Today in class:

Students marked DGP Week 7, Day 3-Parts of the Sentence

Students were divided into groups and created reviews for vocabulary that will be used by other groups tomorrow.

NO HW πŸ™‚

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Today in class:

DGP Week 7 Day 2-Marking Parts of Speech

Students and teacher went over results from the Vocab/Spelling Pretest yesterday. Student marked items that needed extra study on their study sheets.

Students played vocab review games on the SmartBoard

Vocab Quiz next week


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Today in class:

Students began DGP Week #7- Monday-Mark Parts of Speech and Capitalization.

Students took a pretest on Homophones and commonly misused words.

Students received a study guide for next week’s vocab and spelling test.

If time allowed, papers were handed back. Block 2 and 5 will do this Tuesday.


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Today in class:

We turned in Fact and Opinion Paper.

We graded the Thanksgiving Vocabulary Sheet.

Students worked on the rest of their packets.

Please hold on to the packet, BUT DO NOT WORK ON IT OVER THE BREAK!

NO HW!!! πŸ™‚


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Today in class:

Students and teacher completed a sheet determining the difference between fact and opinion.

Next, students planned an essay about Thanksgiving.

After this, students did Thanksgiving Vocab.

If students finished this, they completed a content related word scramble.

HW-All 4 sheets mentioned above are HW if not completed in class.

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Today in class:

Students color coded and marked How-To Monster typed drafts.

Students then watched and completed questions on “Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”. Tomorrow, we will be determining fact from opinion and planning an essay based on the viewing today.

Homework-Finish Winter Writing if you didn’t already.

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Today in class:

Students finished typing and turned in Writing How-To papers. We will be marking and color coding these in class tomorrow for the specific pieces of the writing.

Students received a Winter writing assignment paper after turning in the How-To. Students were to write in complete sentences, on topic, and color.

HW-Finish typing if for some reason you were unable. (Office 365 Log-in at Home directions were given). Finish Winter Writing.

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Today in class:

We had one final written draft check today at the beginning of class.

Students typed How-To Monster Test Papers in the Computer Labs and saved to Office 365.

Students will be typing again tomorrow. The paper will be due and printed by the end of the block. Papers are due TuesdayΒ  at the end of class! πŸ™‚


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Blocks 1-4: Grateful cards

Check on Final Perfect Written Draft

NO HW !!! πŸ™‚


Block 5: Write Final Perfect Draft. This is HW if it was not completed in class today.

We will meet to type our final papers on Monday.

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Today in class:

Students took DGP Quiz #5 & 6


HW-Students in blocks 2,3, & 4Β  will have completion check on the Final Draft in class tomorrow.

Students in Block 5 will have a rough draft check, and will be writing their final drafts in class tomorrow.

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