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It’s here….Happy Test Eve

We have been reviewing for our test tomorrow…hope everyone is ready and gets a good night’s sleep.  Fuel your brain in the morning with a good breakfast and a good lunch!

Want a little EXTRA to add to your test?  Print this blog page out, have a parent sign, and answer the following for 1 point each!  Who is the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?  Who is the current Chancellor of Germany?  Who is the current President of Germany?  Who is the current President of Russia?  Who is the current Prime Minister of Russia?  Yes, that is an opportunity for FIVE EXTRA POINTS!  

Homework:  Prepare for the test.

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Getting closer every day!


All blocks turned in their CRCT questions today and received those back with a grade.  Students can see what questions they may have missed and review those for the test.  Those questions in the packet would make GREAT test questions don’t ya think?!? (HINT)

Blocks 3, 4, and 5…use your study guide to prepare for the test.

Block 6 and 7:  Complete the Create a Country worksheet if needed.  This will be due tomorrow.

Hat Day on Friday!  Dinner Dilemma due tomorrow.

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Test Day Approaching Quickly!

All students will participate in a “Show What You Know” on Friday (aka TEST).  This will cover the material from Unit 3.

The CRCT government questions 1-27 is due tomorrow!  The answer sheet is on the back of the first page.  You will NOT have time to transfer your answers during class.  These are due at the start of class.  BE PREPARED!

Blocks 3, 4, and 5:  You have received a study guide for your test on Friday…love it and it will love you!

Blocks 6 and 7:  You have your unit standards for your study guide.  Look at the verbs and the specific information asked for in those.

HOMEWORK:  CRCT questions and STUDY!

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Happy Monday….

Reminder friends:  Unit 3 test on Friday, January 30th!

The questions from our government packet 1-27 are due on Wednesday, January 27th.

Blocks 3, 4, and 5:  All students received the study guide today for our Unit 3 test.  Please encourage your student to work on this nightly.

Blocks 6 and 7:  Study for the test!


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Test next Friday, Jan. 30th!  You should have completed questions 1-12 and questions 24-27.  IF you were absent today, you will need to get the notes missed today.  You may visit me in homeroom or ask a friend!

Have a great weekend!

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We all know what day it is!

The night before our VOCABULARY QUIZ!  ALL 20 words will be on the quiz tomorrow….I hope you are ready to show what you know!

Homework:  STUDY!  

All classes discussed the unique features of a parliamentary and presidential system of democracy. We have completed 1-12 in the government packet (BLOCK 3 IS ON 9)…be sure to stay current on those questions!

Any make-up work?  Assignments that have been forgotten?  DO THOSE NOW!

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and we are off…..

Welcome back to a new week!  Today students began a lesson on various types of citizen participation.

ALL BLOCKS HOMEWORK:  Watch the Unitary v Autocracy video and CREATE the Venn Diagram you see in the video for your notes (just copy the one you see in the video)!  This is due on Wednesday!


Block 3:  Complete the left hand side of your campaign poster only! (Due tomorrow)

Block 4 and 5:  Complete the campaign poster assigned in class today (due tomorrow)

Block 6 and 7:  Complete the campaign poster assigned in class today (due tomorrow)

All classes-Vocabulary Quiz is on Thursday!  Any assignment missed due to the movie is still your responsibility!

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Another week flew by and an amazing week it was.  I am still remembering parts of Mr. Greenblat’s visit and am just speechless.  I feel so fortunate to have shared it with you!

HOMEWORK for ALL students:  The vocabulary quiz will be on Thursday, Jan. 22.

Blocks 3, 4, and 5:  Complete #1-3 in the Government packet you received in class today (the first 3 questions that are about Federal, Confederation, and Unitary) ONLY!  Complete the illustrations for each of the government types.  You have the rubric and instructions.

Blocks 6 and 7:   Complete #1-3 in the Government packet you received in class today (the first 3 questions that are about Federal, Confederation, and Unitary) ONLY!  Complete the simile/metaphor for the three terms : FEDERAL, CONFEDERATION, and UNITARY.  Follow the rubric carefully.  Each of the terms will be included in the assignment.  ex.  A unitary system of government is like a river, it has power over those that depend on it.

MOVIE ATTENDEES:  See me on Tuesday if you did not pick up the assignment today!  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR MISSED WORK!

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Happy Friday Eve!

All classes discussed how countries divide power between various authorities (Central or Regional) and assigned tasks within their country as well as decided if they were going to do that through unitary, federal or confederation systems.

VOCABULARY QUIZ….Thursday, January 22.

TOMORROW is our warm-up quiz 41-60!  I sure hope you are ready!

Have a great night!

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I am sooo proud

Hopefully you know that I am proud of you everyday but today was extra special.  Your respect for our visitor was certainly something of which to be proud but I expected that.  What made me proudest was the thoughtfulness and the appreciation for what you were part.  We are a very special group…not everyone gets to experience what you did!

HOMEWORK:  Warm-up quiz is on Friday.  41-60.  Easy A friends!  The link to the video is on the blog from yesterday as well as Edmodo.  There will be a POP quiz tomorrow!  (Pssst….vocab quiz will be on Thursday, January 22-STUDY)


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