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G’day, eh!?!?

We will be earning our frequent flyer miles these next few days before AND after Spring Break!  We will be travelling between Canada and Australia.

Today, students received the Australia map and took notes about its political and physical features.  REMEMBER:  the test over BOTH maps will be on April 14th.  Going on a road trip?  Take your maps along.  Staying home?  pull the maps out instead of saying “I’M BORED”….

down to 3!

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Let the count down begin!

I can smell the salt air….how about you?  Lots to do before we take our Spring Break!

Today we landed in Canada-students have the Canada map (due Wednesday) and the test will be APRIL 14th!  We will also have a map of Australia and a test the same day!  2 for 1!

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One more week!

Only one more week until Spring Break!  I think a trip to Canada AND Australia is in order!

Today, students looked at the governments of Cuba, Brazil, and Mexico.  Homework is to complete the questions at the bottom of the chart given in class.  Block 4, we did not finish the chart but you have the information needed from the CRCT questions you completed in class.

Have a safe and warm weekend!

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I love to see when you take pride in your learning.  For so many it shows…especially when you take advantage of BOTH the extra credit opportunities that were made available to you!

Blocks 3 and 4:  Mayan Ruins map skills activity…due on Thursday

Block 5:  Cuba Diagnosis paragraph…due Thursday

Block 6 and 7:  Russia isn’t feeling too good either!  Could Russia be next?  Diagnosis of Russia assignment due on Thursday

If you were absent today…..please plan on staying after school tomorrow to make up the test you made today.

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Show What You Know Eve!

Tomorrow will be our Unit 6 and 7 test.  Hope you have been using your time wisely!

Blocks 3, 4 and 5:  You have had your study guide for almost 2 weeks now….have you been visiting with it?  Have you given it quality time?  If you love your study guide, it will love you!

Blocks 6 and 7:  Review the Unit 6 and 7 standards.  Be able to discuss the topics, not just memorize a short answer.  There are only 4 questions on the test…

As always-there is a treat for the visitors that come to the blog the night before a test.  This week is Ultimate Fun Friday…the treat is on me!  Come to see me during HOMEROOM with a print out of this blog page, a parent signature and an answer to this question…..What does the salt water represent in a Passover Seder?  In exchange for the correct answer you will receive a power cat card to use on Friday!

Have a nice night and sweet dreams about Latin America!


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It’s a BEAUTIFUL day in 6 Gold!

Today students completed a diagnosis of Cuba…do they have Revolutionary Fever?

ALL blocks (except Block 5) is to complete the medical report on Cuba.  Please read the directions carefully.  Use examples-BE SPECIFIC and use your symptoms list from your reference section!  Due tomorrow.

The Unit 6 and Unit 7 test in on Wednesday.

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Hellllooooo Weekend.

The test has been moved to March 25th.  Keep studying!

Blocks 3, 4, 6, and 7:  We began looking at Cuba Today.

Block 5:  Worked on study guide.

Homework?  STUDY!

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Happy Friday Eve!

Students are moving closer to their first diagnosis of Revolutionary Fever.  Our patient Cuba is in the waiting room as we reviewed the country’s medical history.

The letter to the King was turned in today.

Unit 6 and 7 test is next week-it has been moved to March 25th!  STUDY!

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All classes completed the Latin America Revolutionary introduction and are closer to certification as Doctors of Revolution.  Shhhh….I think we have a patient waiting to see us!  Tonight students are to complete the Letter to the King they started in class.  A reminder-

  • You will write a letter to the king of either France or Spain warning him of treasonous activities that may lead to full out REVOLUTION in one of the three areas.
  • Include: WHERE, WHEN, WHY, WHAT (SYMPTOMS of Revolution), WHO
  • FINAL DRAFT in blue/black ink. (yes, a rough draft)
  • 7-10 sentences
  • Content/standard vocabulary included


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Happy Friday Eve!

Today’s topic…Columbian Exchange!  Homework:  Watch the Columbian Exchange video on Brain Pop.  You can access Brain Pop through Cobb Digital Library.  If you were absent and did not get the handout…1) You can download it from the Brain Pop site (quiz after the video) OR 2) See me in the morning and go to the Media Center to watch!

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