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Happy Friday!

What a crazy week….I have decided that I need more time with each of you!  I am glad that we will return to our “normal”.

Homework:  None!

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Season Finale is tomorrow!  Today we compared the life we have seen lived by Anastasia with that of the majority!

No homework!

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Season Finale tomorrow

Tomorrow is the Season Finale of our favorite show…Meet the Romanoffs!  We have followed Anastasia’s life through her early teen years and saw how she helped the war effort during the Great War….what will happen next?  Stay tuned.  Same CZAR time, same CZAR channel.

Vocabulary retake is tomorrow!  Remediation activity sheet and reflection is due at that time as well.  See you at 8:30.

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Looks like a revolution…the Russian Revolution!

Why did the Russian Army leave a war to go fight a war?!?!  We begin our quest today to get an answer.  Students met the Romanoff family and examined primary and secondary sources from the family’s perspective.

Absent?  Please see me during homeroom to get caught up for today’s episode!

VOCABULARY MAKE_UP TEST:  Was today..but I had written Oct. 18 thinking today was the 18th when in actuality it is the 16th so…..I will be here Wednesday the real Oct. 18th at 8:30 for those still needing to make-up the test.  Remember that the remediation activities and reflection should be completed.

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World War I in 6 minutes and 11 seconds

We completed our discussion/review of WW1 on Monday we will go to Russia to see what was going on to cause the army to leave the war to go fight….a war?!?!?

Warm-Up #5 was turned in today.  No homework.

Students who have not yet turned in the Scramble for Africa paragraph will be assigned ZAP next Friday.

REMINDER:  Vocabulary retake on Monday at 8:30.  Remediation activities need to be completed prior to the retake opportunity-see yesterday’s blog

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Talk about a fast day….

Today in class we watched the CNN in 10  episode shown on October 6th.  If you were absent, feel free to watch at home!

We began a VERY quick chat about the causes of WWI…MANIA-militarism, alliances, nationalism, imperialism, and assassination.

Warm-Up #5 is due tomorrow.

Those interested in re-doing the vocabulary test have a remediation activity to complete before taking the retake on Monday @ 8:30.

Activity links for retest:

vocab stumble-1x5ifjt  (must be completed-your ENTRANCE TICKET)




1. Open in your browser
2. Enter the 6-digit game code 898302 , and click “Proceed”
3. Now enter your name and click “Join Game!”
4. You will get an avatar, and then see a “Start Game” button. Click it to begin!

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Technology…who knew!

Today we looked at technology developments that added to the carnage of WWI….would there be an end to this war and prevent others in our future?  We shall see!  Homework:  None!

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I am so proud of you!  You worked together and were really using your historical thinking!  The winner will be announced in time for a special treat on Fun Friday!

Today we did the breakout using our historical thinking to make an arrest in case anything were to happen in Sarajevo!

If you have not yet turned in the PEEL paragraph of Scramble for Africa, you may do so….before ZAP!

Grades are updated in Synergy for 2nd nine weeks.

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Hope U had a great weekend…#gocanes!

All blocks took the Historical Thinking vocabulary quiz today.  Grades are updated in Synergy.  Some did great…others may want to go review with the quizlet on yesterday’s blog.

For tomorrow:  We will meet in the Media Center to solve a History Mystery!  You will need to be familiar with the vocabulary (or you won’t get past clue #1) and have your Sarajevo Sentinel read (time and place).

Absent?  Please see me to make-up your quiz in homeroom!

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All classes began to “PEEL” the layers of the DBQ case:  How Does the Scramble for Africa Cause WWI?  Due Monday-your PEEL graphic organizer, REVISED rough draft (remember-MAJOR SURGERY guidelines) and a final in blue/black pen or typed.

Quiz on Historical Thinking vocabulary on Monday, Oct. 9th

Thanks for coming by….enjoy this lil’ surprise!


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