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Best of luck in all you do.  Have faith in you…I know I do!

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Tuesday Map Skill Practice!

Open up the document link for a variety of map skill activities.  You will have 15-20 minutes in this center!  Don’t just stick to one skill or one game!  Have fun!  Map Skills Games: geo games  Latitude and Longitude Games: latitude and longitude games

Also-Please log in to your class Edmodo page and take the poll so I can preapre for tomorrow’s activity.  You will need color pencils for Wendesday.


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Last Monday together…:(


Blocks 3, 4, and 5:   No Social Studies binder needed.  Students shared their portion of the play today.

Blocks 6 and 7:  If you have not yet presented…you will need to bring your rubric.

Have a great night!

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A Former Team 6 Gold GeoBee and an 8th grader (for a few more days) is in the TOP 10 FINALISTS in the Cobb County Kid Talk!  Please visit the link and “like” to help Anna win!  Her message is inspiring too!  Proud of all your potential! Anna’s Kid Talk 


SPECIAL REQUEST:  Have that box of color pencils you aren’t sure what to do with?  I am desperate need to restock my supply.  Please consdier donating your color pencils to my classroom supply!  Future GeoBees thank you, and I thank you!

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Our LAST Friday together!

Way to Go Canada!  Prouder of you than you will ever know!

Blocks 3, 4, and 5:  Students are working on their presentation skills and will share their final piece on Monday!

Blocks 6 and 7:  Hunger Games presentations continue!

Lockers were cleaned out today.  Students will being their agenda binder each day next week!  Color pencils will be needed on Wednesday for a special activity~

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Time is FLYING!

Not that anyone is counting but how many days are left?  (that would be 7)

Blocks 3, 4, and 5:  I am truthfully so proud of the work you did on the Rain Forest products!  You really embraced the task and did such great things!  Now, go do that in the real world-you are ready!  We have begun reading a play called “I Never Saw Another Butterfly” about the survivors of the Terezin concentration camp.

Block 6 and 7:  Yes, it is time!  We will begin the Hunger Games Presentations TOMORROW!  You will have 20 minutes at the start of class for last minute touch up and “final looks”.  We will go in order of the Districts.

Canada is getting a reputation of being a team that is rich in GOLD during Olympics.  Not just for athletics but for character!  GO CANADA!

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Time seems to be speeding up!

Blocks 3, 4, and 5:  Task 5 was begun today.  The completed Rainforest project is due on Friday, May 8th

Blocks 6 and 7:  May the Odds Be Ever in Your favor!  Continue work on your district’s presentation.  Presentations will begin on Wednesday, May 13th.


DURHAM DERBY HAT DAY FRIDAY!  $1 to wear your wildest, craziest, best Derby bonnet!

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Monday, Monday!

What a beautiful weekend and looks like the week is starting off that way too!

Blocks 3, 4, and 5:  Students worked on completing tasks 4 today-package design.  Homework:  Do the calculations for the manufacturing costs so you can complete Task 5 tomorrow-the circle graft.  The completed project will be due Friday, May 8th

Blocks 6 and 7:  Presentations will begin on Wednesday, May 13th.

HAT DAY on Friday, May 8th.  $1 to wear your Derby inspired hats!  Heard that Effie Trinket is lending one of hers to a teacher at Durh”em”!

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Fingers crossed that this beautiful weather continues during the entire weekend!

Blocks 3, 4, and 5:  DUE MONDAY!  You will need to find the price of TWO competitor’s products and set the price for your product!  We will do Task Five together.  There is no other homework on your product.

Blocks 6 and 7:  Several students have been given an opportunity to revisit a map skills activity.  There were some directions that were skipped in a hurry to complete-this will be due on Monday.  We continue our Hunger Games project-districts have been busy.  There are some amazing things happening!


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