Week 5 – Operations with Rational Numbers

This week we are extending previously taught skills with adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing positive and negative integers to performing these math operations with positive and negative decimals and fractions. We will emphasize using a number line and equations to solve these problems. For additional videos and practice, please see my posts under “Resources by … Continue reading Week 5 – Operations with Rational Numbers

Week 4 – Multiplying and Dividing Integers

This week we are learning the rules for multiplying and dividing integers. We are using the properties of operations (such as the commutative, distributive,  associative, identity, and zero properties) to help us understand and solve these problems. Students will have homework Monday through Thursday on their homework paper. I will stamp the paper on days … Continue reading Week 4 – Multiplying and Dividing Integers

Happy Summer!

Students: As we wind down this year, I want to wish everyone a great summer.  After you relax and have fun, please plan in some time to help you get ready for eighth grade. I recommend that you focus on improving your skills with solving one and two step equations and performing math operations using positive and negative numbers. … Continue reading Happy Summer!

Integer Review

Integer Review Sites: Adding Integers: http://www.mathnook.com/math/alien-math-integer-addition.html http://www.arcademics.com/games/spider-match/spider-match.html Subtracting Integers: http://www.mathnook.com/math/alien-math-integer-subtraction.html Multiplying Integers: http://www.mathnook.com/math/alien-math-integer-multiplication.html Dividing Integers: http://www.mathnook.com/math/alien-math-integer-division.html Mixed Practice: http://www.mathnook.com/math/bike-racing-math-integer.html http://www.mathnook.com/math/brainracerfractionint.html