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Class  Notes:

RazKids levels have all been updated and everyone should be using RazKids at least 3-4 times a week. It is a great resource to use on the go. Instructions are taped on the left pocket of your child’s purple folder. You may also access through the Teasley webpage, Media Center, Classroom Links. Top point earners so far are Ardra, Dijun and Devna. Congratulations!!

Important Dates:

  • 4/18 Library and check out
  • 4/19 Egg Hunt (eggs due by 4/17)
  • 5/14 Kindergarten Awards Day in classroom – 9:10-9:40. (more info will follow)
  • 4/25 Field Trip to Smith Gilbert Gardens
  • 5/8 Field Day: due to space constraints, parents are only invited to come to Field Day if they are volunteering. A sign up genius will be sent out by Coach Homansky.


This week we are learning:

IB Unit- Sharing Our Planet: Animals


  • We are beginning our study of animals by compare information form fiction and non fiction books.
  • Phonics: study of suffixes : review -s,-es, -ed,-ing
  • Sight words: not, mom, of, out, now (list D)if your child already recognizes these sight words ask them to practice writing them in sentences using their phonetic spelling, for ex: We r (are) on the bot (boat).

(Students should be able to read 75 words by the end of this quarter, moving towards 100)


  • Drawing, labeling, stretching out words to be able to write the beginning, ending, and middle sounds. Students should be correctly spelling sight words.
  • Most Mondays we do a narrative writing about our weekend. Informational and opinion pieces about animals; this week is rabbits.


  • Addition and subtraction within 10, practicing subtraction word problems and subtraction fluency
  • Word problem Friday: learning strategies to solve word problems read by the teacher.

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