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  1. February to March!

    12th February 2019 by jenniferwilson

    This third quarter is zooming by!

    We are working on 3 digit addition and subtraction with our strategies in math. These strategies include decomposing/ number lines/ base 10. Since the standard has us adding and subtracting up to 1,000- I am straying away from the base 10 strategy. Why? Just because it gets messy and very hard to read. I do expect them to know what it looks like and how to set it up but it’s not my preferred strategy. If you are needing help to help your child, just let me know I can walk you through it super quick.

    In reading, we will be comparing and contrasting fairy tales from different cultures. This standard is so wonderful because they get to not only the classics but also classics from other cultures and countries. We just finished up fables and made a pretty big list of the ones we read along with their moral. I hear them referring back to those morals often! It’s great when students start connecting what they learn here in class to their lives. We will be on this standard for a little while.

    We have finished up Dr. Martin  Luther King Jr. and Jackie Robinson and we are moving on to the moon! We will be getting into science this quarter with moon phases and shadows. After we visit the moon, we will move into social studies again and learn all about Juliette Gordon Low. I love teaching all about her but maybe I’m biased because of my love of scouting.

    Here are some dates to know!

    • Spring Pictures- Feb. 15th
    • February Break – Feb. 18-22nd
    • Kindergarten Registration will be March 20th- Please visit the link to find out more regarding ONLINE ENROLLMENT- Enrollment Info for Parents
    • April 26- Kindergarten Orientation (new Kindergarten students will get to see and participate in some of the wonders that they will experience)

  2. Holidays are here!

    26th November 2018 by jenniferwilson

    Hi Everyone!
    The holidays are my FAVORITE time of the year. We are thankful for those around us then we move right into the beauty of the holidays. I love this time of year simply because of all the cheer that everyone spreads. This week hopefully here in 307- I will be putting up a few holiday items. Nothing elaborate but just a little something that hopefully will bring a smile to our faces.

    Along with all our holiday cheer comes a super busy schedule. The main thing is our holiday party. We are scheduled for Wednesday, December 19th to have our party here in the room. I will send out more details soon but we will be having a puzzle exchange this year. I am sending home a letter all about it but it’s something we love doing. Puzzles are great for brain development and are also super fun to solve! If you are interested in volunteering, please email me. I could definitely use the extra hands.

    In class we are working on 2 step word problems, informational writing, non fiction texts and it’s features, historical figures in Georgia, and grammar. It’s going to be a great 9 weeks!

    I’ll keep you posted on all the fun themed days coming soon in December. Stay tuned!




  3. October into November

    26th October 2018 by jenniferwilson

    Happy Fall Y’all!

    Finally we are into the fall season and it’s getting chilly. We’ve been SUPER busy going from the 1st nine weeks right into the 2nd nine weeks. It’s hard to believe we are going into November.

    As we move into this 2nd nine weeks, we will be focusing on informational reading and writing. In math we will be working on both addition and subtraction strategies for double digits up to 100. These strategies include base 10, hundreds chart, number lines, and decomposing. There might be another one or two thrown in the mix. If you are interested I can send out a Parent Cheat Sheet to give you step by step examples of all the strategies we are and will be using in here. Just let me know and I will get it out to you.

    Here are a few thing that are coming up:

    • Fall Book Fair – October 29th – November 2nd
    • Pitner’s Annual Thanksgiving Canned Food Drive – Oct. 23rd – Nov. 9th

    The fall book fair is coming!!!  The dates are October 29-November 2.  The book fair letter and flyer are on their way to your home via your child. You will find all the information you need to know in that letter.  Check it out, and also checkout our Scholastic website at:

  4. Upcoming News

    7th September 2018 by jenniferwilson

    Here are some dates that might be useful:

    • PTSA Spirit Night at Huey Luey’s – Wednesday, Sept. 19th – 5 – 9 pm
    • IOWA Testing for 3rd and 5th – September 13th – 18th
    • Fall Break – September 24th – 28th
    • Fall Fest & 1st Annual Chili Cook-off – Saturday, October 6th -11am – 3pm

    Also the second grade will be attending the ballet (Sleepy Hollow) on Friday Sept 21st. We should have our class t-shirts by then. If you didn’t buy one, please just have them wear a black shirt.  Thank you for all your help and support!


  5. Updates for this week

    31st August 2018 by jenniferwilson

    Hi Parents!

    I just wanted to let you all know about some dates of happenings here at Pitner that are coming soon. Also PLEASE send in those Box Tops! We are in a competition and I am rewarding those who bring them in. Homework next week (Sept 4-7th) will be a little different. Seeing how it is a short week- it will be something like reading comprehension, math and spelling. I’ve already told the students and I think they are excited about the change up.

    Here are those dates: 

    Sept 3- Labor Day/ no school

    Sept 5th – Progress Reports sent home

    Sept 5- Cogat Testing for 1st and 3rd

    Sept 13- IOWA Testing

    Sept 24-28- Fall BREAK!


  6. Wanted: Box Tops!

    26th August 2018 by jenniferwilson

    Pitner is collecting box tops again this year. This is a great resource for our schools. Plus its a grade level competition too! A competition you say? I love nothing more than a good old fashioned class competition!

    So I’ve personally gathered up all my left over box tops from my class and house and now I’m asking for your help parents. PLEASE send in all your box tops! Scour the pantry, ask your neighbors, tell your friends and friends of friends that OUR CLASS MUST NOT LOSE! Right now we are looking like we are in third place. I believe we can become first place. Every time a student brings in 10 box tops, they will earn a ticket from me. It’s a win-win!

    Please send in those box tops!

    We can do this!! 🙂

    Thank you for your help.



  7. Picture day is Wednesday (8/22)

    21st August 2018 by jenniferwilson


    Just a reminder that our picture day is Wednesday 8/22. That’s tomorrow. We will be saying “cheeesee” around 9:20ish.

    Bring your best and brightest smile! 🙂

  8. New information

    9th August 2018 by jenniferwilson

    I wanted to just give a quick run down on the highlights that are coming at Open House.

    *Homework is called 5 Star Homework. It’s given out on Monday along with a spelling pretest on the back. The students get to pick their favorite activities as long as it all adds up to 5 stars. I’ve also told them that one activity they choose must be spelling. The students should bring all thier homework and the front page back to school by Friday. In other words- whatever they decide to do- they have to bring back all the evidence turned in on Friday.

    * Please sign up for our class REMIND. Just leave me your best contact number and I can add you to the list. It’s a great way for me get out to you some reminders or last minute information.

    *Make sure your student brings in a healthy snack everyday. Please no cookies or snack cakes also no juice. That all can be enjoyed at lunch. Water bottles are encouraged.

    *Don’t forget to send in $6.00 for our class t-shirt and $2.00 for Quick Words for our classroom use. Quick Words are little kid-friendly dictionary type booklets that we use in writing. Once you purchase one for your child- it is theirs to keep.

    As always,  please email me with any questions you have. I’ll update this post soon with even more information.


  9. Welcome Back!

    1st August 2018 by jenniferwilson

    Hi Parents!

    We are having a great first day! I just wanted to say thank you for coming to Sneak a Peek. Please remember to pack a healthy snack and water bottle daily for your child. If you have any changes in transportation for the week please send me a written note. Also, the Cobb County folders will be coming home this week, please fill out all the appropriate forms and send it all in with your child by this Friday. Today they are bringing home an All About Me bag for homework this week. It is due by Friday as well. It’s a great way for us to learn about one another. I’m thinking our real homework will begin next week.

    I will be updating my blog with tidbits that I remember or receive from the office weekly. Please feel free to check often.

    Thank you again for sharing your child with me. I look forward to a fantastic year! 🙂

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