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The STUDENT CONNECTION TEAM would like to recognize the following students for having PERFECT ATTENDANCE (NO absences & NO tardies) during the second 9 weeks of school. 





We so appreciate you parents for getting your children to school on time, every day!! 


Do you have a special art, music, dance, design, or even a cooking related skill?  Mrs. Brooks is looking for parent volunteers to be a part of our Performing Arts Day on March 31st!  This is a day where our students rotate around the school visiting a variety of dancers, artists, performers, etc.  Each session is about 30 to 45 minutes long from 8am to about noon.  If you are interested in volunteering your talent and/or skill, even if it is just for one hour in the day, please contact Mrs. Brooks at: kaylene.hybart@cobbk12.org

January Homework – 16th – 27th


1.   or

2. mom

3. out

4. not



Count out a group of 20 objects in a variety of ways (line, circle, scattered, array), draw what the different ways you arranged them. Rainbow write your sight words for this week. (write over each word with at least 4 different colors) Have your child trace his/her hand on a piece of paper. Then have them write 5 ways they can become a better citizen.  Write each way on a separate finger. Print (or draw) out a picture of Dr. Martin Luther King. Write in a complete sentence why he is an important American.

1. of

2. put

3. ran




Make number combinations to 6. How many ways can you do it?  Show your work. It should be 7 ways. Review all of the words for this month to your sight word bag. Write 12 sentences and use each sight word in a sentence. (Can you spell them correctly?) Practice saying your county, state, nation and continent. Are germs bad? State your opinion and why. Rite at least 2 sentences!

Kindergarten Homework Expectations

Homework for each week should be completed in and returned to school each Friday. BE SURE YOUR CHILD WRITES HIS/HER NAME ON EACH PAGE!

Once your child completes a task, put your initials inside the box. The calendar is meant to be used on a weekly basis. Please DO NOT complete the whole calendar at one time! The tasks that are in parenthesis are meant to be a challenge and not a requirement!

Daily reading should be noted on the 6 Flags Reading Challenge sheet. 


                                                Standards guide for this quarter:

Please download a copy for your reference.  kindergarten-standards-guide-q3-2016-2017


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