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Teasley Talent Show

See our multi-talented Teasley Tigers

perform in the annual talent show!

Friday, March 24, 2017, 6:30 pm

Campbell HS Auditorium


  • General seating (paid at door) – $3 for adults and $1 for students.


  • The 5th Grade will be selling concessions during the Talent Show.


The student connection team would like to congratulate the following students who have had perfect attendance and NO tardies for the third 9 weeks of school.

Momar Diop

Colin Schemmel

Elliet George

Georgi Bivolarsky

These students will be allowed to dress down on Friday March 24th, 2017.  Each student will receive a dress down sticker to wear for the day when they arrive in their classroom on Friday morning.  We so appreciate you, parents, for getting your children to school on time, every day!!

Thanks everyone!


I wanted to let you know that Huck’s Mine will be March 28th. If you have not sent in youor money and permission slip please do so ASAP!!




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Students are able to dress in non-standard attire tomorrow for picture day.  


  • All donation envelopes must be returned to myself or Coach Young by Thursday April 13th.
  • Families can go to register/create their own jump page at www.heart.org/jump.
  • Should you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the PE dept. Thanks for your continued support.


  • This quarter our focus is on opinion writing. Students need to state an opinion and give three reasons to support it. They are doing great! Some topics we wrote about were: Would you squish the ant or not? (from the story Hey, Little Ant). Do you see a duck or a rabbit? (from the story Duck! Rabbit!) and would you rather swim in a pool or run under a sprinkler?

Social Studies:

  • The students are comparing President Lincoln and President Washington. We are also learning about American Symbols: the Lincoln and Washington Monuments.
  • Please continue to practice your address with your child. For their report card they need to know their street, city, county and state. By the end of the year they will also need to know their nation and continent they live in.

February was an exciting month. Here are a few of the in school events that took place:

  • Wax Museum – Students dressed up as famous African Americans in the Media center and we walked through.
  • School wide assembly -key  speaker was Adan Herndon and students enjoyed music, student speakers, and dancers
  • Door decorating contest – Our musician was Miles Davis. We learned a bit about him and listened to some of his jazz music.


  • We continue to work on physical properties of rocks and minerals by describing them and sorting them in different ways.
  • Tuesday, March 28th: – Huck’s Lost Mine in house field trip – please return permission slips and payment as soon as possible if you haven’t already!


  • We continue to work on breaking apart numbers and finding the two numbers that make up a number.
  • We are working on solving word problems by drawing and writing


  • In both whole class and small groups we are working on strategies and comprehension, comparing and contrasting and story elements such as character, setting and events.
  • We had a great time reading Dr. Seuss books! Thank you to all those who sent in a book for us to read.
  • Friday March 3rd we had a day of celebrating Dr. Seuss because your children had earned enough compliments to complete our” snowman”. We are now building a “flower:, adding a piece for every 2 compliments we have at the end of each day.
    • All of our stations that day were based on Dr. Seuss and his books:
    • The Foot Book – students measured their feet with various tools
    • Bartholomew and the Oobleck – we made oobleck and wrote what we would have fall from the sky if we were the king
    • The Cat in The Hat – we rolled and added dice with a partner and wrote if we would like the cat to come to our house (opinion).
  • Please continue to practice sight words nightly and to Read, Read, Read!!!


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International Night is tonight, Friday, March 3 at Teasley!

The planning committee for the event is in need of volunteers.  If you are willing and able, please follow the link to sign up.  https://m.signupgenius.com/#!/showSignUp/10c0c4ba9a822a6ff2-teasley31/7300843

International Night is a fun night for everyone. We hope to see you there!


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