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Once again, our school is participating in the “Gimme 5 for Education” campaign to raise funds for the Cobb Schools Foundation! The Cobb Schools Foundation is the only non-profit organization that supports all our schools, staff and students in the Cobb County School District.  All funds collected will directly benefit our schools through Foundation supported scholarships, grants and programs for our schools, students and staff.

Help support our schools & students!  Donations can be sent to the school or donate online by visiting www.CobbSchoolsFoundation.org. All students who donate will be entered into a drawing to win 2 Braves tickets. If you donate online, please share the confirmation with the teacher so your child can be entered into the drawing.


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SPRING PICTURE DAY is Friday, March 9th! -If you would like to order pictures, please return the order form and payment ON picture day.  *Do not send order forms and payments before this date. We will be taking a class picture. Please be on time. We would not want your child to miss being in the class photo. 

HOMEWORK:  March Homework Calendar was placed in purple folders. ELA:

  • Reading: Review Story Elements and rhyming with Dr. Seuss books
  • Sight Words:*3Q goal is 50 sight words! PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!  
  • Phonics: Word Families w. Dr. Seuss books


  • Words problems-taking two groups apart and putting them back together.
  • Countingbeyond 100 by 1’s and 10’s
  • Decomposing numbers up to 10

Social Studies:

  • Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, The Lincoln Memorial, The Washington Monument


  • Writing to share opinions and giving reasons to support it. We will be asking a lot of “Would you rather” questions and then asking for their reasons to support their choice. Practice at home… Ask “Would you rather SPEAK EVERY LANGUAGE IN THE WORLD or PLAY EVERY INSTRUMENT?”  , “Would you rather HAVE THE THE ABILITY TO FLYor THE ABILITY TO BECOME INVISIBLE?” Have your child state his/her opinion and give at least 2 reasons to support it. : )


  • 3/1-  STEM Night/Book Fair in the Cafe’ 5-7pm
  • 3/2-  All Pro Dads
  • 3/2 – Book Character Day
  • 3/9-  Spring Picture Day
  • 3/14 –Early Release

Have a wonderful week! Thank you for all you do.   

-Mrs. Wager

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