores and analyze errors.

The new concept for today was using the Substitution Method to solve systems of equations algebraically.  We all took a field trip to ISS to learn it.  (Not really…) Here are the steps with an example:

Homework: Page 15 from the Unit 7 packet.  Pick 3 additional problems from the top section and 1 word problem.

March 16, 2017

Today students received help on Weekly Skills problems for Wednesday and Thursday.  It’s due tomorrow, don’t forget!

Next we checked some of the equation conversions from the Bulls Eye worksheet.  We will have a skills check on this tomorrow.

The new concept for today was solving systems of equations by graphing.  We learned that you graph 2 equations on the same grid and then interpret the type of solution by the way the lines look.

Homework: Complete pg 13 of the Unit 7 packet.  Week 27 is due tomorrow also.