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Class Notes:

Ms. Z and I are in the process of setting up an Instagram page to share photos with you. It will be private with classmates only. Be on the lookout for more info in the next few days!

At this point in the year, if your child is wearing shoes that tie, please make sure they can tie them without assistance. Thanks!

Permission slips and money for our field trips are due on March 13.

Important Dates:

  • No library check out this week due to book fair
  • 3/7 Specials Night: 6:30-8 pm
  • 3/8 Rise Up
  • 3/13 early Release
  • 3/15 Picture Day
  • 3/20 New Kindergarten and 1stgrade registration- please pass this on to neighbors! 8:30-11
  • 3/22 K-2 Talent Showcase
  • 3/26 rescheduled Art Barn Field trip
  • 4/1- 4/5 Spring Break

This week we are learning:

IB Unit- How We Organize Ourselves: Rocks and Soil


  • We will be exploring and classifying earth materials: rocks, soil, air, water using the senses. We will explore a variety of books and videos to gain more information. Some other books that we will read are: The Lorax and The Cat in the Hat
  • Discovery Center: Scientist studying and comparing a variety of rocks
  • Phonics: Introduce– The FLOSS rule (When one syllable ends with an f, l, s, z and has a short vowel sound. It is usually spelled with an ff, ll, ss, or zz)   ie jazz, less, cliff
  • Sight words: she, sit, his, say, then, said. If your child already recognizes these sight words ask them to practice writing them in sentences using their phonetic spelling, for ex: We r (are) on the bot (boat).


  • Drawing, labeling, stretching out words to be able to write the beginning, ending, and middle sounds. Students should be correctly spelling sight words.
  • Every Monday we do a narrative write about our weekend. Informational and narrative writing about earth’s materials- soil, air, land, water and taking care of our resoources.


  • Decomposing within 5 (students that mastered this will work within 10) Focus on subtraction
  • Word problem Friday: learning strategies to solve word problems that are read by the teacher.

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