May 9

Week of May 7

This week we are continuing with skills practice to get ready for eighth grade. Here are links to the all the instructional videos we have been using to review and practice:

Types of Fractions

Fractions and Decimal Numbers


Prime Factorization

Using Prime Factorization to Simplify Fractions

Multiplying Fractions (use prime factorization)

Dividing Fractions (use prime factorization)

Intro to Exponents (if needed)

Exponents and square roots

Graphing on the Coordinate Plane



February 5

Triangle Resources

Here are some things you need to know about triangles:

Three Triangle Sides:  #1. The sum of the 2 shorter sides of a triangle must be more than                                                      the longest  side.

#2. If you know 2 side lengths of a triangle, the third side must be                                                      between  the difference (subtract) and sum (add) of those 2 sides.

The three angles of a triangles ALWAYS add up to 180 degrees.

Know the 6 types of triangles and how to find the measure of a missing angle.



January 24

Geometry Test A

This Monday we will have a test over the first half of the geometry unit. The test will include:

  1. Naming the 2-D  horizontal and vertical cross-sections 3-D figures.
  2. Finding the volume of cubes, rectangular and triangular prisms.
  3. Finding the surface area of cubes, rectangular and triangular prisms.

Here are a few resources to help you review:


Cross section practice     

More cross section practice

Area and Volume       (Don’t need to know circle info yet!)

Practice Volume – Rectangula prism

Volume of triangular prism

Surface area definition

Surface area practice

October 30

Week of October 30

We have the Unit 2 test this week. To prepare for the test, students will complete the study guide. They will work on the study guide in class, but will also have part of it for homework each night. The study guide is due on Thursday.

Reminder: Next Tuesday, November 7th,  is a teacher work day. Students will not have school.

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October 17

Week of October 16

I have updated my resource pages. Please explore the resources under the Unit 2 tab!

In math class, we are continuing with Unit 2: Equations and Expressions. This week we are studying 2-step equations and inequalities. Students in my 2nd period and 6th period math classes have a blue packet of math problems that will be completed in class and for homework. Assigned problems will be due Friday. The Unit 2 test will be the week of October 22nd.