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Happy Thursday Eve!

Hi friends!  Thanks for checking the blog!  We will have our test on Monday so keep studying!  Picture Day will be rescheduled and we will let you know the date as soon as possible!

See you tomorrow!

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Hope everyone has enjoyed the snow day!  Spring pictures will still be held tomorrow (unless you do another Snow Dance) and the Latin American map test will still be on Thursday!  This would be fun….Rock the Capitals!    Left your map at school?  Looking for a different way to study?  Play a game!  

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Turn your pajamas inside out and flush ice!

MAP TEST on Thursday, Feb. 24th!  Countries, capitals and the physical features.

STUDY FOR THE TEST  and do a snow dance!

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Happy Dance Day

ALL BLOCKS… test of Latin America on Thursday.  Challenge 1 and Challenge 2 due Monday!  Stay warm!

Map practice site:  Lots of fun geography games!

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We are beginning a new unit today!  Our journey now takes us to the region of Latin America.  We have begun with a plan for our journey with a map of the region and the Unit 6 standards packed nicely in our reference section.  ALL Students were given the Latin America map to label (due tomorrow) and will be tested over BOTH political and physical features on Thursday, Feb. 26th.  

Blocks 3, 4, and 5:  The corrections are due on Friday, Feb. 20th.  NO EXCEPTIONS to the turn in date if you were in class on Thursday.  

Blocks 6 and 7:  Your economic brochure is due tomorrow as is the map of Latin America.  

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It was a “flurry” of activity today as we try to catch back up!

ALL BLOCKS:  The warm-up quiz will be on Friday!  It will cover warm-ups #61-80.  DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO GET ANY YOU MISSED!

Blocks 3, 4, and 5:  Today ended our Economics of Europe unit.  Students reviewed the responses to the questions in the Economic Handbook packet and recorded those for a test grade.  We also moved our goodies from our Unit of Study to graded papers….The economic vocabulary terms and the trade barriers handout have been moved to the reference section.

Blocks 6 and 7:  We completed our discussion about economic factors including the role of the entrepreneur in a strong economy.  Students received the rubric for the brochure (TEST GRADE), which is due on Friday.  Students had time to work on this in class.  The questions in the Economic Handbook packet should all be completed and will be turned in tomorrow.

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Hope you had a great day friends!

Blocks 3, 4, and 5:  Students looked at the economies of Russia, Germany and the United Kingdom.  Complete questions 6,7, and 8 in the Economic packet.

Block 6 and 7:  Students discussed the importance of both human and physical capital in building an economy as well of the role of natural resources.  Students also completed questions in the economic packet and have now answered questions 1-22.  Sections in the brochure that should be completed today were the human and physical capital needed for their product and the role natural resources will have in the development of their product idea.

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Happy Friday Eve!

We continue to move through our lessons on money!

All students will have a warm-up quiz on Tuesday, Feb, 17th!  Warm-ups #61-80 will be included.

Blocks 3, 4, and 5:  Your homework (especially if you missed class due to the field trip) is to complete the section on Natural Resources page 154 in your economic packet and answer questions 6, 7, and 8!

Blocks 6 and 7:  Your homework is to complete the research if needed.  On the brochure you will complete the portions on country comparison on the inside right panel and the back portion that includes placing your country on the continuum and well as the price conversion.  REMEMBER…this is your test for the unit! Didn’t finish the research?  Feel free to use a lap top during homeroom!

Stay warm!

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You know what day it is!

Blocks 3, 4, and 5 discussed the importance of the human and physical capital of a strong economy.  We also discussed how trade barriers are part of a strong economy.

Blocks 6 and 7:  We discussed how economies can be manipulated by various trade barriers and why governments may put them into place.  Groups completed the “Great Ideas” poster as they move closer to creating an economic plan.  BLOCK 6:  On the brochure template, you need to draw (neatly and thoughtfully) a picture of your product and create a name.  THIS IS NOT AN AD!  This is the only part you need to complete for tomorrow.

If you are attending the Band/Chorus field trip tomorrow and miss Social Studies, be sure to check back tomorrow for what you missed and will need to make-up!  Have fun and be safe!

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What a wonderful day!

Money, Money, Money!  Governments work hard and hopefully smart to make economies stronger by using trade barriers!

ALL BLOCKS:  complete page 150 in the economic handbook and the trade barrier worksheet.  CRCT Economic handbook questions we have completed are :  1-5, and 9-14.

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