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We are excited to share with you a new approach to our classroom environment that we are offering for the 2nd half of the school year. We are hoping, with your support, to transform our classroom into a flexible seating classroom. Flexible seating is a choice afforded to students be able to decide what type of seating is comfortable for them.  Some of our learners prefer to move and we know that! If you have a little learner who likes to move his body, you might consider a wiggle seat or bouncy ball chair. Some of our sensory-seeking learners prefer softer seating so, you might consider a plush bathroom rug or floor pillow for them.  Flexible seating works best when the type of seating meets the needs of the person utilizing it.  Everyone wants to sit in a way that’s comfortable for them.  If this wasn’t the case, the cozy chairs at Starbucks wouldn’t ALWAYS be occupied while the standard chairs and tables sit empty.  We hope that providing autonomy for our students to choose how they settle their bodies for learning will help them stay focused and further enable to receive the information presented to them.

Not sure what type of seating would best support your learner?  Feel free to reach out to either Mrs. Wager or myself.  We’ve included an Amazon list with suggestions, but feel free to research and shop elsewhere.  We do know that stores like Five Below and Michaels sell some of the items at lower price point.


To see what flexible seating looks like in a Kindergarten classroom, click on the YouTube video link below!


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