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Happy Friday!

STUDY for the Unit 2 test on Nov. 4th!

Block 1:  2 voice poem is due on Monday

Blocks 2, 3, 4, and 5:  STUDY

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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Friday Eve Boos and Ghouls!

Students worked on their poetry today!

Block 1:  2 voice poem work will continue tomorrow.

Block 2, 3, 4, and 5:  Final poem is due tomorrow-please check rubric BEFORE turning in!

Students may dress tomorrow for Halloween-please see email from Dr. Alford explaining costume guidelines.


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Hats, acrobats, and poetry!

All blocks:  test on Nov 4th.  Unit 2 (part A)

Block 1:  Missed class today. Please complete the Australia notes for class tomorrow. Colonization of Australia.


Blocks 2, 3, 4, and 5:  No homework.  We began our poems today and will work on these tomorrow


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Happy Tuesday friends!

G’day mates!  We are doing a quick visit to see how colonization worked during Imperialism.

There is no homework-unless you count STUDYING for the Unit 2 Test.  The test will be on Nov. 4th. 

Hat Day tomorrow.

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Rainy Days and Monday….

Welcome Back to “normal”…

All Blocks took the warm-up quiz 11-30 and read a selection in the text about the Aborigines of Australia.  Tomorrow we will take a short visit to the land down under to discuss colonization by the Europeans.

The Unit 2 Test will be Nov. 4th.  We will test this unit in two parts.  The first will cover the standard H6 (Exploration to the brink of WWI).

Tomorrow is Red Day for Red Ribbon Week. 

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The Empire Strikes back.

Follow the link, double click on the background and complete the statement found on the page.


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And done….

I have decided that I don’t like not seeing you every day-I for one am very glad to get back to “normal” again!  Remember that our normal for next week begins Red Ribbon Week.  Monday is “Sock It to Drugs” with Crazy Sock Day!

ALL BLOCKS:  The Empire Strikes Back map analysis is due on Monday.  We spent a great deal of class time on this so I hope there isn’t much left to do.

HEADS UP:  Our Unit 2 Part 1 will be on Nov. 4.  It will cover ALL of the H6 standard.  Details to follow!

Have a great weekend!

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Just another crazy day!

Block 1:  Congratulations and thank you to the students that attended the basketball show this morning for participation in the magazine fundraiser!  Students remaining in class worked on an “extra” assignment and that has been extended to those that went to the show.  See me if you need more clarification.  HOMEWORK:  Complete the map analysis that we did begin in class.  ANALYZE means deeper thinking with specific examples.

Block 4:  If you did not finish the Instagram in the time allowed today, please complete as it is due tomorrow.

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Well, that was interesting!

Block 5…which met during Block 1 was interesting!  LOTS of club pictures today!  We were able to spend time on the Instagram-that is your homework if not already turned in.

Block 2-We got much more done.  Homework-finish Instagram

Our next class (Thursday or Friday, depending on block)  Warm-Up Quiz 11-30

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It is conference week!

Dismissal at 2:15 friends.

Warm-up quiz 11-30 on Day 2 this week.  If you are missing any, it is YOUR responsibility to get those during homeroom from me or a friend.

Today we met with Block 1 and 3.

Block 1:  Finish comic strip if needed.  Due on Wednesday.

Block 3:  Finish Instagram if needed.  Due on Wednesday.

Tomorrow is Block 2 and 5!  It is going to be tough keeping up!

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