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We have learned several strategies to help us add and subtract.  We have also practiced using these strategies to prove our addition and subtraction facts as well as helping to solve Math Word Problems.

Using a number line when adding we always start on the left and hop to the right.  When Subtracting we start at the biggest number and hop to the left.

A Number Bond can be used for both addition and subtraction math problems. 

Part Part Whole is a lot like the Number Bond.  It is used in both addition and subtraction to help students decompose numbers into parts to solve a problem.

Ten frames can be used to help us with addition and subtraction by putting objects on each square of the frame.  We started by learning to recognize 5 and then count on.  We have moved on to using 2 ten frames to make our teen numbers.  Recognizing that 1 ten frame is equal to 10 without counting each box.

Last but not least, there is Picture Drawing.  Students would draw objects (can just do circles) making two groups for addition and drawing one group and crossing off for subtraction.  Tally marks are also a form of drawing.  

Easter Egg Exercise

Here is a fun way to get kids moving while we are all homebound.  It called Easter Egg Exercise!  First you will need some plastic Easter Eggs. This can be any amount you feel you family will need.  Write different exercise movements (or animal movements for fun) on strips of paper.  Fill each egg with one exercise.  Have your child (or family member) pick an egg.  He or she has to do what the eggs says to do.  Laughter,  giggles and lots of fun is mandatory! Please post pictures on SeeSaw if your family tries this fun activity.

Some variations could be put sight words, addition problems, 2d and 3d shapes,  in the eggs!  

Math Learning Videos

Hi Parents! Here are links to some of the math learning songs we use in the classroom, enjoy!

Adding One More

Taking Away 1/1 Less

Subitizing Within 10

What Numbers Make 10

Count to 100

Numbers in the Teens Have a Group of 10

-1 Subtraction Facts

-0 Subtraction Facts

3D Shapes I Know

3D Shapes

Add ‘Em Up +1

When You Add Zero


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Dear Families,

I hope that you all are safe at home during this difficult time. I can’t believe that I will not be greeting your children every morning- please give them a hug for me.  Although I will be posting assignments at 9 am, students can complete their work at whatever time works best for you. Please continue to be patient with us as we begin a new learning process and feel free to email me with any questions. I am including some resources for you to use if you need additional activities. Through the Cobb County site, Clever, students can access a variety of learning tools such as Brain Pop jr and Pebble Go.


You can access Clever at https://clever.com/in/cobb and follow the below information.

Clever Home Access

Student Username and Password – go to www.cobbk12.org and follow the below directions. You will need this username and password to access Clever.


Student password and user name for 365/clever

Username: First.LastName

Password: read

This is a great resource for students to explore and get a close up view of animals at the San Diego Zoo


Some fun story starter activities from Scholastic



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Class Notes

  • Seuss celebration: 3/2 Monday students can wear red or white uniform shirts.

Tuesday is crazy socks Day as we read Fox in Socks.

  • This week is Book Fair week in the library. We will go as a class on 3/5, students can go individually if they bring money on different days.

Important Dates

  • 3/2 Dr. Seuss Celebration: Red or white uniform shirt, 2/25: crazy socks day.
  • 3/5 Book Fair library visit
  • 3/5 Specials Night
  • 3/6: Prospective Parent Coffee 8:15-9:15 am
  • 3/11- Early release 12:30
  • 3/12 Spring Picture Day
  • 3/20 Breakfast with buddies: more information below.

IB Unit 4: How We Organize Ourselves: Rocks and Minerals


  • For the next 2 weeks we will be studying earths materials- air, soil, water, rocks. Non Fiction texts, Sylvester and the Magic PebbleRicky the Rock That Couldn’t Roll
  • Phonics: rhyming word practice using Dr Seuss books
  • Sight words: List C- students should recognize 50 sight words by the end of 3rd quarter) We have now covered lists A and B in class.


  • Extend writing using phonetic spelling and sight words. We are also practicing writing sentences with transition words such as: First, next, last, finally.
  • Writing to describe earth’s materials, narrative writing: about a pet rock


  • Count on from a given number- not 1
  • Count to 100 by 10’s and 1’s
  • Strategies for solving word problems- emphasis on subtraction

Breakfast with Buddies

Parents/Guardians of Teasley K-2nd Graders,

We are excited to announce our first annual Breakfast with Buddies! Bring your coffee and enjoy a casual morning eating donuts with your child.  This event will take place the morning of Friday, March 20th from 7:20-7:50 in your student’s classroom.  Maximum of 2 grownups per student.

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