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Tiger Challenge is due Monday Oct 3rd!

A new homework calendar will be sent on Monday Oct 3rd. If your child already knows the sight words for the week, please challenge them by having them write it within a sentence!

We will be finishing up for the quarter with shapes, counting to 50 (at least), counting objects to 10, identifying baby and mother animals using the correct name and identifying the main idea of a book. We continue to write narratives (something from our own life experience)through drawing and writing.

Conference week is Oct 17. I will be sending home your scheduled time the first week of Oct.

Enjoy the break and keep practicing sight words and counting to 100 by ones and tens!!!

Mrs. Wager


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Please be mindful of library books. 

Many books have been returned to the library wet or damaged and have incurred fines and charges.

Help your student keep library books in good condition.

Remember to keep water bottles and food containers out of backpacks to prevent accidents.

I encourage you to read with your child over the Fall break and visit the public library.  Assist your child in choosing appropriate and interesting books.

Thank you!  Ms. Crosby





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HOMEWORK:  Homework Notebooks are sent home on Mondays. Homework for each week should be completed in the HOMEWORK NOTEBOOK (please get a composition notebook for your child if you have not done so yet) and returned to school on the each FRIDAY. BE SURE YOUR CHILD WRITES HIS/HER NAME ON EACH PAGE! *Name Writing-names should start with a capital letter followed by lower case letters. Please help your child practice writing their name at home using a pencil.  September Week 3 Homework is due Friday Sept. 16th.

TIGER READING CHALLENGE: September’s Reading Challenge Forms are due Monday, October 3rd. You can find due dates and download a copy of our Tiger Reading Challenge form at http://www.cobblearning.net/teasleylibrary/tiger-reading-challenge/ .

MEDIA CENTER: We will visit the Media Center on Thursday. Please make sure library books are in backpacks.

ROOM PARENTS: Mrs. Wristpus and Mrs. Sriram were chosen by PTA to be our ROOM PARENTS this year!  They will be sending emails with detailed information about classroom events, activities, and volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Thanks to both of you!

Key skills and standards we are working on:

Sight Words:  *The complete list of sight words A-H can be found on the Sight Word page: http://www.cobblearning.net/mrsrdavis/sight-word-list/

Review:   the  I  , to  , a, is,  my,  go,  me     Focus:   like, on, in, so

Phonics:  Identifying letters and sounds; consonants and vowels; phonemic awareness activities; identifying the number of words in a sentence; clapping the syllables in words.

Review:  Cc, Mm, Aa, Tt, Ss, Rr, Ii, Pp   Focus: Bb, Ff   Rhyming: -at ,  -ip ,  -it 

Reading: During Reader’s workshop we are continuing to build stamina and are doing a fine job reading our books in three ways.

  1. Read the pictures.
  2. Read the words.
  3. Retell a story we have heard before.

We work on identifying Title, title page, author, illustrator; the front cover, back, top, and bottom of a book, and where we begin reading a story (first word on the first page of the story); locating a letter, word, sentence, sight words in text, and main idea.

During Shared Reading we focus on identifying story elements (characters, setting, sequencing events, problem and solution) During Guided Reading select groups will work on Letter ID, Letter sounds, Blends, and/or Reading Strategies.

Writing: During Writer’s Workshop we are working on stretching out our sounds to spell words; labeling our pictures to tell more about it, drawing a detailed picture that matches the words we write and telling our story in order using the words, first, next, and last.

Math:We are continuing to learn about shapes and we will begin adding Three Dimensional/Solid shapes (cube, cylinder, cone, sphere). We have begun to describe the relative positions of these objects using terms such as above, below, beside, in front of, behind, and next to; comparing two-dimensional shapes and describing their similarities and differences.

We will continue to count to 100 by 1’s and 10’s daily. Please practice counting to 100 by 1’s and 10’s with your child at home.   

Social Studies: Last week we focused on identifying the American flag and the Georgia Flag. We discussed jobs and why we celebrate Labor Day (a day of rest for workers to spend time with their families). Please review Labor Day and find time to discuss the different jobs that your family members have.

Attendance Challenge: Our counselors, Mrs. Oliver and Mrs. Harris, challenged all the students at Teasley to an attendance challenge.  The reward is extra recess time and a sense of accomplishment toward a worthy goal.  Please do all that you can to support us in our pursuit of this reward.  If your child is ill, keep them home and take care of them, but otherwise, get them to school, on time, every day.

Thank you!

Have a great week!

Mrs. Wager 




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Magical Morning of Math is tomorrow in our classroom between 8-9 am.  Hope to see you then!  Blog will be updated with academics soon!

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