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April, 2020

  1. Thursday April 30, 2020 Digital Learning

    04/30/2020 by jenniferwilson

    It’s Thursday or now we can call it “your Friday”!Β  PNN

    Here is the week at a glance again:

    If you have finished the two passages in reading, please go to Brain Pop Jr and watch the little video about the butterfly life cycle. After you finish- try the quiz and don’t forget to do pop a joke. πŸ™‚

    In math there is a mystery picture. You will remember this kind of sheet from when we were together in school.Β  Solve those problems and color away! If you don’t have a printer- no worries!

    Lastly, there is another picture that will need to be printed. It’s the butterfly life cycle that you can color. Again. if you do not have access to a printer- do not worry! Just please make sure you go to Brain Pop Jr. and viewed the video on the butterfly.

    Have a great day friends! β™₯

  2. Wednesday April 29, 2020 Digital Learning

    04/29/2020 by jenniferwilson

    It’s Wednesday! And you know what Dr. Hosey would say….Β  (it’s hump day)

    Here’s the week at a glance again.

    Now that you have read both passages and have answered the questions on both, today is a venn diagram. Think about a couple of areas that these two passages are similar. In the other sections, think about the passages themselves. Write a couple of sentences about each passage in that section on the diagram.

    In math today be careful. It’s BOTH addition and subtraction. Take your time and do your best.

    Now- check this link out. It’s NEW and it’s really good. I know it’s not zombie season but aren’t we all with our families right now? YES! Here’s the link-Β

    Have a great day and be sure to be respectful, responsible and empowered! β™₯

  3. Tuesday April 28, 2020 Digital Learning

    04/28/2020 by jenniferwilson

    Happy Tuesday friends!


    Here’s the week at a glance again.

    Today in reading please read- “Where’s my friend?” After reading it a couple of times- answer those comprehension questions.

    In math it looks similar to yesterday but today is only subtraction. Remember those strategies you learned. Look at that top number. If it’s less than the bottom one- you have to cross, cross. Once you cross that ones and tens place, do NOT forget to take 10 away from the tens place and give it to the ones. In other words- that tens place will be one less because the ones place will turn into a ten. If you forget- do the base ten strategy.

    Since this week is about butterflies- here is a read aloud. It’s Charlie the Caterpillar. πŸ™‚

    Go hereΒ

    There is no writing this week but please try and write just once this week. Write about what you have been doing while we are learning at home. Include all the details (good and bad) that would make your story come to life.

    Have a great day friends! Enjoy this beautiful weather. I miss seeing you all! πŸ™‚


  4. Monday April 27, 2020 Digital Learning

    04/27/2020 by jenniferwilson

    Happy Monday friends!


    This week will be similar to last week. We will be comparing non fiction with fictional passages of the same subject in reading. In math we will be going back and reviewing those 3 digit addition and subtraction skills. I believe this week you will notice some regrouping as well. I’ll also be linking a few read alouds and maybe a Mystery Doug. Keep checking this blog everyday to see the little changes. I will keep the week at a glance the same from Monday to Friday.

    You will notice this week is all about the butterfly life cycle. It’s an amazing process that they go through! Metamorphosis is amazing.

    Here’s a little read aloud that is amazing! If you’ve already seen it- one more time won’t hurt! πŸ™‚

    Don’t forget to pop over to Dreambox and Raz kids this week as well. If you have trouble with Clever- try using your student id number for both password and log in. If that doesn’t work- try 123 for the password.

    Have a great Monday. Enjoy this weather outside! πŸ™‚

  5. Friday April 24, 2020 Digital Learning

    04/24/2020 by jenniferwilson

    Hi friends! β™₯

    Today is catch up day. In other words- if you are finished with your week- you’re done! If you have a few other things to finish- use this time to get it done. It’s your choice.Β  πŸ™‚

    Don’t forget to get on Raz-kids and/ or Dreambox for some time this week.Β 

    Have a great weekend and I will see you back here on Monday.Β  β™₯

  6. Thursday April 23, 2020 Digital Learning

    04/23/2020 by jenniferwilson

    Hi friends! It’s Thursday (or Friday’s eve) πŸ™‚


    Here is the week at a glance again-


    In reading today, please log into Clever (using your student number) and go to Brain Pop Jr. Type in the search bar “frog” and watch the life cycle video. If you have already watched it, just one more time won’t hurt? Then take the quizzes.

    In math again we have some subtraction 3 digit problems. Remember to use a strategy and try your best. Have an adult check over your work.

    How about a story? Here’s a bookflix pair of stories you will enjoy. πŸ™‚ They are: The Caterpillar and the Polliwog and A Tadpole Grows Up

    At the bottom of the week at a glance, there is also a frog life cycle coloring sheet you can print out and color.

    Remember you can ALWAYS go to Raz-kids and Dreambox. I’m checking in those sites from time to time to see those friends who are working hard. πŸ™‚

    Have a great Thursday! I miss seeing you all everyday! β™₯

  7. Wednesday April 22, 2020 Digital Learning

    04/22/2020 by jenniferwilson

    Happy Earth Day friends!

    PNN here:
    Today I will of course post your week at a glance. But keep reading down and see what I’ve linked for you!

    In reading, you will write a couple of sentences about each story. Think about some main ideas or facts. In the middle of the venn diagram, write a couple of sentences telling what both stories have in common. That’s really all you are asked to do.

    In math, there are some 3 digit subtraction problems. Please use a strategy. The example shows decomposing again. You decide which strategy to do!

    Now….. Here’s something I know you will love! In honor of Earth Day, watch this…..

    Think about this- How old do YOU think the earth is? Remember what Doug said in the video. πŸ™‚

    So, since it’s Earth Day- why don’t you get outside and… pick up something in your driveway like those newspapers that get thrown or empty the trash in your home without being asked or plant something or recycle something you have into something new? These are just a few ideas you CAN do and it doesn’t take much time. Together we CAN make our planet a little better today and everyday.Β 

    Happy Earth Day friends! I miss you all! β™₯

  8. Tuesday April 21, 2020 Digital Learning

    04/21/2020 by jenniferwilson

    Hey friends! It’s Tuesday πŸ™‚ PNN today is here-Β

    Have you been to Pitner’s new website? It’s cool! If you haven’t- go and check it out.

    I will repost the week at a glance everyday so you don’t ever have to search to find it.


    Today in reading please read “Crazy Changes”. I bet you can guess what it is going to be about! It’s a super fun story. There are questions after and please write them in sentence form.
    In math there are some 3 digit addition problems for you to solve. The example shows the expanded form (decomposing) strategy. You can use any strategy you choose.Β  πŸ™‚

    There is also a link to Ms. Uciferri’s STEM challenge. Try it and see. You can ALWAYS work ahead if you must.

    One final request- Please go to bookflix and enjoy a couple of books today.

    In case you have trouble getting in, the login is bookflix48Β  passw- greenΒ 

    Go here:Β

    Check back to my blog tomorrow. I will have something extra linked here. You will WANT to see it! πŸ™‚

    Have a beautiful day and have some fun! Miss you all! β™₯

  9. Monday April 20, 2020 Digital Learning

    04/20/2020 by jenniferwilson

    Happy Monday friends! πŸ™‚

    Due to some technical difficulties there is no PNN today. Hopefully there will be an episode tomorrow. πŸ™‚

    This week we will be continuing to read to answer questions and then compare some passages. You will like these this week because they are about a life cycle. We will be smashing together reading and science. πŸ™‚

    In math- we are taking it back to 3 digit addition and subtraction. Dust off your favorite strategy and get ready to shine! You might need some dice. If you don’t have any- make up some 3 digit numbers OR have you parent give you a 3 digit number. Make it fun! You could also make some by writing down numbers 0-7 on little papers, fold them up and mix them and pick one at a time to build that number. Get creative!

    Oh and you will notice there is a STEM challenge linked on our week from Ms. Uciferri. Try it!

    Please note that this picture will take you directly to the passages and pages.

    Here is your week:

    Remember- there’s no need to print anything out. Just try your best and with reading, go back to the passage to find the evidence for your answers. In math- just write on a piece of paper what you need to do. Don’t forget to show a strategy (base 10, decomposing or number line).

    Have a great day (even if it is rainy)! Miss you all! β™₯

  10. Friday April 17, 2020 Digital Learning

    04/17/2020 by jenniferwilson

    Happy Friday! Yay!~

    Yesterday’s zoom call was AMAZING! Thank you for joining us and big thanks to Mrs. Dixon for doing a scavenger hunt. If you missed it- tune in next zoom to find out what we will be doing!

    Today is catch up. If you have anything you would like to “show me”- have a parent email me a pic. I would love to look at it.

    Here’s the week again in case you missed it.

    If you are finished- PLAY outside, go for a walk with your family, create some sidewalk art, read or whatever- just have a fantastic weekend! I will be catching up on reading and working in my garden. Maybe my teenagers will do some sidewalk chalk art with me too!

    We miss you all and hopefully we will see you next time on our class meeting on Zoom. β™₯

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