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Important:  Please complete the Microsoft Form for the Human Rights Field trip Experience or if you did not attend.  This is required and must be completed by Tuesday February 13th.



Monday May 14th Through Wednesday May 23rd

Monday May 14th – 8th Grade Olympic Day

Tuesday May 15th – 8th Grade Academic Bowl; work on Savannah and Disney Scrapbooks or the Savannah Virtual Field trip

Wednesday May 16th – Walk to Hillgrove (depart homeroom at 10:15), begin at Hillgrove at 11:00 AM please park in visitor section at Hillgrove see map

Hillgrove High School Map 8th grade-2kls4mt

Thursday May 17th – Continue working on scrapbooks, due at end of class period

Friday May 18th – Normal day, but anticipate many students dismissing early to get ready for Dance (6:30 PM to 9:30 PM)

Early Dismissal for Dance – 8th Grade Dance Early Dismissal Form-1j5fmwc

Monday May 21st – 6th Period Final Exam (2:24-4:15)  Review PowerPoint Review for Final Exam-1zd1m2f

Tuesday May 22nd – Early Release dismiss at 1:30 PM – Final Exam for  7th and 4th periods

Wednesday May 23rd – Early Release dismiss at 1:30 PM – Final Exam for  3rd and 5th periods


Schedule for Tuesday 5/22 and Wednesday 5/23

8th Grade

5/22 5/23

8:50 – 9:15



9:20 – 9:45



9:50 – 11:25



11:30 – 1:30




Monday May 7th through Friday May 11th

Georgia Studies and AC Georgia Studies


  1. Warm Up – Who founded the colony of Georgia?  Which group of people was the Georgia colony supposed to help?  Did it?  Explain.
  2.  Go over Study Guide (first two pages/sections)
  3.  Quick Write – Explain the difference between Trustee and Royal rule.


  1. Warm Up – Explain the differences between Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois.
  2. Go over Study Guide (pages three and four)
  3. Ticket-Out-The-Door – Who was James Oglethorpe’s principal translator with the Natives?  Who were these Natives?  Who was the leader of these Natives?


  1. Warm Up – What were the contributions made by Georgia to WWI?  WWII?
  2. Go over Study Guide (final page)
  3. AC – review 5 possible essay topics
  4. Summary Writing – Explain the effects/impact of the 1996 Olympics on the state of Georgia.

Thursday May 10th and Friday May 11th

Students who are not attending either Disney or Savannah, will complete a virtual field trip of Savannah

Savannah packet – not attending 2018-ynqbky

Mighty 8th Air Force Museum Student Guide-q15q6s


Students attending Disney trip have received their scrapbook assignments on Thursday or Friday last week

Disney Scrapbook-2g6eiw4


Savannah Students have their scrapbook to complete.


**Tuesday May 15th and Thursday May 17th, students will have time to complete their scrapbooks/assignments which are due at the end of the period on Thursday May 17th


Monday April 30th through Friday May 4th

Georgia Studies and AC Georgia Studies

Monday – handed out study guide for 2nd semester (due Friday at end of period) Check point on Wednesday (through New South section)

Georgia Stories – Hernando de Soto


Tuesday – work on study guide

Georgia Stories – King Cotton; Growth of Slavery


Wednesday – work on study guide (checkpoint have completed through New South section by end of period)

Videos – Liberty Ships during WWII; Mayor Ivan Allen


Thursday – work on study guide

Georgia Stories – William McIntosh; A Visit to New Echota


Friday – work on study guide (competed by end of period)

Georgia Stories – Rural Electrification Administration


2nd Semester Study Guide-1jony85

Week of Final Exam review video links-1509g04

Georgia Stories Final Exam Videos and Guided Questions-x6cqsi

Possible Short Answer Questions for Final Exam-1tqx9is

Monday April 23rd through Friday April 27th

Monday April 23rd

Georgia Studies

  1. We finished up the Full Circle from Friday’s activity
  2. Question – What efforts were made to avoid war?Activity – 1) Repeal of Stamp Act

    2) Second Continental Congress

    3) Loyalist Pamphlet

  3. Efforts to Avoid War and activity-1meli88                          Was the American Revolution Avoidable Inquiry Presentation-2j1f13y

**We will begin essay formulation tomorrow


AC Georgia Studies

We continued with the musical DBQ, finishing document 3 through 9 today.  We will finish tomorrow and then begin the writing process.

Final Exam Musical DBQ AC Version-28fzl00


Tuesday April 24th through Friday April 27th

Georgia Studies

  1. Students organized their essay
  2. Write their essay (see last slide of presentation)

**Essay due by end of period Friday


AC Georgia Studies

Tuesday – finished documents 10-16

Wednesday – compare documents to notes; these will become the OI for the essay; begin organizing essay

Thursday and Friday – write essay

**Essay due at end of period Friday

Monday April 16th through Friday April 20th

Monday April 16th

  1. Warm Up – Describe the Bourbon’s and their accomplishments for the state.  Negatives?
  2. We watched some quick videos from “A Day in Georgia History”
  3. We played some review games at students tables

Good luck tomorrow on the SS portion of the Georgia Milestones


Wednesday April 18th

Georgia Studies

  1. We are beginning the Inquiry Lesson: Was the American revolution Avoidable?
  2. Question Day 1 – How did the French and Indian War change British relations with the colonists?Activity – 1) Chart and graph2) Map of North America3) colonist perspective of French and Indian War
  3. Full Circle – Was the American Revolution Avoidable Inquiry Presentation-2j1f13y                 Colonist viewpoint on the British victory in the French and Indian War-15qbvb1                                   Day 1 student activity-2hm66ya


AC Georgia Studies

We will be starting the Final Exam Musical DBQ today.  Beginning with students taking notes on the video on the 1960’s in the U.S..  The notes will serve as the brainstorming/OI for the essay portion.


**If not in class today, refer to the link below for the video



Thursday April 19th

Georgia Studies

Day 2

Question – How did the British policies inflame tensions in the American colonies?

Activity – Comparison of excerpts of British policies/regulations

Full Circle

Make a claim about how conflict emerged between the British and colonists given British policies in the colonies.  (See activity sheet)

Excerpts fo Bristish Acts and Activity-1utht7o


AC Georgia Studies

We will watch another video on the 1960’s to ensure students will have enough OI for the DBQ


Friday April 20th

Georgia Studies – we had opportunity for Government Retake today, but students who forgot can retake next Wednesday in class

Day 3

Question – How did colonial responses inflame tensions?

Activity – 1.   Stamp Act Congress excerpts

2. several primary source images from the time period

3. “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”  speech

Full Circle – Revise your claim about how conflict emerged between the British and colonists given British policies in the colonies.  (See activity sheet)  Colonists Responses to British Policies and Regulations and Activity-1jp9gi7


AC Georgia Studies

We begin the Musical DBQ – documents are lyrics to songs of the 1960’s.  In order to fully appreciate/understand particular songs we will also listen while we follow along with the lyrics.

Final Exam Musical DBQ AC Version-28fzl00


Monday April 9th through Friday April 13th

Monday April 9th

  1. Warm Up – Who founded the Georgia colony?  What were the three purposes for the colony?
  2. Georgia Trivia review  Georgia Trivia-16m62fd
  3. Savannah Food choices form (select students)
  4. Civil Rights Menu Project – see select students


Tuesday April 10th and Wednesday April 11th

  1. Warm Up – Describe the differences between Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. BuBois.
  2. 1st Semester Review Jeopardy game  review game 1st semester-pkypa8


Thursday April 12th and Friday April 13th

  1. Warm Up – What was Lester Maddox’s role during the Civil Rights Movement?
  2. EOG Review – Coach Books (No copies as these are class sets)

A). P. 23-29

B) P. 30-36

C) P. 42-45

D) P. 47-49 (top)

E) P. 61-70

Monday March 26th through Friday March 30th

Monday March 26th and Tuesday March 27th – GA Studies and AC GA Studies

  1. Warm Up – What is the purpose of the judicial branch?  How does it protect our rights?
  2. Hand out Government Assessment Study Guide – due Wednesday  (Chapter 14 Section 1 and Chapter 15 Sections 1-4)  Government Test Study Guide-1f8qf24
  3. Judicial Branch Notes Monday into Tuesday  Criminal Justice and Georgia’s Judicial System chart-rj8quh              criminaljustice presentation notes-12xsuua
  4. Went over the guided reading for executive, legislative and judicial branches  GUIDED READING Chapter 15 Section 1, 2 and 3 – answers-vofhcy
  5. Summary Writing – Explain the differences between the adult criminal and the juvenile justice systems

**Finish guided reading questions for tomorrow  GUIDED READING Chapter 15 Section 1, 2 and 3-18kuxqd

**Study Guide due Wednesday

**Government Summative on Thursday


Wednesday March 28th – GA Studies and AC GA Studies

  1. Warm Up – Can a juvenile be charged as an adult?  If yes, when?
  2. Go over Government Test Study Guide  Government Test Study Guide – answers-xtm1hl
  3. Schoolhouse Rock “The Three Ring Circus”
  4. Government Review for Test activity  Governemnt Review Activity with answers-1ovh96a
  5. Quick Write – Explain differences between the different types of juveniles. (Delinquent, Unruly, and Neglected Juveniles)

**Government Test tomorrow


Thursday March 29th – GA Studies and AC GA Studies

  1. Government Test
  2. Complete “Meet Your Local Government” reading and guided questions  Meet Your Local Government Guided questions-1i5lt3w    Meet Your Local Government Guided questions – answers-292yw8a              Meet Your Local Government Reading 1st part of local govt-28vq6r4
  3. Complete the 4 types of city governments organizer (copy form textbook)   Forms of Local Government Graphic Organizer-1v3ba6d

**Finish tonight


Friday March 30th – GA Studies and GA Studies

  1. GA Milestones Review – State and describe how James Oglethorpe fortified the colony of Georgia to defend against the Spanish and hostile natives.
  2. Special Purpose Governments  Special Purpose Governments-15sk01c         Special Purpose Governments Graphic Organizer-2iq6axc
  3. Quick Write – Discuss the different types of city Governments.

**No homework – enjoy Spring Break; rest up as Milestone Testing begins on Tuesday April 10th

**Government Test remediation (see Remediation tab for more information)  Government Assessment Remediation 2018-145cu9n

Monday March 19th through Friday March 23rd

Monday through Wednesday

We have begun the Civil Rights Menu Project.  Students should work on at school and at home.  See more information under the Georgia in the 20th Century tab

Due at the end of the period Wednesday.  Students are to share their assignments with Mr. House through Office 365, as in post to their OneNote.

menu broken down 2018-23r8984


Civil-Rights-Menu-Project Modified-152np4e


Summative Assessments

History Standards 8 and 9 – Thursday March 22nd (open notes, use your graphic organizers)

History Standards 10 and 12 and Economic Standard 2 – Friday March 23rd  (open notes, use your graphic organizers)


Thursday March 22nd and Friday March 23rd

  1. Thursday we took the History Standards 8 and 9 Summative Assessment (open notes)
  2. Friday we took the History Standards 10 and 12 and Economic Standard 2 Summative Assessment (open notes)
  3. Students, if not done, have time to finish the Civil Rights Menu Project and post to their OneNote
  4. When all is done, students will complete the guided reading questions for the textbook Chapter 15 p.526-546  GUIDED READING Chapter 15 Section 1, 2 and 3-18kuxqd

Tuesday March 13th through Friday March 16th

Georgia in the 20th Century Group Activity Presentations


Tuesday through Thursday – we will rotate every 35 minutes from one standard to the next.  Each person will complete the graphic organizer that the standard’s group’s created to take notes.  Each standard presentations will be graded based on the rubric provided.


Friday – This is our catch-up day to make sure everyone has all of their information to be ready for next weeks assessments.

Monday March 5th through Monday March 12th

Monday March 5th – Georgia Studies and AC Georgia Studies

  1. Warm Up – Name and describe three events you know about from the 20th Century (1900-2000 timeframe).
  2. Introduce Georgia in the 20th Century Group Activity  20th Century Standards instructions-1ayrm55 20th century standards rubric-1dordp4
  3. Large groups formed – tomorrow you will choose your group from this and Banks and Ballew’s classes
  4. If time remaining, we will watch a Georgia Stories video  Georgia Stories Movie Links-2h1lc3z           GA Stories Guided Movie Questions-23wyeby
  5. Ticket-Out-The-Door – What standard have you been assigned?  Who is your partner?  What is your task for tomorrow in regards to the rest of your group?


Tuesday March 6th through Monday March 12th – Georgia Studies and AC Georgia Studies

  1. Tuesday we quickly reviewed the directions and then the students, from their assigned standards, formed their groups.  Began researching their assigned topics.
  2. Wednesday and Thursday – continued researching their assigned topics
  3. Friday – finish research and/or began working on presentation piece
  4. Monday – finalized presentation piece to set up tomorrow  If need to come in early here is the pass  GA in 20th century group activity morning pass-1fj9cpv

**Each day the Daily Objectives Checklist will serve as their individual grade in the Formative Grading category.

** If students are not finished by Monday or know they need extra time during the process can come in early and work with Mr. House

**Assignment Procedures  20th Century Standards instructions-1ayrm55