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Happy “Good Friday” and Pesach!

Blocks 1 and 5:  Cornell Notes about Modern Latin America.  Test on Friday, April 26th

Blocks 2,3, and 4:  Students that were ready were able to type the Venezuelan Revolution essay that is due on Friday of next week-the 26th (TEST DAY).  You may turn in early if you wish.

CNN NEWS in 10-April 16 episode.

Test topics are found in your History Teacher Notes-African Slave Trade, Columbian Exchange, Language and Religion, Cuban Revolution, and Modern Issues in Latin America.  

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Doctors of Revolution Fever

Congratulations!  All classes have passed their Revolution Fever medical training and can recognize the symptoms of revolution in a country.  Rough drafts have been created, revisions with a peer have been completed, self revision in process.  Final is due next Friday (feel free to turn in early if ready)-test day April 26th!  Homework:  Catch-up where we are in class.

As promised:  Here is the link for the Venezuela video we watched in class today.


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Crazy day indeed!

Our schedule was different today!  We had 4,5,3,1, and 2!  All classes read an article about the current situation in Venezuela-annotating for symptoms of Revolution.  Students then wrote a rough draft to support their claim as to if Venezuela is suffering from Revolution Fever.  2 symptoms from their class list to be included with text evidence (cite the source).  BLOCK 3:  rough will be done in class tomorrow-have the article read.

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Today we used our class symptom list to diagnose Cuba’s current health-do they still have Revolution Fever?  The “Cuba After Castro” should be highlighted AND annotated for class tomorrow.

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Happy Monday friends…

Today we finished the notes on the Cuban revolution and began an article on the current conditions in Cuba-after the Castro Brothers.

No homework

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Happy Weekend!

Today we wrapped up some loose ends and enjoyed experiencing Latin American culture.

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It’s Revolution!

All classes began a study of Revolution as we move towards the Cuban Revolution specifically.

Warm-Up Part 2 is due on Friday!  It is found at the back of the Latin America History Teacher Notes.

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The data is in…..

You have grown so much this year!  We will do the math tomorrow to see just how much!  Thank you for your attention and care in taking our SGM today!  I am very proud!

Homework:  None!

Tomorrow we resume our regularly scheduled programming!  REVOLUTION comes to Latin America!

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6 Mondays left…..

Today was a whirlwind…literally!  You were able to visit review centers hosted by Mrs. Clark, Mr. Brink, and your truly!  Tomorrow is our SS SGM…so please report to the 7yh grade computer lab ASAP tomorrow.  Bring a book as you may have time to read after you have finished the test.

Please see my previous posts for review options….enjoy!

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Happy Spring!

Congratulations to Blocks 1 and 5 for achieving the 80% with 80% on the Latin America Physical Geography assessment!  The Elite 100% members were excited about their prizes as well!  Blocks 2, 3, and 4 were so very close!  Also very proud of the MANY individual students who achieved an 80% or higher!

TODAY:  We watched the March 28th CNN in 10 episode.  

As discussed in class, we will have our SGM (Social Studies end of year test) on Tuesday, April 9.  We will do some review on Monday the 8th BUT if you want to do more (optional)….

Here is a yearlong review review sheet.  Turn this in completed on April 9 with a parent signature and you can replace a classwork assignment with a 100.  6TH GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES SGM STUDY GUIDE-1bij0s6

Family Game Night?  Have the family try their hand at 6th grade Social Studies content with this Quizziz game!  Have a parent send in a note that the family played and add 5 points to a test grade!


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