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We are in need of a homeroom parent!

“Volunteering as a Room Parent is a very rewarding and easy way to help your child’s classroom. Room Parents will send out periodic emails provided by the Room Parent Coordinator (Andrea Bedard), coordinate class gifts for the teacher, coordinate class parties two times a year, and help the teacher find volunteers when needed. Room Parents will be contacted by the Room Parent Coordinator (Andre Bedard). ”

Please provide your name, your phone number, your child’s name and grade and your email. Please send  this information on a separate piece of paper in your child’s purple folder as soon as possible.

Thank you!!!  Mrs. Wager


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Hello Parents!

Your Kindergarteners have been working hard and are adjusting to their new environment.  They are learning to follow a BUSY schedule, work independently, and get along with others. Our goal is to build a positive classroom community. Ms. Z and I are proud of the progress your students are making.   


FALL PICTURE DAY:  Monday, August 20– STUDENTS MUST WEAR STANDARD SCHOOL ATTIRE. We will be taking photos for the yearbook.

PURPLE FOLDERS: Please remember to check purple folders each night and return to school the next day. Please remove documents/student work on the side labeled (keep at home) and return documents on the (return to school) side.

MEDIA CENTER: We will be able to visit the Media Center this week. Our class will meet Ms. Crosby, our Media Specialist and Ms. Hogan and have a brief orientation before checking out books for the first time!  This will be an exciting experience!!

SIGHT WORDS: Our required sight word list has been updated. A copy will be placed on the back of your Kinder’s purple folder.

SPECIALS: A copy of the specials schedule is taped inside purple folders. READING: Students should be reading to you or with you for 20 minutes each night.

PTA & PAWS:   PTA & PAWS supports our school in a number of ways. WE ARE SO FORTUNATE FOR THEIR SUPPORT!!!  -Click here to read more about PTA and PAWS and find out how you can help support your Teasley Tiger and our school.

Our Academic Focus for this week:

IB Unit 1WHO WE ARE– All About Me And My Community

Central Idea

  • Members of a community have roles and responsibilities.

Review essential agreements (class rules), class roles, and responsibilities through mentor texts.

During writing we will focus on drawing and labeling pieces to reflect an understanding of self, family, and our community.

Sight Words: the  , I  , to , a , is  Please practice these words at home with your child.

Phonics:  Review: Mm, Ss, short Aa, Tt

Focus: Nn, short Ii, Ff, Pp-We will practice correct letter formation, identification, and sounds.


We will continue to work on establishing routines and procedures as well as using our math materials properly during our Math Workshop time. We started our daily routine of counting to 100 and engaged in “Number Talks” lessons; Subitizing to 5 with dot cards. Our focus for this week next week will be writing numbers from 0-10 and counting objects (one-to-one).

*Practice counting to 50 at home.  

When your Kinder can successfully count to 50 without prompting offer them a challenge:

  • Have him/her start from a given number and count on. (say, “start at 4 and stop at 20” , “start at 12 and stop at 35”..etc.)

We are looking forward to a great year!

Mrs. Wager

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