Welcome to Brit. Lit./Comp.! :) August 1st – 3rd

Welcome to your last English class before college! (Unless you take my Modern Mythology class next semester…) 🙂

Course syllabus linked here:  Syllabus British Lit FALL18-28atxme

Wednesday, August 1st:

  • Intro to Brit. Lit./Comp. – Go over syllabus, class procedures, student profiles, TRSS
  • Teacher introduction letter to student
  • HW: Write a letter introducing yourself to Ms. O –  due by Friday, 8/4

Thursday, August 2nd:

  • Take up signed syllabus acknowledgements and begin taking up $10 for vocabulary books – We will begin vocabulary on Monday, August 13th. You must have your book by that time.
  • In class diagnostic writing pre-assessment

Friday, August 3rd:

  • Take up signed syllabus acknowledgements and $10 for vocabulary books
  • Student letters of introduction due today
  • In class diagnostic grammar and conventions pre-assessment