Brit. Lit./Comp., Week 10, 3/18-3/22

Deadline/Due Dates:

  • Finish reading your research novels by Monday, 4/8
  • Research paper due on Friday, 4/12 after three lab days to write

Monday, 3/18: Ms. O is out today

  • Last reading day for novel for research
  • Compose an I Am poem in the voice of one of the characters in your novel

Tuesday – Friday, 3/19-3/22:

  • Continue reading/analyzing The Tragedy of Macbeth with completion of study guide
  • Gather textual evidence for Macbeth as tragic hero, archetypes, motifs and imagery as we read (quadrants)

Learning Goals: The Tragedy of Macbeth: Analyze the behaviors and values of the Elizabethan time period. Identify evidence of literary techniques and structures to interpret the literature. Evaluate the community of Elizabethan England and compare/contrast with the Anglo-Saxon and Medieval communities. Analyze the historical connection to King James. Recognize and identify archetypes and motifs. Provide textual evidence for Macbeth as a tragic hero. (ELAGSE12RL1; ELAGSE12RL2;ELAGSE12RL3; ELAGSE12RL4; ELAGSE12RL5; ELAGSE12RL6)

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