Week of April 23rd

Week of April 23rd: 

With testing over, we have some fun upcoming events and projects! We will have Adventures in Art this Wednesday, the 25th. Thank you Mrs. Wilkinson for volunteering!

Look out for a May Events Calendar along with their progress report in this week’s Friday folders. This will include dates for the Mother’s Day celebration, Wax Museum, and much more! Let us know if you have any questions regarding an upcoming event.

Congratulations to Marshall and Sarah. They will represent the class in the East Side Marathon. This will be held on Tuesday, the 8th at 1:00.

Peek at the Week: 

Math: Measurement Unit-Customary Unit

Reading:  A Night Divided and book clubs

Writing: Mystery Writing unit

Social Studies: Suffragists/Abolitionists

Upcoming Quizzes:

Customary Unit quiz this Friday

Vocab quiz this Friday


Have a great week!

Ms. Miller & Mrs. Bunn

Week of April 16th

Here is a peek at the week and reminders: 

Math: Review of Geometry and how to create/read angles

Reading: A Night Divided and work on your historical fiction lap books

Writing: Students will write their very own Mystery!

Science: Review and Ecosystem quiz on Friday. Please use your science notebook as your study guide.


STEM Day is this Friday!

Don’t forget to turn in your Student Information Card!

Have a great week!

Ms. Miller & Mrs. Bunn

Math Jeopardy Game

First, thank you to those who brought in milestone snacks and treats! Only two more days!

Milestones on Monday and Tuesday will cover math. I have attached a math jeopardy game below which we started today, but did not finish.  It is a fun way to review each of the 4th grade standards!


Next Friday, April 20th will be a lost and found cleanout.  If you want to come and check for any missing items, you will need to come by Friday morning. There will be one more cleanout for the school year on Wednesday, May 23rd.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Miller & Mrs. Bunn

Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone! We hope everyone enjoyed the break!

Today in class we went through a simulator on the computer to show the kids what the test will look like. Here is a link to the website if you want to go through it with them as well.


Here is our schedule during testing: ( We will NOT have Target tomorrow)

7:20-7:50- Bathroom, Water, prepare for testing

8:00- 9:45- Milestone Testing

10:20- 11:15- Reading and Writing

11:15- 12:00- Science

12:03-12:33- Lunch

12:35-12:50- Recess

12:55- 1:25- Specials

1:30- 2:00- Math (There will be NO AC math on test days)

Have a great week!

Ms. Miller & Mrs. Bunn

Week of March 26th

This is the last day of the IXL Challenge! Keep it up! 

On Monday, March 26th, we have an in school performing arts activity. Please wear class t-shirts.

Here is a Peek at the Week:

Math: Geometry unit- Symmetry, Finding the missing angle, Reading and using a protractor

Reading: HF Unit and book clubs

Writing: Response to text and typing practice

Science: Ecosystems


IXL Challenge and RACE Bootcamp

So far in RACE and IXL Challenge…

The RACE strategy is to help with Constructed Responses. The students have been working hard all week with these constructed responses so we are asking the students to Wear CAMO or green and black Friday for writing boot camp! We will have a special treat for all their hard work!  

You all are doing a great job on the IXL Challenge! Keep it up! The 4th grade Challenge will end this Sunday, the 25th!

Week of March 19th and New 4th Grade IXL Challenge

Math Madness Challenge: For Math Madness this week, we are  challenging our students to practice their math facts using IXL. The class with the most problems answered will win the IXL challenge! The challenge starts today, March 18th and ends Sunday, March 25th.

Report Cards: Friday folders and Report cards will go home on Wednesday, the 21st. Please sign and return as soon as you can.

In House Field Trip: Please send in your In House Field Trip permission forms if you have not already done so. This field trip will be on Monday, the 26th.

Milestones: Please continue to practice typing for Milestones. Milestones start on April 10th.

Peek at the Week:

Math: Review of decimals (Quiz will be on Tuesday, the 20th) Following decimals, we will begin our Geometry unit.

Reading: Historical fiction unit and book clubs

Writing: RACE Boot Camp! We will also work hard in finishing our biography essays.

Social Studies: Westward Expansion

Have a great week!

Ms. Miller & Mrs. Bunn



Week of March 12th

Our School Wide STEM Day was a blast! They all did so well in working together to create a Spacecraft.

March Madness will continue with a Kahoot battle later this week! So far we have 57 points! Keep it up!

Thank you Mrs. Wilkinson for decorating our door for the 80’s dance!

Congratulations to Jacqueline, Sarah, Shankar, Grace, and Bridget for being our IXL winners! We will have  lunch and a special treat on Monday!

Writing Boot Camp!
The week of March 19-23, all 4th graders will be focusing on writing constructed responses using the R.A.C.E.S. strategy. We will be reinforcing the importance of
• Restating the question
• Answering the question asked
• Citing text evidence
• Explaining your thinking
• Summing it all up

On Friday, March 23rd, all 4th graders will end the week with a WRITING BOOT CAMP! Your child is welcome to wear camouflage and army green to get in the spirit of the day! Ask your child if they survived boot camp on March 23rd! We hope they will share their writing success stories with you!


Please note that we have an early release day on Wednesday, the 14th.

Practice typing for the Milestone testing starting on April 10th.



Peek at the Week:

Math: Relating Fractions to Decimals

Reading: Historical Fiction unit and book clubs

Writing: Research writing

Social Studies: Westward Expansion

Upcoming Quizzes:

Relating Fractions to Decimals on Friday


Week of March 5th

Peek at the Week:

Math: Line Plots with fractions. Math Madness Begins!

Reading: Historical fiction unit: A Night Divided

Writing: Biography unit

Social Studies: Review for our Government quiz on Wednesday

Upcoming Quizzes:

Line Plots with fractions will be on Friday.

Government quiz will be on Wednesday.

Upcoming Events:

Youth Museum make up date is this Thursday, the 8th. Students have written their times in their agendas. Please wear your class shirt on this day!

  • We need your help for our STEM activity next week! Please bring in the following items by Friday, the 9th:
    • Toilet Paper & Paper Towel Tubes
    • Plastic Grocery Bags
    • Tissue Paper
    • Cereal Boxes
  • Career Day: 
    • We are planning a Career Day in 4th grade on Monday, May 7 from 9:00 – 11:00. We are looking for parents that have experience in one of the following fields:
      • Architecture/Construction,
      • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
      • Business Management/Administration
      • Manufacturing.
      If you have experience in one of these fields and are interested in delivering 4 presentations lasting 20 – 30 minutes each to our students, please contact your child’s teacher no later than March 30 and let us know your area of expertise. We would love for you to join us this for wonderful opportunity. Once we receive the names of the interested parents, a 4th grade teacher will follow up with you to find out if your career presentation meets the needs for the day. Thank you!
  •  March Math Madness: 
    • We are so excited to let you know that all 4th grade classes (including AC students) will participate in the most exciting challenge ever-MARCH MATHNESS! Each week, our contestants will compete against each other and score points for the class!
      We will start on Monday, March 5th and end on March 30th. Multiplication War, Kahoot Battle, Math Review-Basketball and IXL Challenge will be held every week. Each class will thrive to work harder and score the most points, as the winner will be recognized by our principal on WESE!

Thank you for all your support!

Ms. Miller & Mrs. Bunn


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