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Class Notes:

  • Field Day: Kindergarten field day is Wednesday May 8. Students can wear athletic shorts (school appropriate) and should wear their purple shirt and sneakers. Sunscreen needs to be applied at home and students may bring a lunch or buy a sack lunch at school.
  • SSKG3 State the street address, city, state, and country in which the student lives: many students have already mastered this standard- let’s make it 100%

Important Dates:

  • 5/9- Last trip to the library to check out books!
  • 5/8 Field Day: due to space constraints, parents are only invited to come to Field Day if they are volunteering
  • 5/14 Kindergarten Awards Day- 9:10-9:40- in our classroom.
  • 5/17- Kindergarten picnic to celebrate finishing our “Holiday” unit with Memorial Day and the 4thof July. Wear red, white or blue top with uniform bottoms.

This week we are learning:

IB Unit- Sharing Our Planet: Habitat and animals of the rain forest.


  • We will be researching rain forest habitats and students will work in a group to research an animal.
  • Phonics: review of suffixes
  • Students should be able to read 75 words by the end of this quarter, moving towards 100


  • Writing about an animal in the rain forest: student choice.


  • Addition and subtraction within 10, practicing subtraction word problems and subtraction fluency
  • Word problem Friday: learning strategies to solve word problems read by the teacher.

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