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Art Barn has been rescheduled to March 26th!!


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I hope that you all enjoyed some relaxing family time this break. I miss your children’s sweet faces and look forward to seeing them tomorrow.

Third quarter is now upon us, can you believe it?! The Teasley Attendance Team wants to reward those students who come to school on time every day. Students who have perfect attendance at the end of the quarter, ending on Friday, March 15th, will receive a free dress down day, surprise treat, and 1 entry into the end of the year drawing for a BRAND NEW BIKE! Students who have perfect attendance for the entire school year will also get to participate in an end of year celebration during the last week of school. Thank you so much for your support with getting your students to school on time every day.

Congratulations to Hayden and Carter for perfect attendance this quarter!!

We are going to be starting our 2nd semester of Kindergarten.  It is hard to believe that we are half way through the year! The 3rd and 4th quarter kindergarten standards and expectations continue to increase.  Below are some areas that we have covered and will be building on throughout the 2nd semester.

2nd Semester Academic Standards


  • Recognizing all 52 letters (upper and lower case)
  • Produce all consonant letter sounds as well as the long and short vowel sounds. This means that they recognize the letter and make the sound without support. 
  • Recognizing 50-100 sight words.  Students should be able to read words fluently.  Sounding out the word is not recognizing the word.
  • Recognize words that Rhyme and be able to create words that Rhyme.
  • Retell a story from beginning to end.  Identify the character, setting, problem and solution in a fiction story.  Identify the table of contents and main idea in a non-fiction text.
  • Reads independently Level C at the end of 3rd quarter and Level D at the end of 4th quarter. Knowing sight words is crucial to attaining these levels of reading.


  • To be able to write all the letters, upper and lower case letters accurately.
  • To write a story/sentence using spaces between words.
  • To use capital letters at the beginning of a sentence and when writing the pronoun I.
  • To recognize punctuation marks.
  • To use sight words and sound spelling accurately.
  • To understand the different genres:  Narrative Story, Informational and Opinion writing.


  • Count to 100 by ones and tens
  • Recognize and write numbers to 100.
  • Can start at any number and count on
  • Understands relative positions:  above, below, next to, in front of, behind, beside
  • Addition and Subtraction word problems
  • Measurement by weight and length.

Behavior Standards

  • To be on time, unpacked and ready to go at the start of the school day.
  • To show good listening skills
  • To work together, helping and encouraging each other.
  • Show responsibility with school supplies and materials.
  • Always doing your best work.
  • To be respectful to other classrooms while in the hallway.
  • Show outstanding Teasley manners in the Cafe.January 11:  Report Cards go home*January 16:  100 Days of KindergartenJanuary 21:  MLK Day/School HolidayJanuary 25:  International Night
  • *100th day celebration! We have been counting up to the 100th day since our first day of school. Unfortunately as we began to plan for this special day we realized that it falls on January 17- the day that the kindergarten team will be out of the classroom for an IB planning day. At this point we will be celebrating on Wednesday January 16. We are asking students to decorate a plain t-shirt with 100 items for this special day. Please see the letter sent in their purple folder.
  • January 22:  Spirit Night at Murphy’s
  • January 18:  Performing Arts Day
  • January 15:   ASP Open House
  • January School Calendar
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