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SPRING PICTURE DAY is Friday, March 9th! -If you would like to order pictures, please return the order form and payment ON picture day.  *Do not send order forms and payments before this date. We will be taking a class picture. Please be on time. We would not want your child to miss being in the class photo. 

HOMEWORK:  March Homework Calendar was placed in purple folders. ELA:

  • Reading: Review Story Elements and rhyming with Dr. Seuss books
  • Sight Words:*3Q goal is 50 sight words! PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!  
  • Phonics: Word Families w. Dr. Seuss books


  • Words problems-taking two groups apart and putting them back together.
  • Countingbeyond 100 by 1’s and 10’s
  • Decomposing numbers up to 10

Social Studies:

  • Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, The Lincoln Memorial, The Washington Monument


  • Writing to share opinions and giving reasons to support it. We will be asking a lot of “Would you rather” questions and then asking for their reasons to support their choice. Practice at home… Ask “Would you rather SPEAK EVERY LANGUAGE IN THE WORLD or PLAY EVERY INSTRUMENT?”  , “Would you rather HAVE THE THE ABILITY TO FLYor THE ABILITY TO BECOME INVISIBLE?” Have your child state his/her opinion and give at least 2 reasons to support it. : )


  • 3/1-  STEM Night/Book Fair in the Cafe’ 5-7pm
  • 3/2-  All Pro Dads
  • 3/2 – Book Character Day
  • 3/9-  Spring Picture Day
  • 3/14 –Early Release

Have a wonderful week! Thank you for all you do.   

-Mrs. Wager


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Announcing a STEM Night – Book Fair!

Focus on Math, Science and Non-Fiction Books

Thursday March 1st

5:00-7:00  in the Café

Our STEM Night will include a math, science and art book fair from Usborne Books & More! Lots of books priced at $10 or less!

Two ways to purchase:

1) Online at www.gakidread.com OR

2) On-site at the TEASLEY STEM NIGHT

At STEM NIGHT, book tables will be setup in the cafeteria showcasing topics such as: math and science dictionaries, life science, physical science and science careers such as Engineering, Veterinarian, Doctor/Medicine, Computer Science/Coding, Gardening and more.  A special section will offer books to help students with Math proficiency.

All book sales will generate a free book allowance for STEM resources.

– For on-site sales, cash and card payments are accepted.

Usborne Books and More distributor (and Smyrna parent), Carol Kleywegt will be available to answer questions and take catalog orders for special items.  Preview or order books online at www.gakidsread.com, select Teasley STEM Night.  Check out the Non-Fiction sections to find STEM-related books more easily or contact Carol at [email protected] to make recommendations.

HOMEWORK HELPERS – AVAILABLE FOR ORDER! (See reverse side for details)

For Event Orders, FILL OUT THE FORM (this side and reverse), DROP OFF AT THE USBORNE TABLE AT STEM NIGHT!

_____________________________________________                         _________________________________________

Customer Name                                                                                                   Child’s name / Grade /Teacher-Room

_____________________________________________                         Payment Type:  □  Cash    □ Check

PHONE                                                                                                                                   OR Credit/Debit   □ VISA    □ MC  □ Discover

_____________________________________________                         Card #: __ __ __ __ – __ __ __ __ – __ __ __ __- __ __ __ __

EMAIL      _____________________________________                         Exp. Date  __ / _____      Security Code   _______

___________________________________________                             Checks may be payable to: CAROL KLEYWEGT

street address

______________________________________________                       March Delivery: Books will be delivered/pickup arranged

city/state                                                       zip                                                  at the school or another location arranged w/customer.


To order books online at www.gakidsread.com, select Teasley STEM Night

(To order at STEM Night complete this form and return to Carol at the Usborne Books table.)

Delivery date in March 2018 to the school. – NO SALES TAX! –  NO SHIPPING FEES!


10 Days to Math Mastery Boxed Sets –  Addition, Subtraction or Multiplication- ($19.99) w/CD & Workbook

These packaged sets include a set of Learning Wrap-Up tools (see below), an audio CD and a 64-page workbook detailing commutative & distributive properties of Addition, Multiplication or Subtraction.  Children love the fun activities and the competitive and self-correcting features provided by the Learning Wrap-Ups and the work-along audio CD. To order see, list below.


Learning Wrap-Up Game/Tool – ($8.99 each set of 10 boards)

For Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction, Division, Fractions – Plus States & Capitals

The key shaped Wrap-Ups boards (10 each) are locked together. The attached string wraps from questions to answers, with a self-correcting visual feature on the back of the key. Children will master basic stills and have fun along the way. Each package contains 10 boards.

Suggested Activity Books for Math Practice

QTY     DESCRIPTION (Website Item #) Price each                                         TOTAL DUE

___    10 Days to Addition Mastery (# LWU-k701-BA), $20 each           $_________

___    10 Days to Subtraction Mastery (#LWU-k702-BA), $20 each           $_________

___    10 Days to Multiplication Mastery (#LWU-k703-BA), $20 each           $_________

___    Addition Learning Wrap-Ups (#LWU-K-ADD), $9 each           $_________

___    Subtraction Learning Wrap-Ups (#LWU-K-SUB), $9 each           $_________

___    Multiplication Learning Wrap-Ups (#LWU-K-MUL), $9 each           $_________

___    Division Learning Wrap-Ups (#LWU-K-DIV), $9 each           $_________

___    Fractions Learning Wrap-Ups #(LWU-K-FRAC), $9 each           $_________

___    States & Capitals Wrap-Ups  (#LWU-K-SC), $9 each           $_________

___    Wipe-Clean First Math,  (#533540) $8 each            $_________

___    Wipe-Clean Starting Times Tables x2,  x10, Price $8 each           $_________

___    Wipe-Clean Telling the Time (#534035), $8 each           $_________

___    Adding & Subtracting Activity Book (#538705), $10 each           $_________

___    Times Tables Activity Book (#536688), $10 each           $_________

___    Fractions & Decimals Activity Book (#539610),  $10 each           $_________

___    This is Not a Math Book (geometry/math) – #673587, $15 each           $_________

___    List other books _________________________________________$_________


TOTAL DUE THIS ORDER            $________


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Parents are you looking for community resources in the area?  Check out our Counselors’ Blog for a few community resources!




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We are excited to share with you a new approach to our classroom environment that we are offering for the 2nd half of the school year. We are hoping, with your support, to transform our classroom into a flexible seating classroom. Flexible seating is a choice afforded to students be able to decide what type of seating is comfortable for them.  Some of our learners prefer to move and we know that! If you have a little learner who likes to move his body, you might consider a wiggle seat or bouncy ball chair. Some of our sensory-seeking learners prefer softer seating so, you might consider a plush bathroom rug or floor pillow for them.  Flexible seating works best when the type of seating meets the needs of the person utilizing it.  Everyone wants to sit in a way that’s comfortable for them.  If this wasn’t the case, the cozy chairs at Starbucks wouldn’t ALWAYS be occupied while the standard chairs and tables sit empty.  We hope that providing autonomy for our students to choose how they settle their bodies for learning will help them stay focused and further enable to receive the information presented to them.

Not sure what type of seating would best support your learner?  Feel free to reach out to either Mrs. Wager or myself.  We’ve included an Amazon list with suggestions, but feel free to research and shop elsewhere.  We do know that stores like Five Below and Michaels sell some of the items at lower price point.


To see what flexible seating looks like in a Kindergarten classroom, click on the YouTube video link below!



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I hope you are having a FANTASTIC week!  I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas!

Special Message from our Counselors:


“Dear Teasley Families,

It’s time again for the annual “Holiday Heart Program” at Teasley.  Each year our students, staff and community members support families in need during the holiday season.  We are asking you to buy gifts cards from places such as Wal-mart, Target, Publix, Kroger or QT in any denomination.  Please write the amount on the card. These cards will be shared with other Teasley families during the holidays. 

Please place your gift card in an envelope marked “Holiday Hearts” and return it to Teasley by Wednesday, December 13th.  All gift cards should be placed in one of the black payment boxes or the safe.

Thank you for your support and generosity!”


Upcoming Holiday Classroom Activities: 

  • MONDAY, (12/18): HOLIDAY PARTY! 12-1:30. If you would like to run a station for the class, please send me an email!
  • WEDNESDAY, (12/20): MOVIE DAY!We will watch holiday movies and have hot chocolate & popcorn.
  • DECEMBER HOMEWORK:  December is such a busy month we (the Kindergarten Team) wanted to be mindful of your Holiday plans. As a result, December’s Homework Calendar is a little different this month.  It has been placed in the back of the purple folders.


TIGER READING CHALLENGE: The directions for Biblionasium are on Mrs. Crosby’s blog:  http://www.cobblearning.net/teasleylibrary/tiger-reading-challenge/ Happy Reading! You will need your child’s student ID# to sign in.

**There will not be a reading challenge for the month of December. Instead, students will be given a Six Flags reading log. Students who are marked as having read 6+ hours will receive a free ticket to Six Flags. Six Flags Reading Logs will be sent home today and will be due on Feb. 15th.


Key skills and standards we are working on:

Sight Words:

  • Review: the  , I  , to  , a, is,  my,  go,  me, like,  on,  in,  so, we, it, and, up, at, see, he, do, you, an, can, no, am, went, are, this, look, for, get, come, got, call, down, each, find, are, was, had, they, will,  first, all, be,  as, long, by, day, did, has, her, him
  • Focus:made, many, if, may, more

*Students should be practicing their sight words every night for a few minutes. Students are required to know 25 or more sight words at this point in the year.  

  • Focus:blending sounds to read and spell words; Listening for middle sounds;  Listening for rhyming words

Students are expected to identify 52 letters and produce 23 consonant sounds …Keep Practicing. You are doing great!


Making Inferences / Connections in stories we read. EQ: How can we use what we already know and what the book tells us to make an inference or connection to our story?

This past week we played a charade type game and students had to “infer”what was other students were acting out. We also looked at pictures and wrote what we inferred to cause the event in the picture.


Informational Writing

In addition to giving facts and staying on topic we will be checking for:

SPELLING:  The writer wrote a letter for the sounds he heard. The writer used the room resources (word wall) to help him spell.  *sight words should be spelled correctly
SPACING: The writer put spaces between words.
CAPITALIZATION: The writer used lower case letters unless capitals were needed. The writer wrote capital letters to start every sentence.
PUNCTUATION: The writer uses end punctuation in writing. (periods, question marks, exclamation points)



Last week we focused on decomposing teen numbers 11-19 into a group of ten(ten ones) and some further ones and representing a number of objects 0-20 with written numerals.

This week we will be focused on measurement and comparing objects.

We will continue subitizing -with dot cards, as we participate in daily “Number Talks” lessons.

We will continue to count to 100 by 1’s and 10’s. * Please practice counting to 100 by 1’s and 10’s with your child at home. Most have already mastered this skill. If your child has mastered that, please practice skip counting by 2’s and 5’s, count backwards from 20, 30, 40, 50 to Zero! OR try counting backwards from 100!  Ask your child to start and stop at a given number. Ex. Start at 10 and stop at 30. ; Start at 15 and stop at 32. Also, what number comes before and after a given number. Keep challenging your child to count in many different ways.  This will strengthen their number sense.


Exploring our Five Senses through experiments. Last week we:

  • Skittles Taste Test
  • Went to the Outdoor Classroom and recorded what we saw
  • Smell Test
  • Went on a Listening Walk
  • Felt different textures such as pine cone, sponge, brush, coins


Mark Your Calendars…

HOMEWORK is DUE on FRIDAYS  –Return homework notebooks. 

Barnes and Noble Night: Tuesday, December 5


Giving Market: December 14th for our class

CLASS HOLIDAY PARTY: Monday, December 18th

Early Release: December 19 and 20

MOVIE DAY: Wednesday, December 20th

WINTER BREAK: No School Thursday, December 21st– Wednesday, January 3rd


 Have a FABULOUS week everyone.

A few pictures from the Art Barn….more to come!


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We will be celebrating Fall tomorrow with a fall craft afternoon. Students will make a snack, play a game or two and make a hat! Look for pictures on the blog this weekend (I finally figured out how to do it LOL)!


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Good Day Teasley Parents,

We are gearing up for our annual Veteran’s Day Celebration.  Our fabulous students will entertain us with song, dance and spoken word as we honor those who have served our country.  All are welcome to attend our celebration November 2nd at 6:30 in the Teasley Gym.


We would love to recognize moms, dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles, neighbors and family friends who have served in any branch of the military at our program.  If you know of anyone who would be a great honoree, please have them to sign up using the Google Link below.  We are hoping for a great turn out.  It will be an honor to see and shake hands of all who have served.


Deadline for honorees is November 1st.

Thank you so much for spreading the word about our program and we hope that you will join us.





Roxanne Mungin


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Treasure Box Items Needed  We need your help to add some excitement! To our treasure box. Please send pencils, pens, erasers, note pads, party favors (dinosaurs, rings, bracelets, yo-yos, cars, trucks, whistles), stickers, etc.  They love visiting the treasure box when they earn 5 sticks. Let’s continue to reward them for their amazing Tiger Pride Behavior! 

FIREFIGHTER VISIT: On Thursday, 9/14 we had a firefighter come to school to teach the students about fire safety.

 THE PARTY ANIMALS IN-HOUSE FIELD TRIP TODAY was amazing! The students got to touch (using 2 fingers) many different animals and only look at others; from a chinchilla to tarantula, an iguana, lizard, snake, turtles and others. It was a great addition to the animal unit we recently began in class. Thank you all for returning permission slips and money. You are amazing! 

SEPTEMBER HOMEWORK: Please return student homework journals after the break on Monday Oct 2. Any journals handed in Sept 22 will be returned that day as well.  PLEASE NOTESome assignments will not require writing or drawing. 

MEDIA CENTER: We try to visit the Media Center each week. Due to the media center schedule, we do not always get the same day each week. One suggestion I can offer to make sure your child has their book to exchange is to keep their book in their backpack after you read it each night. We try to put a note in the purple folder that “Library is tomorrow”, but occasionally we may forget. Thank you for your help!

TIGER READING CHALLENGE: The directions for Biblionasium (Tiger Reading Challenge) went home in the purple folders a few weeks ago. Visit Mrs. Crosby’s blog for more information. http://www.cobblearning.net/teasleylibrary/tiger-reading-challenge/ Happy Reading!  

PERFECT ATTENDANCE:  Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Coming to school every day on-time is a key ingredient to student success. The Teasley Attendance Team wants to reward those students who come to school ready to learn and on time every day. Any student who has perfect attendance through the end of the 1st 9 weeks, Friday, October 6th, will receive recognition for their attendance. These students will receive a free dress down day, a surprise treat, and their pictures will be featured on the WWTN news broadcast. Students who have perfect attendance for the entire school year will be invited to a special celebration during the last week of school to praise their commitment to their education. Thank you for your support in getting your student to school every day! (no tardies)

Our academic focus for last week(s):

Sight Words:

Focus:  at, see, he, do

Review:   the , I  , to  , a, is,  my,  go,  me, like, on, in, so, we, it, and, up

Please practice these words at home with your child. Use the “Say it!”, “Spell it!”, “Say it!” technique. It also helps to have your child practice using their sight words in a sentence.


Focus: Ll, Mm, Nn -We will practice correct letter formation, identification, and beginning sounds. We are continuing to practice listening skills and rhyming daily.

Review:  Aa, Bb , Cc, Dd, Ee, Ff, Gg, Hh, Ii, Jj, Kk

*Please practice identifying upper and lower case letters and their sounds with your child at home. You may also want to have your child name a word that begins with each letter sound.


During Reader’s workshop we are identifying main idea, supporting details, and asking questions to learn more about the books we are reading.


During Writer’s Workshop we are drawing detailed pictures, labeling our pictures to tell more about it; stretching out our sounds to spell words and adding sentences to tell more about experiences we have had.


Daily counting to 100 with Jack Hartman and “Number Talks” (representing numbers in a variety of ways) ten frames, five frames, dot cards. Our upcoming focus will be sorting and discussing how 2D and 3D shapes are the same or different.

Math standard: MGSEK.G.4 -Consistently and independently analyzes AND compares 2-D shapes in different sizes and orientations using informal language to describe their similarities, differences, and other attributes

*Practice counting to 100 by 1’s at home.  

When your child can successfully count to 100 without prompting offer them a challenge:

  • Have him/her start from a given number and count on. (say, “start at 4 and stop at 20” , “start at 12 and stop at 35”..etc.)
  • Have him/her count down(backwards) from 50 or 100 to 0.
  • Ask your child “What number comes after ___ ?” “What number comes before ___?


Students will work on categorizing living and nonliving things. Students will sort these into groups by using observable physical attributes.

Science Standards for the Week: SKL1 Students will sort living organisms and non-living materials into groups by observable physical attributes. SKL1.a Recognize the difference between living organisms and nonliving materials.

 (9/25-9/29): FALL BREAK! -NO SCHOOL 

 Enjoy your week with your wonderful children!

Mrs. Wager


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Parents – Our annual Career Day is coming up on Friday, October 20.  If you or someone you know can volunteer to present at Career Day please complete the attached form by Friday, October 6.  We look forward to having many of you participate.  If you have questions, please contact one of our school counselors!



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