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As we are travelling through the various regions and discussing GEOGRAPHY we need to watch out….geography is NOT just reading a map!  We need to be aware that geography guides both economic and governmental decisions.  That is what GEO-LITERACY is all about!  Today you will watch 2 videos about the topic and answer some questions about what you have seen and heard.  Your homework is to get a parent to answer the questions about GEO-LITERACY!  Remember, you need to share with them that it is NOT just reading a map!  Also, anything not completed in class today should be completed as homework…we will NOT work on this in class tomorrow.

Video Link #1: What is Geo-Literacy?

Video Link #2:  Why is Geo-Literacy Important?  NOTE:  Due to the way this link is shared…YOU DO NOT NEED TO COMPLETE THE BEFORE AND AFTER PORTION OF THE WORKSHEET!

The videos are short and you may watch more than once.  I would recommend watching it once, then answer the questions the second time you watch.  Your answers should be 2-3 sentences that show thinking beyond the given answer in the video.  Think of the strands of Social Studies and the relationship among them.

Blocks 2, 3, 4, and 5:

Study for your map test!  Today we “flew” over Europe and Russia to look at the geography of our first region of study!  We also completed our Meet Me At map.


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Happy Weekend!

We have been talking about the GEOGRAPHIC puzzle piece in a hurricane and thinking about the other parts that contribute to the importance of such events!  History (data, eye witness accounts, etc) tell us what happened with previous storms so we can make decisions/predictions for future storms.  Read the article link and let me know what you think about the economic piece of the puzzle.  Why do people worry about the cost of the predicted storms?  Print out this blog, write your answer, and have a parent sign it.  Bring it to me on MONDAY and get a hug (a chocolate one).

We take off Monday for our first stop-Europe.  Tomorrow, we will look to see where we will be headed!  Students will label a political and physical map of Europe and the test will be FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4!  The completed map will be due Monday, August 31 when we will check it in class.

Have a wonderful night!


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Final Draft of What’s in Your bag?  assignment due tomorrow!  We will have a warm-up quiz tomorrow 1-10.  You get to use your warm-ups of the quiz.

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The Doctor is in!

Today, students did “MAJOR SURGERY” on the rough draft they wrote about one of the aspects/strands of Social Studies.  We worked together through the expected revision process to improve the written piece.  THE FINAL DRAFT IS DUE ON THURSDAY!

Also, on Thursday, we will have our first warm-up quiz 1-10.  REMEMBER, you get to use the warm-ups for the quiz!  Make sure they are in the warm-up section, they are numbered, the question in red was written down, AND they are answered.  If you were absent, you will need to get the warm-up you missed BEFORE quiz time.  See me in homeroom, ask a friend-

BYOD on Wednesday.  If possible, please download a qr reader app on your device BEFORE class.  Bring ear bugs, ear phones if you have them!  

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The beginnings of a great week!

Coming up this week:

1.  Dinner Dilemma due on Thursday

2.  Picture Day on Friday!

Block 1:  Rough draft on second paragraph is due tomorrow (TUESDAY).  Please check Synergy as several had a hard hit to grades for not having the assignment that was due today (paragraph 1 rough and current event article)  ROUGH DRAFT ONLY

Block 2, 3, 4, and 5:  Rough draft of paragraph is due Tuesday. ROUGH DRAFT ONLY

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Helllooooo weekend!

It has been a fabulous week for the GeoBees!  We will soon be headed to Europe but have one more thing to do before we depart.  It is getting very exciting!

Block 1:  DUE MONDAY-The rough draft of your “What’s in your Bag”? PARAGRAPH 1 ONLY!  We started this in class, I hope you were able to use your time wisely and get a lot done!  You also need to bring in a current event article..just the article.  I showed you a few examples in class today as to what it is.  PLEASE email me if you have any questions!

Blocks 2, 3, 4, and 5:  NO HOMEWORK!  

Congratulations to the GEOBEES OF THE WEEK:  Remi, Gabby, Madison, London, and Gracie!

Enjoy your weekend!

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Happy Friday Eve!

Greetings from Weslandia!  We are beginning to bring the pieces of Social Studies together and how they are reflected in our students’ life.  The “In the Bag” activity was turned in today for a classwork grade.  Synergy will be updated in a few days….please review-there may be some surprises!

Block 1:  Bring in a current event (last 2 weeks) for Monday.  Just bring in the article.  The article can be about ANYTHING in which you are interested.

Blocks 2, 3, 4, and 5:  No homework!

Skate Night is Friday night!  Please plan on attending-Sparkles $6 or $12 to benefit the Durham Foundation!

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You know what day it is!…..

Today, Social Studies was….well, in the bag!  Your group identified objects from your mystery bag and fit them into one of the strands of Social Studies.  Your homework is to complete the graphic organizer started in class (the back….the one with the lines…the 2-3 sentences part).  If you were absent, please see me in homeroom.  Remember, you are not able to get work during class.  During homeroom, I can give you a mystery bag and help you with the activity!

Have a great evening friends!

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Company is Coming!

So excited (and a little bit nervous) to meet the parents!  Open House will begin at 6:30 in the theater.

Students began looking at the 5 strands of Social Studies and the impact these have on our lives locally as well as globally.  It is incredible to see their understanding deepen.  There is no homework!  If you didn’t get a chance to watch last night’s Did You Know video, please visit my Monday blog.

See you tonight!

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Third Week Full Swing

Looking forward to meeting you at Open House on Tuesday, August 18.

Students have been expanding their understanding of Social Studies beyond it just being about history!  We watched an amazing video today and I know they would love to share it with you.  Please visit the link for the Did You know 3.0 video.  I would love to hear your comment as to which piece of information you found most compelling.  Please print out this blog with your comments, have your student bring it to me DURING HOMEROOM for a treat!  Did You Know 3.0

No homework!  Have a fantastic night!

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