Brit. Lit./Comp., Week 14, 4/23-4/27

Deadlines/Due Dates:

  • In class activities with our study of Brave New World

Monday, 4/23:

  • Introductory activities for our reading and analysis of Huxley’s Brave New World
  • Complete/discuss Anticipation Guide
  • Introductory PowerPoints: Satire and BNW

Tuesday, 4/24:

  • Finish intro PowerPoint
  • Discuss Satire with examples
  • Begin reading/analyzing BNW

Wednesday, 4/25-Friday, 4/27:

  • Continue reading/analyzing BNW


  • Learning Goals: Brave New World: Identify evidence of literary techniques and structures as a basis for interpreting the literature. Evaluate Huxley’s futuristic community of England. Synthesize thoughts about individual freedoms and beliefs connecting to themes in the dystopian novel Brave New World. Evaluate Huxley’s message to the reader through the use of the literary element of satire. (ELAGSE12RL1, 2, 7, 10; ELAGSE12SL2; ELAGSE12RI7, 10)

Brit. Lit./Comp., Week 13, 4/16-4/20

Deadlines/Due Dates:

Research Paper is due on Friday, 4/20 after a week in the computer lab. 🙂

Monday – Friday, 4/16-4/20:

This week is devoted to finishing the research process culminating in your research paper. Make sure you follow the guidelines/instructions on your rubric including the proper highlighting when you turn it in on Friday. You must also include a work cited page.