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March, 2020

  1. March 31, 2020 Digital Learning

    03/31/2020 by jenniferwilson

    Hi Friends!

    First PNN here-

    Today we are still reading about Jimmy Carter with another weekly reader. Please read it and think about the questions on the back. It’s right here-  JImmy Carter30

    Here is a chart of what we will be doing all week.  This is for you to just know what’s going on and what to expect.


    In math today- I would like you to work on finding three items each around your house that are quadrilaterals (any 4 sided figure), triangles, circles. Write them down and label them. Think about how many sides and angles they have. Write it down. What do you notice?

    In your journal- write a narrative about something new you’ve done this past week or something new you’ve tried. Can’t think of ANYTHING? Write a narrative about every minute/ part of your day- like a journal entry. Think about Diary Of A Wimpy Kid.  🙂

    Don’t forget about working on Raz-Kids and Dreambox!

    P.S. Would YOU like to ask Dr. Hosey a question? Have a comment? Want to share a photo or video? Email Dr. Hosey- and put PNN in the subject line.  

    Have a great day! Stay safe ♥


  2. Monday March 30, 2020 Digital Learning

    03/30/2020 by jenniferwilson

    Happy Monday! Here’s PNN-

    Good Morning Friends!
    We only have one more week until SPRING BREAK! There’s NO digital learning over spring break. This means I won’t be posting on my blog. Instead- I’ll be painting and working on getting my garden started.

    I’ve also talked with our other second grade teachers and we are starting something a little different after the break. It is more of a weekly assignment and not daily. I would like to start this week a little.

    For reading and social studies this week- we will be working on learning all about Jimmy Carter. I’m linking the weekly reader so you can read at your own pace. Please also work on the last page. In your journal- Write a few sentences about how your life is like Jimmy Carter. Write another few sentences about how your life is different. The weekly reader is here-

    In math- we are going to do a little more geometry. Here are a few pages to start. You can record your answers on a sheet of paper. Don’t worry about printing these out.

    No spelling this week. We are only doing Jimmy Carter and Geometry. Don’t forget about Raz-Kids and Dreambox. Have a great day! ♥

  3. March 27, 2020 Digital Learning

    03/27/2020 by jenniferwilson

    Friday’s PNN:

    Happy Friday!

    Today instead of a regular old spelling test- I thought we could do something different. Yes- please have a family member test your words too. How about an online word search? Complete it online or print it out. Your choice. 🙂

    Go here

    After you complete that word search, let’s review some grammar. This nine weeks we are working on past tense of irregular verbs when speaking and writing (SE2L1). So please go to Brain Pop Jr right here and view the video.

    Go ahead and do both quizzes. You can do it! This is a great time to explore around the activities and do the activity or pop a joke.

    For some math today- I would like you to go onto Dreambox and spend just a little time on some skills. Your choice today. Here’s a bookflix (login- BOOKFLIX45/Passw- pink) on money Read this book (or read along with it) and find some loose change around your home and count it. Remember we always start with the highest valued coin.

    Get outside- be safe and have a spectacular weekend friends! ♥

  4. March 26, 2020 Digital Learning

    03/26/2020 by jenniferwilson

    PNN here-

    Good Morning/ Afternoon friends!

    Happy Friday’s Eve- I hope everyone got out in the beautiful SUNSHINE yesterday. I did- I walked my whole neighborhood. It was great!

    I want to remind you that we will have a Zoom meeting today at 10:45 am. I just wanted to have you see each other and say “hi”! Oh and Mrs. Dixon and I wanted to see y’all too!

    Today I’m going to keep it a little less stressful. I have been asking you to do a lot and I know you are keeping up. I’m so proud of what you’re doing! So- let’s do some SCIENCE! I have been waiting for a sunny day to link this video with a little experiment. YAY for the sun!


    After you watch the video on rainbows- I would like you to do a little fun experiment. You might need a trusted older person to help. You will use the sun sometime today to make your own rainbow.

    Go to this video and watch how to do it at home.

    There will be a few ways the scientist shows you how to do it. Pick the one you think will work. Lastly- please illustrate (create a pic) of what you saw in the experiment. Have someone take a pic and email them to me. How fun!

    Don’t forget to review your spelling words again today. Marching to a beat while spelling them would be fun!

    Have a great day- enjoy the sun and stay safe! I will see you soon! ♥

  5. March 25, 2020 Digital Learning

    03/25/2020 by jenniferwilson

    PNN right here

    Happy Wednesday friends!

    Are you as tired of this rain as I am? YES WE ARE! I think there won’t be any rain today. YAY!!! 

    Today I would love you to review those words from yesterday. I will add them to the bottom of this post again. After that- we are going to practice the standard that compares and contrasts important points by two texts on the same topic.

    Hop on to this link and watch BOTH stories: And Then It’s Spring and How Do You Know It’s Spring? You will notice story is fiction and the second is non-fiction :

    Go to   

    Login: BOOKFLIX45

    Passw: pink 

    The first link should ask you to sign in using the above. Then it should take you directly to the two stories. Once you watch the first one- back arrow to get to the second one.

    After you watch them both- Pick one and you will write about it in your journal today. 🙂

    • If you chose And Then It’s Spring- write the title and about how the story reminds you of how you are seeing spring outside (a narrative). Be sure to include details!
    •  If you chose How Do You Know It’s Spring- write the title and an informational all about the facts you learned about spring.

    In MATH….. Let’s review some subtraction 3 digit with regrouping. Look in your volume 1 page 440-441. They are all subtraction with regrouping. Remember the rules- when the bottom is bigger than the top? Cross, cross. Don’t forget when we regroup the tens or hundreds- that number will always be one less. Have an adult check over your work before you finish. You can do it!  🙂

    Spelling list review: person/noise/ school/ wear/ brown/ share/ label/ ground/ coats/ babies

    Have a great day! Let me know if you have any questions. ♥

  6. March 24, 2020 Digital Learning

    03/24/2020 by jenniferwilson

    It’s bow tie Tuesday- Here’s PNN-

    Hi friends!

    We are on day 7 (I believe) in our journey together with this digital learning. I hope everyone is reading, doing a little math and not driving your family crazy! LOL!

    Yesterday , I linked a Mystery Doug. I hope you enjoyed learning and answered my questions. If not- go back and do it when you have time.

    Today I think we should review some spelling. It’s always a good idea to go back and make sure those skills are sharp. I am not requiring you to memorize these words. These are just for a review- you should remember seeing these. This list will not be tested by me- however if a family member wants to test at the end of the week, then that is a great idea!

    Here’s the list:

    • person/ wear/ school/ share/ noise/ brown/ ground/ school/ label/ babies/ coats

    If you and your family decide to work on these words, think about some ways to learn them. Write them in rainbow colors, one time forwards and another backwards, with your other hand. Be creative! You can always send me some of your ideas!

    For some math- let’s get into some Geometry. Last week I linked you to The Greedy Triangle. If you didn’t see it- check it out here   

    Also, don’t forget to answer the questions through out that video. Make sure you work through pages 384 and 385 in your math workbook volume 1. They are set up like the alga rhythm strategy- try and remember what Mrs. Dixon has taught us about writing the answer from the ones column on the side so not to forget. You could also rewrite it to the side as decomposing (expanded form).

    522    500+20+2

    + 287   200+80+7

    =           700+100+9 = 809

    I hope you all have a great day. Please let me know if you have any other questions. ♥


  7. March 23, 2020 Digital Learning

    03/23/2020 by jenniferwilson

    Happy Monday friends! 🙂

    I hope everyone had a great weekend and got outside and enjoyed a little sunshine. I hope you noticed plants blooming and the DREADED POLLEN! Yikes! I loved seeing your spring drawings on Friday. You all did such an amazing job! I am saving those to hopefully share with Mrs. Glace. 🙂

    Today, we are going to be working on our Key Ideas and Details (RI1,2)standard. It’s the one where we ask and answer questions like who, what, when, why and how. Remember that one? I knew you would! I finally thought and found something we all love and mashed it up with that standard. ARE YOU READY?? Here’s the link:

    YAY! I’m bringing Doug straight to you with this new lesson on… Hand Sanitizer. We use it all the time in school- so why not learn about it? BUT…. after you view it, there are some questions I want you to think about. Here’s where you show what you’ve learned. In your journal- if you still have room, Write the answer to these questions.

    1. How does hand sanitizer work?
    2. When was the first microscope invented?
    3. What did that scientist place on the lens?
    4. What did the scientist find out what little animals really were?
    5. What else can you do to remove germs other than hand sanitizer?

    Now vote if you can and then I think there’s a place to ask Doug a question. Try it!

    Oh- one more thing- please don’t jump ahead and watch all the Mystery Dougs. I’ve got a little something planned for this week when the sunshine comes back.

    Miss you all! Email me with any questions or whatever. ♥

  8. March 20, 2020 Digital Learning

    03/20/2020 by jenniferwilson

    Dr. Hosey’s PNN right here!

    Happy FRIDAY! 🙂

    We made it through a full week of digital learning. YAY!  First, I would like to thank everyone who has been checking and reading this daily. It’s new for all of us and I’m so grateful for your patience.

    Today we should mix it up a little. It’s the first day of spring! Goodbye winter (yes- I know we’ve had some warm temperatures and it’s looked like spring for a while) and hello blooming trees, plants, flowers, and baby animals! I would love you to follow this link and pick a spring picture to create. When you’re finished, have someone take a pic and email it to me! You get to choose. Here’s the link.  Have fun!

    For math- why don’t we practice your math facts. Pop over to Math Magician and practice those addition AND subtraction facts. Be sure you try a little mixed practice too.

    Be sure you are reading about 15 -20 minutes everyday. You can read alone or read with or to a sibling or even with an adult! Write down in your journal (last page) what you’ve been reading. I can’t wait to read what you are reading. Remember in class I mentioned I was reading that HUGE book? Well, I finally got the second one. I can’t wait for some time today to dive into it. 🙂

    In your journal when you have some time- write about some of your favorite things about spring. You can even use your art hub creation to help you write your story.

    Have a wonderful Friday friends! Please email me with any questions or thoughts. ♥


  9. March 19, 2020 Digital Learning

    03/19/2020 by jenniferwilson

    Good Morning! Here’s Dr. Hosey’s Thursday PNN link. Enjoy!

    Hello again Friends! 🙂

    It’s Thursday (aka Friday’s eve)- and can you believe we are on day 4 of online learning? I hope everyone is reading this and working through the packet I sent. Each day I will be adding something a little extra and fun to help us stay on our semi-normal routine. Check here to get the latest info or something fun to add to your day.

    ⇒Let’s start with a read aloud with a story you will love! It’s The Greedy Triangle. After you watch it- think about what items in your life (or your home) have 3 sides, 4 sides, 5 and 6 sides! Make a list of things your notice. Also, listen for the answer to this question- What is another name for a square or rectangle? Here’s our new story=

    The weather today looks like the high of 79 and partly cloudy. It seems like a good day for a family walk or a little fresh air. Feel free to send me pics of your day. Email them to  I can’t wait to see your faces!

    Please let me know if anyone has any questions. I will do my best to answer them.

    Have a great Thursday! ♥



  10. March 18, 2020 Digital Learning

    03/18/2020 by jenniferwilson

    Guess What? Dr. Hosey just posted another PNN morning announcement! Here it is! Check it out…

    Hey Friends!
    Today I would like to talk a little about the main purpose of a text. It’s also called main idea. We have talked about this before- it’s what the whole thing is about. 🙂 Take a look at this Brain Pop Jr. video and take the online quiz.

    This is just a little fun break from comparing and contrasting that we have been doing. On BP there is also a NEW video on Spring! This nine weeks we are going to do some informational writing like we did in the fall. If you are tempted to watch it- go ahead. I’m not going to link it quite yet.

    In math- keep working on those sheets (one a day) that I sent home. Make sure you show your math thinking. Say to yourself, “What would Mrs. Wilson or Mrs. Dixon want to see?” If you are going to do the old fashioned alga rhythm- make sure you follow through with REGROUPING. Oh! And do a couple of word problems in your volume 1 math workbook.

    I hope you are staying active as well. Get out there and take a walk with your family or play in your backyard. If you can’t do that, get on GoNoodle. Do an indoor recess episode. (Just don’t drive your family crazy 🙂 LOL!)

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