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May, 2020

  1. Tuesday May 19, 2020 Digital Learning

    05/19/2020 by jenniferwilson

    Hi friends!

    It’s Tuesday and we are in our last week of school! I am very sad I can’t see your smiling and very excited faces. When we get back in the fall- I would LOVE for everyone in class to stop by and see me. Tell me everything about your time during digital learning. 🙂

    Today I would love you to watch this story:

    I think we might have seen it before but it’s so good! Especially since we are moving into SUMMER. 🙂

    Don’t forget about Dreambox and RazKids. Keep those awesome reading skills sharp! Oh and work on your math facts- addition AND subtraction to 20.

    Have a great day! 🙂


  2. Monday May 18, 2020 Digital Learning

    05/18/2020 by jenniferwilson

    Happy Monday! 🙂
    This is our last couple of days of digital learning. There will not be a week of assignments. This day would have been our last full day of the school year with tomorrow and Wednesday being early release days.

    We were learning about life cycles all these past weeks. Please go to Mystery Doug and think about the question:

    How do plants move?

    Don’t forget to log on to RazKids and Dreambox this week.

    That’s it for today. I hope everyone is staying safe while digital learning. 🙂 I miss you all ♥

  3. Friday May 15, 2020 Digital Learning

    05/15/2020 by jenniferwilson

    Happy Friday! 🙂


    Today is the official catch up day! If you are needing a little more time, today is your day. If you are finished with all assignments, then today is your day off! 🙂

    Here is the week for the last time:

    I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Get outside and have some fun with your family. 🙂 Next week will be a little lighter because our official last day is May 20th. Can you believe it?
    Look for a fun zoom call possibly on Thursday May 21st. More details soon!

    Happy Friday! ♥


  4. Thursday May 14, 2020 Digital Learning

    05/14/2020 by jenniferwilson

    Happy Thursday! 🙂

    Here’s your week once again:

    In reading there is a passage about plant needs. Then there are a few comprehension questions. For math today–there IS a page of mixed one and two step word problems. I know earlier in the week the link wasn’t going to the correct page. It should be fixed now. 🙂

    Don’t forget to go to CLEVER and watch those videos on economics from Brain Pop Jr.

    ZOOM CALL TODAY at 10:00 am!!!!

    I hope to see you all there!!!! 🙂

  5. Wednesday May 13, 2020 Digital Learning

    05/13/2020 by jenniferwilson

    It’s Wednesday! 🙂 PNN here-

    Your week assignments are below:

    In reading there is a passage and some comprehension questions about that passage. Math today is one and two step word problems. Please be careful and read through those problems carefully. Pick your favorite strategy and do your best.

    CLEVER’s log in is your student number. I believe it’s the same student number for passwords too. If it doesn’t work for the password- try 123.

    As always, do what you can. If you can’t print these out, just show your work on a separate paper. Don’t forget to go to Raz-kids and Dreambox! I haven’t mentioned them this week so don’t forget they are still up and running.

    I miss you all! There is a zoom meeting this Thursday at 10:00 am. Please try and come. We can share some cool things we have been working on.

    Have a great day! 🙂

  6. Tuesday May 12, 2020 Digital Learning

    05/12/2020 by jenniferwilson

    Hello Tuesday!

    PNN right here-

    Your week at a glance-

    Today in reading you will read another passage and answer the questions. In math- there are some one and two step word problems. Be careful and read each problem to see what it is asking you to do. Remember in class when we told you to see yourself in the problem. Pick your favorite strategy and work through step one and step two of those problems. Don’t forget about logging into CLEVER and entering your student number for your ID. Go to BrainPop Jr. and watch those economics videos and take that quiz- then pop a joke! 🙂
    Have a great day! I miss you all! ♥

  7. Monday May 11, 2020 Digital Learning

    05/11/2020 by jenniferwilson

    Happy Monday friends! 🙂

    Here is PNN

    Here is your week ahead. It is your last full week of digital learning.

    In reading this week, there are stories about plants. Please read the passages and answer the questions. Math is also a review. In social studies- you will need to log into Clever. Remember this is your student number. We are looking at economics. Think about the beginning of the year when we talked about the difference between wants and needs. This goes right along with our section of economics. Just watch the Brain Pop Jr. videos and take those quizzes.

    It looks like we will have a beautiful week with the weather outside. Yay! 🙂 Please make sure to go and enjoy the weather and get some exercise.

    Have a marvelous Monday! 🙂 ♥

  8. Friday May 8, 2020 Digital Learning

    05/08/2020 by jenniferwilson

    Happy Friday! 🙂


    Here is the week at a glance for the last time –

    Every Friday during our digital learning is catch up day. If there is something you haven’t done or finished- today is a great day to do it.

    Have a great weekend! It’s surprisingly chilly outside. I’m planning on taking a long walk in the neighborhood to see what life cycles I can spot. If you’re outside- look around!

    I miss you all! ♥

  9. Thursday May 7, 2020 Digital Learning

    05/07/2020 by jenniferwilson

    Happy Thursday friends! 🙂    PNN-

    This is your week once again.

    Today for reading we will be watching a video about question that someone has for DOUG! We love these Mystery Doug videos! Be sure to watch the entire video and see if he answers the question about birds.

    Math today is some one step subtraction word problems. There are not too many but you will need to show a strategy and don’t forget to write your final answer in sentence form. I know we used to do this all the time in class.

    Please keep working on an informational writing. When you are finished- why don’t you illustrate it? Remember that means draw and color a picture.  🙂

    Here’s an idea— when you are outside try and spot some living things going through their life cycle. Can you spot a nest? What about some new plants that are just barely making their way through the dirt or a butterfly flying? If you’ve been near a creek- look closely to see if you see any tadpoles. Don’t go to the creek by yourself! Make sure you have a trusted adult with you. I would love for you to get outside and take a close look at what you can see going through a life cycle. You might be surprised at what you notice! 🙂

    I miss you all! Have a wonderful day! ♥

  10. Wednesday May 6, 2020 Digital Learning

    05/06/2020 by jenniferwilson

    Happy Wednesday! First- here’s PNN-

    Here is the weekly assignment sheet again:

    Today please go back to each reading passage and look for those differences and similarities. There is a venn diagram for you to use. Remember the middle is where they have something in common- a similarity. On the sides are the differences. You do NOT have to use complete sentences. Just jot down what you remember. You can always go back to the stories to find your evidence. 🙂

    In math there are some more word problems. They are 3 digit subtraction. Please use a strategy that you are strong in. You can also use a couple of different strategies to see if your answers are correct. There aren’t very many problems here- just enough to keep your skills sharp. 🙂

    Keep working on that informational writing. When you are finished- you can always email a pic of it. I would love to read them!

    Have a great day. Don’t forget this Sunday is MOTHER’S DAY! Why don’t you make her a card listing all the reasons why she’s the BEST- like a top ten. Another suggestion is to help her clean up or you do something for her so she won’t have to! Tidy up your room everyday and do some chores to help out 🙂

    I miss you guys! ♥

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