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COBB COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT Teasley Elementary Leslie C. Mansfield, Principal Phone: 770-437-5945 FAX: 770-437-5947

April 25, 2016

Dear Teasley Families:

We are quickly approaching the end of this school year and what a great year it has been!! Thank you so much to all of our families who helped us transition back into one facility and open our new building this year. It is hard to believe that was just nine months ago! We are now in full planning mode for a great year in 2016-17. One of the most important processes in preparing for a successful year is student placement. Providing each child with excellent instruction in an engaging, inviting, and safe atmosphere is critical. Careful attention is given to each individual child during the placement process. Our goal is to create well-balanced heterogeneous classrooms, giving much thoughtfulness to student strengths and needs in regards to academic proficiency, social competency, emotional maturity, behavioral dynamics, and learning styles. While our highly qualified teachers subscribe to consistent standards, their delivery methods are unique. We work to match each student with the teacher who will best meet their needs.

Because our teachers know their students well, and know where they will be successful as they progress through school, they will have extensive input on class placement. If there is information of which we are unaware that you would like for us to consider, you may submit a letter or e-mail to administrators by Wednesday, May 11th. Letters should be submitted in a sealed envelope, or e-mailed to Ms. Mansfield (leslie.mansfield@cobbk12.org) or Mrs. McClenning (gina.mcclenning@cobbk12.org). Requests for specific teachers should not be made and will not be considered. A description of your child’s learning style and needs, an unusual family situation, or a special learning environment is all that will be needed. Every child will be thoughtfully placed regardless of whether or not a letter is received. Individual conferences with administration are not necessary.

Your child’s success is our goal, and we appreciate your partnership! Thank you!!


Leslie C. Mansfield

Leslie C. Mansfield, Principal



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Wear Purple on April 29th to honor our Military families!

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