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Welcome to 8th grade Study Skills!  Each day students will update blogs, agendas, and participate in a short skills lesson before having time to work on assignments, study and organize their materials.

Click on the links below for class information:

Durham Study Skills Standards

Study Skills Syllabus for 2017-18

Tracking Sheet

EOG Review: Open 2018 USA TestPrep for EOG for instructions.  (Class assignment due April 13th!)

8th Grade Students will take the Milestones assessments from Tuesday, April 10 to Tuesday, April 17.  Students and parents interested in looking on the practice EOG website can use the following link:

Absent the week of Jan 29-Feb 2, 2018? Watch the Never Have I Ever Secret Spies Powerpoint to get caught up. (Be sure to view it in slideshow mode)  Follow directions for submitting work to get credit. You’ll also need to print out this:  Secret Spies Notebook to turn in when you return to school.

9 Week Skills Rotation

Week 1: Goal Setting

Week 2: Time Management

Week 3: Organization

Week 4: Punctuality and Preparedness

Week 5: Reading Skills

Week 6: Math Skills

Week 7:  Note taking

Week 8: Test Taking Strategies

Week 9: Reward Yourself



What’s your learning style?

Are you a procrastinator?  Manage your time wisely!



How to Learn Faster

How to study smarter, not harder

How to study for a math test

Form Good Study Habits

Effective Note-taking

7 Strategies for Punctuality

Locker Video

How to manage your time better

Time management: priorities



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