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Announcing a STEM Night – Book Fair!

Focus on Math, Science and Non-Fiction Books

Thursday March 1st

5:00-7:00  in the Café

Our STEM Night will include a math, science and art book fair from Usborne Books & More! Lots of books priced at $10 or less!

Two ways to purchase:

1) Online at www.gakidread.com OR

2) On-site at the TEASLEY STEM NIGHT

At STEM NIGHT, book tables will be setup in the cafeteria showcasing topics such as: math and science dictionaries, life science, physical science and science careers such as Engineering, Veterinarian, Doctor/Medicine, Computer Science/Coding, Gardening and more.  A special section will offer books to help students with Math proficiency.

All book sales will generate a free book allowance for STEM resources.

– For on-site sales, cash and card payments are accepted.

Usborne Books and More distributor (and Smyrna parent), Carol Kleywegt will be available to answer questions and take catalog orders for special items.  Preview or order books online at www.gakidsread.com, select Teasley STEM Night.  Check out the Non-Fiction sections to find STEM-related books more easily or contact Carol at carol@gakidsread.com to make recommendations.

HOMEWORK HELPERS – AVAILABLE FOR ORDER! (See reverse side for details)

For Event Orders, FILL OUT THE FORM (this side and reverse), DROP OFF AT THE USBORNE TABLE AT STEM NIGHT!

_____________________________________________                         _________________________________________

Customer Name                                                                                                   Child’s name / Grade /Teacher-Room

_____________________________________________                         Payment Type:  □  Cash    □ Check

PHONE                                                                                                                                   OR Credit/Debit   □ VISA    □ MC  □ Discover

_____________________________________________                         Card #: __ __ __ __ – __ __ __ __ – __ __ __ __- __ __ __ __

EMAIL      _____________________________________                         Exp. Date  __ / _____      Security Code   _______

___________________________________________                             Checks may be payable to: CAROL KLEYWEGT

street address

______________________________________________                       March Delivery: Books will be delivered/pickup arranged

city/state                                                       zip                                                  at the school or another location arranged w/customer.


To order books online at www.gakidsread.com, select Teasley STEM Night

(To order at STEM Night complete this form and return to Carol at the Usborne Books table.)

Delivery date in March 2018 to the school. – NO SALES TAX! –  NO SHIPPING FEES!


10 Days to Math Mastery Boxed Sets –  Addition, Subtraction or Multiplication- ($19.99) w/CD & Workbook

These packaged sets include a set of Learning Wrap-Up tools (see below), an audio CD and a 64-page workbook detailing commutative & distributive properties of Addition, Multiplication or Subtraction.  Children love the fun activities and the competitive and self-correcting features provided by the Learning Wrap-Ups and the work-along audio CD. To order see, list below.


Learning Wrap-Up Game/Tool – ($8.99 each set of 10 boards)

For Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction, Division, Fractions – Plus States & Capitals

The key shaped Wrap-Ups boards (10 each) are locked together. The attached string wraps from questions to answers, with a self-correcting visual feature on the back of the key. Children will master basic stills and have fun along the way. Each package contains 10 boards.

Suggested Activity Books for Math Practice

QTY     DESCRIPTION (Website Item #) Price each                                         TOTAL DUE

___    10 Days to Addition Mastery (# LWU-k701-BA), $20 each           $_________

___    10 Days to Subtraction Mastery (#LWU-k702-BA), $20 each           $_________

___    10 Days to Multiplication Mastery (#LWU-k703-BA), $20 each           $_________

___    Addition Learning Wrap-Ups (#LWU-K-ADD), $9 each           $_________

___    Subtraction Learning Wrap-Ups (#LWU-K-SUB), $9 each           $_________

___    Multiplication Learning Wrap-Ups (#LWU-K-MUL), $9 each           $_________

___    Division Learning Wrap-Ups (#LWU-K-DIV), $9 each           $_________

___    Fractions Learning Wrap-Ups #(LWU-K-FRAC), $9 each           $_________

___    States & Capitals Wrap-Ups  (#LWU-K-SC), $9 each           $_________

___    Wipe-Clean First Math,  (#533540) $8 each            $_________

___    Wipe-Clean Starting Times Tables x2,  x10, Price $8 each           $_________

___    Wipe-Clean Telling the Time (#534035), $8 each           $_________

___    Adding & Subtracting Activity Book (#538705), $10 each           $_________

___    Times Tables Activity Book (#536688), $10 each           $_________

___    Fractions & Decimals Activity Book (#539610),  $10 each           $_________

___    This is Not a Math Book (geometry/math) – #673587, $15 each           $_________

___    List other books _________________________________________$_________


TOTAL DUE THIS ORDER            $________


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Parents are you looking for community resources in the area?  Check out our Counselors’ Blog for a few community resources!



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