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Our “Balanced” IB learner profile winner for December: Gavin Fishman

Class Notes

  • We are still seeing a variety of illnesses at school. Please keep your student home if they are running a fever, have an upset stomach or appear to be ill in other ways. When they are not feeling well, they are not going to be able to do their best at school and may spread germs to other students. Thank you!

Important Dates

  • 1/22: Library visit and check out books
  • 1/24: All Pro Dads 7am Cafe

IB Unit 4: How We Organize Ourselves: 5 Senses and Health/germs


  • Students will learn about the 5 senses and keeping germ free.
  • Phonics: “ee” and “ea” pattern, silent e (changes vowel sound) ex: pin – pine
  • Sight words: List B students should recognize 50 sight words by the end of 3rd quarter- come, get, find, was, each.
  • Read every night and practice sight words!


  • Extend writing using phonetic spelling and sight words.
  • Informational writing about Germs and the 5 senses


  • Count on from a given number- not 1
  • Finding patterns on a 100 chart
  • Finding ways to take apart and make numbers to 5.



Attention Talented K-2 students! Last call! Talent show permission slips for auditions are due on January 24th! If participating in a group, ALL MEMBERS MUST HAVE AN INDIVIDUAL PERMISSION SLIP. Late forms will not be accepted! Thank you!

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